bye dirty city, hello bus ride x SOUTH THAILAND.

- Bye bye Bangkok! We're done with you for good! Me and Natalia took the bus down south to.... Koh Tao!


- Last day in Bangkok. Couldn't be more excited to leave that crazy dirty big city and go south to the beaches on the islands and meet up with friends.

on a ferry x BANGKOK, THAILAND.

- In Bangkok: met a cool old american photographer who I took a ferry around the city with. Got lost in my neighborhood, went for a bit of shopping, reunion with my american friend Natalia from Koh Rong and one more visit to the hospital.

john lennon sunnies x BANGKOK, THAILAND.

- Went back to Bangkok and found these big John Lennon sunnies. Love them!

around the island x KOH CHANG, THAILAND.

- One day me and my south american friends rented scooters and were driving around the island for hours exploring. I had to have a plastic bag on my foot when we went down to check out some beaches.
Finished the with live music outhside our accommodation.

after the hospital x KOH CHANG, THAILAND.

- The same day I left Koh Rong I stepped on a nail in the sand while running after my friend to say bye. After a few days it got infected and I had to go to the hospital three times. The first time was the worst.
She cut up the skin around the hole in my left foot, cleaned it and then she had to se if there was any dirt in the hole. Guess what she did?
Without ANY kinds of painkillers, she putted cold scissors tong inside the hole and then opened it up from inside! Holy...! That was the worst pain I've ever fellt.
When I left the hospital there was no way of me walking around and exploring the island by foot. So the first day I just had to relax and drink smoothies at my favourite cafe/restaurant with some god company from a german guy and this little girl (on the photo above).
She never wanted to talk or smile though... But I got a few good shoots of her at least!

good bye cambodia x SIHANOUKVILLE, CAMBODIA.

- The 27th of march was the last day for me in Cambodia. What a nice place. But the world's big and life's short. New things and places needs to be discovered!
Loving life!

the last hour on my island x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Here my firends, the very last photos from when I lived on the beautiful cambodian island Koh Rong.
Running around hugging and kissing everyone good bye. Hope to see you all soon againg somewhere in this great world.
Lots of love to you!

co-workers for the last time x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- The day before my and Dinahs last day at Koh Rong. Hanging out with co-workers and enjoying every hour for saying bye.

bye island boys x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA. // update from CEBU.

PH: Lovely Hilary enjoying the sun before work. // Saying bye to the guys at Island Boys in Koh Rong before leaving the island i lived and worked at for 1.5 months.
- Hi, I'm alive. Enjoying the Philippines with Dinah. We've been hanging out in beautiful Palawan, having our own beach, eating street food, working out, and couch surfed. 
Yesterday we arrived in Cebu and went straight to my lovely american yoga friend Marcie. Me and Marcie had almost a whole week in cozy Hoi An in Vietnam a while ago. So happy to be here, visiting her, doing some yoga in the evening, salsa in the night and running in the morning. How good isnt that?
And soon we're going on some adventures outh in the nature for a few days.

some of the best places in the world, AUSTRALIA.

- This place. One of the BEST places I've seen during my (almost) 21 years. You'll find this paradise on the east coast in Australia. 

Oh, I've got no more to say. Great times at the worlds biggest sand island, Fraser Island.
LOADS of LOVE to this place.
Enough with all that. I have less than 8h left in Thailand and I'm just killing time in Phuket right now. But tonight is the night. I'm jumping on a plane to a whole new country! 
I'll tell you more later... ;)

last morning shift at bamboo x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- The very last day at Bamboo Bungalows... I had the breakfast shift and loved it. Didn't have to do much at all, as you can se on the photos... Hahah. Just chilling in the bar, making some coffees, chatting to friends and playing with my phone.
"No worries, It's all good." and I continued just being lazy and happy.
Thanks guys for a wonderful 1.5 month on the paradise island Koh Rong in Cambodia.

long beach w. callum x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Hi loved ones. My one and only love (my laptop) is sick. Really sick. So sick that I can't even do a system reset and clear the shit. Or maybe that's possible. But in that way I know, it's not working.
Gotta find a good computer nerd, hopefully a swedish one (my laptop is in swedish..) that can help me fix it. Or in worst case, just go to a electronic/computer shop and let the asians play with it.

Anyway, the beautiful photos above are from when I was trekking one last time to lovely Long Beach on Koh Rong. This time I had from Cal, one of these lovely boys who works on the island.

goodbyes on the island x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- A few shots from when I had to say bye to some beautiful and bright friends. I'm so happy that I'll see you guys again in the summer!


- Just some random photos I took one night in my staff dorm where me and my co-worker were living while working in the paradise.

i'm back in the water!! x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- Hi again. What a great start on the day. After a sleep over with Clare at Toma and Blakes hotelroom, me and Blake took the scooter to the Fitness Cafe and had an amazing breakfast and some organic coffee.
I finally got to go in the ocean again with my foot. What a wonderful feeling. As some of you know, I love the ocean and the energy from it. But after my accident the 26th of feb, I haven't been in the water at all which have been a struggle when I've only been on islands since then.
But to celebrate that my foot was ready for the saltwater, me, Toma & Blake decided to do SUP - Stand up paddle. We went out for an hour and saw Koh Tao from a different angle. After that we went for a big lunch and coconut shake.

4k with the internationals x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- A day at 4k beach with my polish girls and british/canadian boys.

pi & palms x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Days under the palm trees in the shade. Stillness and peaceful. Traveling is wonderful!

dark night at work x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- A dark night at work. Had some problem with the electricity. But that's island life! ;)

one of my offices x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- This my friends, is one of my offices. My jobb when I was living on Koh Rong, but also my office for other jobs and planning. Doesn't look too bad, huh?
And of course out Bamboo crew dog, Bailey.

playing with the local kids x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- There's no words for how much I love these pictures. Hanging out on the beach playing with the local kids (my neighbors) with Antonio one sunny day after work.
I miss all of you guys already...
Lots of love to them.

feelings & thoughts from south x UPDATE, KOH TAO, THAI.

- So here I am. Sitting at really nice place on the beach. Drinking ice coffe and listening to the oceans music and watching people getting tanned on the sand. Boats driving past and hanging out with some american and canadian boys. But still I feel, there's something missing. It feels in my heart and in my stomach. My soul is trying to tell me something. Maybe that I might be at the wrong place. Maybe I shouldn't be here right now?
After been to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with really close friends, it's hard to enjoy other things. I mean, it's beautiful here too. But not even close to Koh rongs beaches or Whitsundays in Australia.
The people/locals have so much angry in their bodies, backpackers are living on alcohol and drugs and it's expensive to me south east Asia...
And worst of all, soooo turisty and the locals will do anything to scam you.
Bad energy is flowing around. I just got that wierd feeling...
But soon I'll be at the place I've been waiting for with the friends that are the closest to me from this trip.

night hang x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- A few photos from one night after work, hanging out at Coco's with my lovely friend and co-worker Dinah. It was not fun to say goodbye to you in Sihanoukville... What a rush too!
But soon we'll meet again. In less than 1.5 week actually. And in a whole new country!

the fire's dead x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- And here's the last photos from how everything looked after the fire. Or maybe not everything. But the worst part of it. So sad...

feeling after the fire x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- The same morning we had the fire everyone was in a wierd mood. I can't describe the feeling. But in the same time we all who work on the island got even closer to eachother. Khemer locals, kids, westerns staff and our guests which was beautiful to see.
The photos above are from Bongs, hanging out with some friends. The girls are playing with the Bong puppy and talking about people loosing their stuff in the fire while Chris, a brittish friend I went trekking with in Lombok a few months ago, cuddles with two kittens after loosing their mum in the fire.

we survived the fire x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Hi guys. Do you remember me telling you about  crazy fire we survived when I lived in Cambodia on the island Koh Rong?
Well, here's the photos from when it happened. We were sooo lucky that only one got to the hospital and that my job didn't got destroyed in the fire.
A morning I'll never forget.

hammocks at the beach x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- This guy, he had to be my model of the day. Open heart and amazing soul. Hope to see you soon again man.

beach hang with co-workers x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Posting some photos from when I had a morning at the beach with my co-workers. Good times...
Thinking of you guys every day.

puppy island x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA. + update.

- Hello world. Where am I now you're wondering. Back in Bangkok!! Will spend two days here mostly cause I had to go to the hospital for the third time and also to visit the second biggest H&M in the world. Damn, I haven't been to H&M for over 1.5 year. Crazy...
Got myself two sport bras and a pair of big John Lennon sunglasses on a market.
Watermelon have been my drug of the day and I decided to play the nurse myself today and try to fix my foot from my accident. It's getting better so I THINK I can manage to take care of my foot by myself now.
By the way, the puppies are up on the blog again as you can see. Not the same ones from last time though. Looooovey lovely puppies I so wanted to kidnap in to my bag...

long beach x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- One day before I started to work at the island, me and a french boy decided to get a work out and in the same time explore another part of Koh Rong.
After an 45min jungle trekking barefooted, sweaty and tirsty, we got to this place. Long beach, one of my favourite places on the island.

dinner at coco's x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- 3 photos from the dinner at Coco's with beautiful Cax Mee one night in paradise.

4k beach x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- 4k Beach, what a paradise... Here's the beach me and my danish friend Amy (the blonde cutie on the photos) used to do our morning runs before breakfast. Oh what I miss it.

insta oldies x AUSSIE MEMORIES.

• Coco drink after my workout. • Beautiful friends on my 20th birthday. • Me and the boys having some cocktails at my old job, The Rum Diary. This was also last time I was drinking alcohol. (June 2013) • My bff Daniella surprised me with a cozy picknick in Docklands. • Just one of those selfies. • Dancing to soul at Cherry Bar on my B-day with my other half. •
- Jag testar att blogga från mobilen med's Android app och passar på att dela med mig av några Instagrambilder från när jag bodde i Australien.
xx Rebecka Latoś

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