- Have you ever thought of how powerful sleep and breathing is? We underestimate is so much. We do it without thinking and as long as we can go to school, work and live our everyday-life we think it's enough. But it's not! I bet that most of you don't sleep enough. Or that you're going to bed way too late. How many times have you heard the sentence “...there will be sleeping enough in the grave....”. That's what Benjamin Franklin said.
Well Ben, I don't think you'd wanted to look like the girl on the left photo and feel as her do you? Well, I guess you don't care cause you're already in the grave...

And even if we don't look like th photo (hopefully). I still think you should have a good look at it and the text around it. And breathing? Oh man, if you get used to the yogic Pranayama (breathing technique) then most of your main problems will stop you from living a longer and healthier life.

Me myself, I sleep between 7.5h-9h a night and wake up before 9am to kickstart a new day I'm blessed with.
Don't take everything for granted folks.

orphanage yoga, palace & night train - MYSORE, KARNATAKA.

- I had the most amazing private ashtanga yoga class, kids yoga and just a great time in general in Mysore. When it was time for new adventures I took my new indian friend Arya with me on the night train to Hampi. Before bedtime a indian family shared their dinner with me.
Nandi & namasté to all you beautiful people! Except the old man who was grabbing my but at the market..! But don't worry. I gave him a lesson... ;)

cs, orphanages & yoga - MYSORE, KARNATAKA.

- After the tea gardens in Kerala, me and my friend went different directions.
I wanted to spend more time deeper in to the indian culture and yoga. So I ended up taking a night bus to the ashtanga capital, Mysore in Karnataka.
As I arrived I had organized a couchsurfing place at some french students apartment. And just a few minutes later I already got opportunity to teach kids yoga in a couple of orphanages in Mysore! One for girls and one for boys. What a amazing time we all had!


- If you're into spirituality and you're in India there's no questions about if you're going to an ashram or not.
For you guys who don't know what th heck I'm talking about.. Traditionally, an ashram is a spiritual hermitage or a monastery. Additionally, today the term ashram often denotes a locus of Hindu cultural activity such as yoga, music study or religious instruction.

So while exploring Kerala with mum, we decided to visit one of the biggest ashrams and most known in south India as much as worldwide.
In the end we ended up spending less time than planned. There's so many different ashrams in India & outside of it too. So to just find the "right kind of" ashram for you is as hard at to find the right yoga teacher training if not ever harder. Shivananda was not our style but we're still grateful for trying it out.
Let me know if someone of you guys been to any ashrams before!

yoga in the morning & jam session at night - VARKALA, KERALA.

- Happyland was the first place I went for yoga at in India, the first place I got a job and started teaching yoga in India. It was also the place I met new friends, played drums in the night, gazing at the ocean before and after morning meditation, looking up at the sky filled with stars lighting up my gypsy eyes and making life long memories.


- Do you remember these photos? A couple of months ago I was in the local newspaper in Sweden. It was a interview with me about yoga, my traveling and India.
Today I've been here in this crazy and mad country for a whole month. 
I'm learning new things everyday. Meeting absolutely amazing souls and discover sad and terrible things that are a part of most hindus everyday life. But I'm so thankful for being here in this mess.
Hope you're all well.

For more updates follow me on INSTAGRAM: Paparazzibecka


Ph 1. Pimped my nails, PEACE! 2. My the most delicious sugarfree, fatfree, vegan and raw chocolate balls a few day ago. 3. Yoga in the beginning of this autumn in the forest. 4. One of the few coziest places to be found here in Halmstad.
- Hey folks, sitting and listening to a australian friends music.
Amazing to see how fast he grows internationally.

A short workout and then it's time for my wednesday yoga this evening.
Getting really exited for my yoga workshop this saturday afternoon in Andersberg at ZONEN. A community for girl, mostly immigrants. It's going to be such a interesting and educative thing for me. And hopefully everyone there feels comfortable and enjoys it.

Q&A - about my yoga.

Alltså Rebecka du är så jävla grym på yoga! Jag har precis börjat med det och kan inte för mitt liv böja min kropp på det där sättet. Mitt mål är att bli lika rörlig som du är.
Fina Anna, tack tack tack! Jättekul att du kom på min yogaklass med. Det är bara övning som käller och vilja samt verkligen låta det ta tid och lyssna på din kropp. Jag hjälper dig gärna igen nästa gång vi blir i samma stad och ger lite feedback.
Do u teach yoga in Tylosand or somewhere in Halmstad?
Let me know :) 
Great blog and lovely pics
Hi Carla, I do not teach yoga in Tylösand only working in the restaurant and with events and functions there a bit. But I do have classes at least two time a week at the health club/gym Actic in Flygstaden and Simhallsbadet (city). So just give them a call and they will book you in. If you're intrested in private classes I also do that. so just let me know!
Thanks for your lovely words.


- Sitting and planning some new things for my upcoming yoga classes here in Halmstad. I'll be focusing on one of our seven chakras, the heart chakra. So feel free to come and join me for one hour of hatha yoga.
Had a 45 min circuit workout, 45 min power walk outside in the windy and cold weather and a delicious lunch with family. Now it's time for The Mindy Project with mum and a big cup of yogi chai tea.
Happy saturday everyone.


- Good morning Europe and good afternoon pacific and ect...
Starting the day with three photos from last month, ish. The last photo is on of the studio where I have my yoga classes in.

Today is a pretty busy day. Working until 2pm, taking the bus back to the city and home to my lovely friend Petra for some sweets, tea and chats and in the evening gym and yoga class. Gotta stay away from home when the building men are making noise while changing doors..
Have a lovely day folks!

UPDATE - cph & local interview.

- Hello everyone. Had a great week in Bydgoszcz with alot ot good coffee, food, friends, family, walks in the gardens, café crawn and reading. After Poland I was only home for a day before I headed of to Copenhagen, Denmark for two day. Catching up with travel friends from 2011-2014, drinking good coffee, exploring the city and sooo much walking.
This morning I went for a interview with one of the local newspapers in Halmstad for spread more yoga to the society and share a bit about my past but mostly upcoming adventures.


- Yoga, working out, being a part of ACTIC, healthy food ect. That's how my weekend will be.
About the bicep photo above: • After the accident I couldn't do anything with my right arm. I lost my muscles totally and just to be able to hold a bottle of water was a challenge the first couple of weeks. This is my right arm after 8 weeks of working out at the gym & yoga. I'm back on track! Nothing is impossible. Namáste. •


- It's thursday today and that means I'm having my second yoga class tonight. Mum is coming with me to try out my yoga at the other studio (I have yoga at two places). It's going to be so nice to not come all sweaty to the class and teaching as I usually do after my Zumba with Petra. But no Zumba for me today. Only relaxing and a bit of gym.

wood yogi.

- A few photos from a afternoon in the woods with mum.
Sitting on my yoga mat and listening to a swedish travel podcast. Getting my mind ready for upcoming traveling/moving. But where, why, when and how? I'll let you know in a short future....


Adho Mukha Savasana, Downward-facing dog or manye something else in your own language. You've hear it before and you've done the pose so many times in yoga (if you do yoga). But how many does actually know how many amazing benefits this single pose has?
Of cause you gotta do the pose in the right way not to hur yourself. But if you do do it right here's some of the great benefits you'll get from it:
  • Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression
  • Energizes the body
  • Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands
  • Strengthens the arms and legs
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
  • Relieves menstrual discomfort when done with head supported
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Improves digestion
  • Relieves headache, insomnia, back pain, and fatigue
  • Therapeutic for high blood pressure, asthma, flat feet, sciatica, sinusitis
So..? time to do some Adho mukha savasana. That's what I'm doing in my classes tonight!


- Planning new things in yoga... Just came home from my yoga class and all the ladies were so satisfied and happy. So much kindness and lovely words that made my whole body warm!
Now I'm longing for more yoga. To travel, to explore and have new adventure everyday as my nomad traveler life a few months ago.
We'll see what will happen in a near future... Keep your eyes and ears open.

D A Y O F F .

- It's my day off from everything. And then I mean all my 4 different jobs, from meeting, from the traffic school, from all the "must's". So today I stayed in the bed a bit longer, sitting now with the biggest cup of green tea and listening to some good tunes with mum as my warm company.
It will be a day of working out, trying new workouts, heaps of tea and a coffee or two, reading, soft music, maybe some yoga and catching up with a friend or watshing movies. This is real luxury for me right now!
Sending you all warm hugs and peace this monday. Hope you'll have a good start on this brand new week.


- Hi souls all over the world.
If some of you who read my blog will be in Halmstad tomorrow or the day after (wednesday & thursday) I will be doing my new Hatha yoga class. This time more new fun things focusing on much more than just the breath, inner vibrations, natural heat and being in the present.
So if you're around, you're more than welcome to join for 1h of yoga at ACTIC Flygstaden on wednesday 7pm and ACTIC Simhallsbadet (City) at thursday evening, 6pm.
This week it's all free at ACTIC. So try it out. Otherwise you can just let me know if you're interested in my yoga classes.

s p e e d o f l i f e .

- Dance, work, yoga, workshops, training, cooking, sleeping, making afro/salsa/cumbia/reggaeton/merengue playlist to work, meetings, weekend education trips with work, Copenhagen, Lund, inspiration, drive lessons, friends, Power walks, deep conversations ect ect...
Life is moving fast these days. And I don't even have time to relax.

t w o d a y s l e f t .

- Wohow, two day left until I start with my yoga classes at Actic Sports Club!
And am I ready? Not at all! Haha.. time to organize a playlist.

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