- Happy New Years everybody! Wish you love, luck and health... My night was the opposite to last years new years eve. My drinks for this night was black coffee, had an indian/asian chicken curry with my travel mate Keegan and been hanging out at a roof top bar and a small crazy bar with a very mixed crowd. 00:30am was the end for me. Back to the hotel room to call some family and friends and try to get sleepy. Doesn't really work for me after all these coffees. But I guess I can sleep at the bus tomorrow back to Hanoi and then when we'll spend the next night at the airport.

christmas in laos x LUANG PRABANG, LAOS.

- Part one from how my christmas this year looked like.

in the middle of nowhere x PAKBENG, LAOS.

- A last stop in Pakbeng before we got in to Luang Prabang. The boat ride was super cold and windy, but we survived.

slow boat day 1 x MEKONG RIVER, LAOS.

- First day on the over crowded slow boat in Laos to Luang Prabang.

worst room so far x CHANG KONG, THAILAND.

- The worst place I ever stayed in was the last night in north Thailand before I took the slow boat over the border to Laos. Ain't missing this, haha..

white temple x CHIANG RAI, THAILAND.

- Left Chiang Mai and took a quick trip to Chiang Rai to see the White Temple. Fascinating!


- Hej Rebecka ! Du verkar leva ett mycket spännande och roligt liv i Australien och nu är det så att jag är väldigt sugen på att flytta dit några månader . Jag undrar lite hur ni gjorde med era visum , vad ni har för visum? Hur länge ni får stanna ? Och hur ni kan få jobb ? Eftersom jag kommer vara tvungen att jobba där om jag flyttar dit , så är jag nyfiken på om det är möjligt ! :)
- Hej, förlåt för oerhört svar. Jag levde ett fantastiskt spännande och lärorikt liv i Australien i 13 månader. Jag och min vän D åkte tid i november 2012 efter att ha fått våra 1åriga Working Holiday visum. Med de får man vara anställd på ett ställe upp till 6 månader. Därefter måste du byta jobb eller börja resa. Jobb är lättast att få genom hospitality. Du kan söka på internet eller bara gå runt med ditt CV från ställe till ställe. Det funkade bäst för mig och alla jag känner som gjort samma. Då får managern chans att träffa dig, ta en drink/kaffe med dig och have a chat. Första intrycket är viktigt!
Hoppas svaret fortfarande gav dig något nytta!

puppy, veg & hippie cafés x CHIANG MAI, THAILAND.

- The last days in Chiang Mai consisted playing with the hostel chihuahua and hanging out at some cool cafés with friends from San Francisco, Tasmania and Montreal drincking all kinds of chais and eating healthy vegeterian food.

gun shooting x CHIANG MAI, THAILAND.

- Went to a shooting range in Chiang Mai and played with a pistol for a while. Didn't know it could be so fun! I will definitely do this again some day.

elephant training x CHIANG MAI, THAILAND.

- So one sunny day I desided to go and to my elephant training and take care of these beautiful animals. I was riding then, learned the elephant language (don't remember much now, haha..) and washed and played with them in the mud.


- A day full of Muay Thail boxing. I went to the main boxing stadium in Chiang Mai to watch some locals during their training. When their were done it was my turn to sweat. 3 hours of private muay thai training and I loved it!
In the end a muay thai boxer wanted to bring me to the fight during the night. So I went with him and got the whole fighting show for free! Sweet!

traveling to the city of culture and temples x CHIANG MAI, THAILAND.

- I took the night train to Chiang Mai and checked out all the amazing temples and cute streets. The temperature droped a bit and I had to walk around i long dresses, sweaters and pants every day.
25-11 degrees...

two days in the crazy thai capital x BANGKOK, THAILAND.

- A flight from Denpasar to Singaporem changing flight and up to Bangkok. I spent two crazy days there and then needed to head off because of all the kaos that was happening in Bangkok.

back to paradise x GILI AIR, INDONESIA.

- I missed Gili Air after a crazy trekking and went back for a while to hang out with my favourite locals, sleep on the beach, eat mangoes and relax in paradise.

last trekk x RINJANI, LOMBOK.

- And here my friends, here's the last photos from my crazy trekking. Rinjani, you're beautiful, but gosh soooo hard to handle.
And how did I feel after the trekking? Four days of sore muscles...

volcano trekking x RINJANI, LOMBOK.

- "Mount Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok. It rises to 3,726 metres (12,224 ft), making it the second highest volcano in south east Asia."

mountain climbing the second biggest x RINJANI, LOMBOK.

- Rinjani mountain. The hardest thing I've done in my life.

trekking mountail / volcano x RINJANI, LOMBOK.

- Merry Christmas everyone! Here's some more photos from the Rinjani moutain at Lombok Island in Indonesia.
I'm in Luang Prabang, north Laos at the moment. My christmas started with having breakfast, listening to christmas songs and planning some trips. Then we took a open van to Kuang Si watefalls which is one of the most beautiful places in Laos. Had a beautiful day there and then back to our hostel for some relaxing. Tonight we're having a big dinner and then we'll take it from there.
Vang Vieng is waiting for us tomorrow.
Sending hugs and love to you all, and especially my family and friends.

trekking rinjani mountain / volcano x RINJANI, LOMBOK.

- Finally! Here's the first part from when me, Chris and two other friends were trekking up for the Rinjani moutain and the active volcano.
It's the second biggest mountain in south east Asia. The hardest thing I've done in my life. But I'm happy I've put myself throught something like that and experienced it. Now that's done and I don't need to do it again, for a while... haha. But I still want to try new crazy and extreme things.
More photos are coming soon...

ph by c. black x SENARU, LOMBOK.

- Photos by my brittish friend Chris Black from the waterfalls in Senaru, Lombok in Indonesia.

outback x SENARU, LOMBOK.

- Some photos from our rainforest trip the day before the big day... Trekking on mount Rinjani, the second biggest mountain in South East Asia.

caves & beauty in the nature x SENARU, LOMBOK.

- Second part from the rainforest trip in Senaru, Lombok in Indonesia.

rainforest and waterfalls x SENARU, LOMBOK.

- Here's some great photos from a day trip to the waterfall in Senaru on the island Lombok in Indonesia.

sunrise, nature and locals x GILI AIR, INDONESIA.

- The paradise island Gili Air. A place I'll never forget. The kids, sunrise every morning with mango to breakfast. Perfect!


- Sugarman, won't ya hurry coz I'm tired of these scenes. For a blue coin won't ya bring back all those colours to my dreams. Silver majik ships, you carry jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane. Sugarman, met a false friend on a lonely, dusty road, lost my heart.
When I found it, it had turned to dead, black coal. Silver majik ships, you carry jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane.
Sugarman, You're the answer that makes my questions disappear.
Sugarman, coz I'm weary of these double games I hear, Sugarman.

welcome to the paradise x GILI AIR.

- Went to one of the Gili Islands east of Bali, Gili Air. Went to se Sammy, a friends friend who works as a yoga instructor and to just enjoy an island without cars and scooters.
A real paradise!

before paradise x SANUR, BALI.

- The last photos from Bali before I went to the paradise island Gili Air.

monkey forest x UBUD, BALI.

- The Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali. Way too touristy for me.
Cute monkeys who loves to steal... everything.

coffee plantation x BEST OF BALI.

- Coffee bean plantation in central Bali. One of the best things I did in Bali for sure! We had coffee, chocolate and tea tasting and it was AMAZING. Can't explain it..

wood crafting x CENTRAL BALI.

- One day in centrali Bali, checking out some amazing wood crafting. Sick place..

where the real locals come from x BALI.

- The day trips to the nature and local areas were absolutely my favorite part on Bali!

temples x CENTRAL BALI.

- Took a day trip to central Bali and saw some beautiful temples. Something else they have is trash, garbage, shit everywhere! So sad...

barong dance show x BALI.

- I went to see the traditional Balinese Barong Dance show one day with N.
Some parts were actually awful... Not really the ''traditional'' when they tried to be funny and make sexual jokes. What's happening with this world? Not even the traditional stuff are real anymore. Everything just for the tourists...

fruits, beach & relaxing x SANUR, BALI.

- Just a day of relaxing, beach, fruits and hanging out on the streets on Indo with Nora.

local night market x SANUR, BALI.

- Local night market in Sanur with cute kids and avocado smoothies.

a new beginning x SANUR, BALI.

- Bali was my first stop in South East Asia. I stayed in Sanur (south east Bali) to get the more "traditional local" feeling and avoid at the crazy party people and biggest turist areas.

last photos from melbs/aus x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

Ph: big sister, super woman and workout partner in crime, Lyka. Love and miss you soo much..! // Sara & Jackson (part of my aussie family) came to Southern Cross to say goodbye to me before I jumped on the Air Bus. Don't ask why I look so short on the photos, haha! // DENPARAS, Bali was my first destination on this long trip.
- Here's the very last photos from Melbourne and Australia. Over a year of amazing people, places and adventures through life.
Thank you to everyone. Heaps of peace, love and luck in the future and hopefully I'll see you soon again.


chais ans good byes x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- A last chai in Melbourne was an 1000 £ Bend with working mate James from the gym. After that, a catch-up with my big brother Eric.
Peace & love to all of you.
Soon I'll start putting up my travel photos I've been taking here in South East Asia. But now it's bed time. A long day is waiting for me tomorrow and a temporary good bye to crazy busy Bangkok.

i will miss it x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Oh, what I will miss this. Abbotsford, Collingwood & Fitzroy. Some great places with great people.
This love is strong...

gifts to the goasts x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Some photos from shooting a exhibition outside State Library of Victoria. The white items are christmas gifts to all the people who died i traffic accidents on Victoria Road...

little big sugar salt x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Just a few photos from my amazing brunch with ex manager Ren from Ferdy, Melbourne.
You'll find this perfect breaky place on Victoria St, Little Big Sugar Salt.

goodbyes w. Daniella & Aref x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Here's the photos from the last time me and Daniella was at Lentils together and last hanging out with her and her bf before she left Australia. Sad times.
I'm at Singapore Airport at the moment waiting at the flight to get ready. Been spending almost five hours here and I haven't been more stoked to go to Bankok! It's freezing here with all th ACs...


- There is no objective reality 'out there'. Things only exist when we observe them, which implies that the whole universe exists in our consciousness.

safari lane way festival x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Just klicking up some photos from the Safari Lane Way Festival in Melbourne at Section 8 & Ferdydurke a few weeks ago.
Great time with great friends and good music. Proud of you Remi, he's a guy you'll see much more of in the future in Au.


- My last shopping in Melbourne, this amazing watch. Love it!
And do I mess Melbs? YES!
But the life as a traveler isn't too bad.

coffees & streets x MELBOURNE MEMORIES

A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.
- The New Quotable Einstein
by Alice Calaprice.

lasts w. friends & family x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Dinner with my Aussie family. // Matthew, Sara, Joseph, (me), Jackson and Karin. //  Breaky in the sun. // Gifts from my big sister Lyka.

section w. chris x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Having coffees and teas with Chris at Section 8, CBD, Melbourne.

noodle festival x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Noodle Festival with friends in Melbourne.

lentil lunch in st kilda x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Lunch at Lentils in St Kilda, Melbourne with my ex sambo, room mate, best friend and Twin Daniella.
Miss you cookcen!

summer on swanston st x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- Early summer Days in Melbourne, Swanston st.

swedish football x MELBOURNE MEMORIES // update from my island.

- Hey, just sharing some photos from when I spent a day with some Swedish friends in Melbourne.
At the moment I'm at the paradise Island Gili Air. Saw the sunset last night and sunrise this morning and I'll do the same today! It took me 40min to sun around the whole Island and I've been enjoying fresh mangos, good Indonesian food and relaxing on the beach. 
There's no cars or motorbikes on this Island. Only horses and bikes. So peaceful! 
Also had a few minutes nap in a bungalow at the restaurant after the lunch, haha..
Sittiing and planning my next adventure already.

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