I m p u l s i v e T r i p T o B u l g a r i a .

Photo: me & my brother at our balcony in Sweden.
- What a surprise. We have been in Bydgoszcz, Poland (where my mum comes from) for less than 48h and got to know that we're are not going to spend two weeks in Poland. Nope, grandma suggested that we'll fly over to Bulgaria for a week just because there was a cheap offer.
So that what we're doing in a few hours. Flying to Bulgaria for a week to enjoy some beaches, warmer weather and hopefully as much adventure as I can fit in during this week.
A new country is waiting for me to explore it!
Oh, and then we're going back to Poland to enjoy the city life here with heaps of yoga, coffee, are and family. Not too bad, huh?

I ' m I n P o l a n d .

- Hey folks. Yesterday me, mum and my little brother flew from Malmö, Sweden to our second home, Poland. I'm hanging out in Bydgoszcz for a while to see my family, friends, do some shopping, enjoy good cheesecake, hang out in the gardens, find the best coffee and try some new yoga.

I'm so exited ant it's going to be a good time here.

v e g a n s a l a d .

- I made a delicious vegan salad a few day ago.
Just mix lettuce, corn, red onion, green olives, couscous, a dash of olive oil and some of your favourite spices.


- Sharing some funny photos of me and my two old friends Siri & Sara during my birthday and midsummer at the Rosenbergsfestivalen.
Enjoy folks, and girls.. don't kill me.. ;)

espresso / apple muffin / bohemian .

- I think that the balcony might be my favourite place home. Or I don't know... I like all places home but I just love the moment when I'm enjoying a espresso and a good oat & apple muffin baked by mum.
And how cute isn't the espresso cup? I bought two different ones during my last trip when I was in Istanbul.

H o m e A g a i n .

- Home again. Home again. One day I know. I'll feel home again. Wrong again. Wrong again. One day I know. I'll feel strong again. And lift my head.

Many times. I've been told. All this talk. Will make you old. So, I'll close my eyes. Won't look behind. Movin' on. Movin' on. So I'll close my eyes. Look behind. Movin' on...
Lost again. Lost again. One day I know. Our paths will cross again. Smile again. Smile again. One Day I hope. To make you smile again. And I won't hide.


- Good morning world. I would like to share some of my photos (or most of them) from my 21th birthday during the swedish midsummer and at a little music festival called Rosenbergsfestivalen.
This day I had 3 things to celebrate!
So here's the first photos. Enjoy!


+ 6 fruits, dark chocolate, wather, protein powder and water. Yeah, the food is the most important on a festival for me, haha..
I'm always hungry and love to eat. So snacks is a MUST and I didn't need to by any unhealthy grilled food.
This is what I took with me to "Rosenbergsfestivalen" on midsummer & my birthday.

tigerbekk getting ready for P o l a n d .

- Work, sun, coffee, chocolate, dance, working out, movie & packing. That's how my day looks like today.
Yep, I'm getting ready for my little trip to Poland in a few day.
Haven't been there for more than two years! Feels a bit weird but it will be so fun to see family and some friends again.


- A relaxed morning, 6h of work in the café, coffee with friends, power walk with a old classmate, healthy dinner, good music and now a shower and movie.
There's no room for complaints.

b a l c o n y l u n c h / t r i p t o p l a n.

- A cozy lunch on the balcony with my little brother from last week. I love eating outdoor and go as basic as possible.
He's coming home today by the way. And in a few days we'll do for a little trip to Poland to catch up with family and friends. Haven't been at my second home for over 2 years now, so it's going to be great to see everyone again.

l o k a j o b / t h e b o x o f l o n g i n g .

- Two days ago I did a little job for the swedish water company LOKA and for there new product Loka Crush.
Today have been the laziest day for such a long time. I can't ever remember when that day was and in what country I was in.
I learned that I don't like to be in one and the same place for too long. Too long for me is not a few days, or weeks. It's about hours.
And even if I was waking up on a festival this morning, in a car with friends, in a new place. I still feel it wasn't enough.
My little box of adrenaline and adventure what's somewhere deep inside my body is constantly screaming for more...

the day after my birthday 7 midsummer festival - 1 year of non drinking.

- Oh what a day & night! Yesterday was my 21th birthday and swedish midsummer.
Me and some friends went to the Rosenberg Festival and stayed there until today. Longest and coldest night for a long time and sleeping with two others in a small car was a experience. But there was good music, fun people and a beautiful festival area with e perfect evening sun.

Now I'm way to tired to do anything except from drinking tea, listening to chill music and watching a movie in my cozy PJs.

Oh, and by the way. I didn't have any birthday drinks at all! It's been over a year of non drinking and I don't even feel like it on my birthday at a festival!
I'm actually a little bit surprised.

S K Y P E - L Y K A .

- It was 7 months ago I heard her voice and finally on my birthday we had a quick Skype session. ever if the sound was awful and the webcam was way to slow, I was more than happy to here her voice and see her live again.
No matter what happens during my birthday from now on, I will still be happy cause I just got my best B-day gift.
Big sister, workout bff, part-time housemate and 100% support 24/7, superwoman. I miss you everyday and I hope to see you very soon again Lyka.

T u r n i n g A d u l t .

- Happy Birthday to me!
I'm officially 21 summers old and have so much more to go. But it's crazy how fast time flies away!
My little brother is soon coming home to celebrate me and later today I'll get picked up by a old friend of mine and we're going to Rosenbergsfestivalen! A hippie / artsy festival with a lot of music and love.

l i t t l e b r o t h e r s s c h o o l ' s o u t .

- Last weeks photos from my little brother Kristoffers school's out. Loving this little boy sooo much it hurts.

a f t e r a s l e e p i n .

- Good morning world. Today I was giving myself a bit of sleep in.
So nice to still lay in the bed after 8:30am.
But now I'm back on my feet again. Going to the gym soon and then it's time to work at a LOKA event (swedish natural sparkling water company) during the afternoon.

s u n s e t , d e s s e r t & h o t t u b - my manager's surprise #4.

Photos: two last ones are from beautiful Linneas FB.
- One of the most beautiful sunsets I ever seen, dessert with taste like heaven, good company and a evening in our hot tub at work.
I give this day 10 points.
Thanks to everyone and love to Peter.


Y O G A by D O N A T I O N - my first class TODAY.

- My first class in Sweden will be a YOGA by DONATION at Stationsparken in Halmstad.
Feel free to join at 3:30pm / 15:30.
I will pull together a Hatha Yoga class in the cozy park Stationsparken in central Halmstad once just for fun and want to see how many people in that cases would be interested.

It usually costs around 150 - if not more for a drop-in yoga class, But I thought about trying a Yoga by DONATION.
This is something I want to show Halmstad & Sweden. We don't have enough with donation opportunities here and after having received so much inspiration from Australia (and other countries I visited) where you can find it all by donation as accommodation, food, clothing, YOGA, event, music, you name it!
So now the idea is to do a yoga class for about 1 hour and allow you to donate as a thank you.
"Pay as you feel from the heart."
What goes around comes around... ;)
Peace & love,

***** a m a z i n g d i n n e r - my manager's surprise #3.

- Part nr 3 from my manager's surprise for all the staff at my job is up.
Over 5 dishes with amazing food at the fancy restaurant SALT in Tylösand by the ocean. How perfect isn't this?
Did we get full from this? Oh, you can't even imagine. Biggest food coma for sure!
Can't thank you enough Peter for this.
And love to the Söderpiren-crew.

a u s s i e b o y s .

- Aussie boys.. yeah you girls who been there know what I'm talking about. They are not shy, they are open minded, adventures, positive and very good looking. Like these aussies on the photos above. We got Matt, Tully, Toby and some more of Matt. Not too bad huh?
Hope the guys in Sweden start to realise that backslick, heaps of wax, and too pricey light colored shirts and fancy golf stuff are not the only option, haha..
There's not place on earth with so much eye-candy are in Oz.

o r d i n a r y d a y .

- Morning folks! It's a new day, I'm having my fav breakfast, green tea and will take my bike to my café job. During the day I'll meet a old friend of mine and in the evening a sweaty workout and yoga. Can it be much better?
Fingers crossed that I will only be surrounded by nice people and good weather. :)

N E W H E A D E R .

- Hello people! I finally got done my new header for the blog. Been thinking of making a new one since I moved to Australia but just didn't have time.
But hey, I'm back in the small town and have all the time for it. So here it is. A bit more fresh feeling, huh?
Hope you're like it.

a d a y o n t h e O c e a n - my manager's surprise #2.

- And here my loved ones, is the second part of a day on the ocean with my co-workers from Söderpiren. A great surprise from our manager Peter. Just a ordinary tuesday...  ;)

G r e e n T e a - the magical beverage.

- Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is making myself a big cup (exact this on on the photos) of green tea. This is the best way to start the day. But don't take me wrong, I still am the biggest coffee lover / nerd.
I would like to share some good information and advices about why green tea is such a magical beverage.

- Green tea may decrease the absorption of iron and folic acid. Therefore it is best to be drink tea between meals rather than using it as your mealtime beverage. (I drink tea 30min before breakfast usually).
- It is improving cholesterol levels, preventing low blood pressure, reducing the risk or preventing the onset of Parkinson’s disease, and preventing cancers of the bladder, prostate, pancreatic, breast, colorectal, esophageal, lung, and stomach..
- Killing bacteria that cause tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease-the number one cause for tooth loss.
- Weight Loss. Specifically green tea, create thermogenesis-the production of heat within the body which is related to burning calories.
- A study demonstrates that people who drink at least one cup of tea daily have a 44 percent lower risk of heart attack.
But please, be also aware that:
- tea bags contain the same beneficial properties as loose leaf tea.
- For full health benefits, brew tea for at least 3 minutes.

a d a y o n t h e O c e a n - my manager's surprise #1.

- Last week me and my co-workers got a amazing surprise from our manager Peter.
After our staff meeting he took us to the harbour and this is what was waiting for us! How amazing isn't it? We were all so stoked to take a ride.
More photos are coming up...!

M e d i t a t i o n & s l e e p - healthy habit.

- Good morning people! Hope you're all feeling well.
This morning I woke up and realised that I've been sleeping 8.5h last night. It's making me very happy now because the last 1.5 week, even if I go to sleep later to sleep longer, I still wake up before my alarm and what leads to not enough with sleep.
But before bed last night, I did 40min of meditation which I haven't done for almost a month and look what happened. The body got more relaxed and were letting me sleep 1.5h more than usually.
I did the same thing every morning and evening when I studied in Indonesia and because that was a everyday-habit I didn't realize what it actually did to me.
And now, from having a break from that and then do it again, I really feel the difference and I'm so thankful for that.
Also, as a yogi, (if you're totally in to in and live the yogi lifestyle, which isn't common in western coutries, ecpassely Scandinavia) you practise all kinds of meditations and find your way to release and relax. One main thing is Yoga Nidra. I will tell you more about it another day but what I am saying right now is that, like Yoga Nidra "yogi sleep", the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness, makes you get sleep while being awake.
And for yogis who practice Yoga Nidra or other meditations, we don't need as much sleep (7-9h) as most active people need. Depending on how much meditation, some yogis sleep less than 5h. But in that case, you gotta be serious with the yogi lifestyle and meditation. I don't recomend that to someone just trying ones just to be able to say that you did "Yogi sleep".
If you guys have any questions, just let me know.
You can comment below or like some other like to do, just send me an e-mail on rebeckagustafsson@hotmail.com
If you're around south west Sweden or Copenhagen and want to talk more about yoga and everything around it. Just let me know!


- Hoping, wondering, wishing, thinking, waiting, walking but am I doing? Not sure yet. Life's weird sometimes and so is my mind. It is making be go a bit crazy lately. But from tomorrow I will be more strict with myself and I will make myself prouder. Yes I will. And I will start right now.
The mint tea is all gone and it's time for meditation. Yes, it is saturday and yes, I am drinking tea and meditation.

14 000 ft s k y d i v e - MEMORIES.

- Found there photos from when I and my lovely friend Daniella went sky diving from 14 000 ft outside of the hippie town Byron Bay on the east side of Australia.
I though that I was going to die literally and prepare myself mentally. But while being in the air and after all that, I have to admit that it was one of the best things I ever done in my life and I miss the feeling so much right now.

i ' m f r o m t h e w e s t .

- Yoga, big brekky, work, fighting with the wind, catching up with a old friend, home, eat and relax.
I've been feeling a bit weird today and just had to rest as much as I could...
But I feel that I will have more energy tomorrow, hopefully!
Been posting heaps of photos on Facebook from my traveling on the east coast in Australia. Took me a while..!

x easy, healthy, fast - L U N C H .

- How good and healthy isn't this?
Boil some bulgur or cous cous (healthier than rice), wook up and steam some veggies, skip the salt and use other good spices, chicken and one spoon of greek yoghurt.

Ta daa! Delicious and healthy, an oh so easy.


l o n g d a y .

- Phuuh! What a day! Work in the café in the morning, craziest wind, lunch in a garden, 1h gym, fix the bike, meeting and interview, shower and food home.
It's time to relax with a movie now!

t h e F a m i l y p h o t o .

- Good moring world. What a good night sleep I had. I feel well rested.
It's soon time to jump up on my bicycle and ride 3km down to my job at the beach café. But the weather isn't too good so it won't be busy today, I guess.
Starting up the day with these two family photos from my dad's side. His gf, my little 5.5 years old half brother, my 18 years old half brother that just graduated, dad, me & my four years old step sister. This was at my brothers placce in Henån, a small place north of Gothenburg.
Hope to see some of you soon again.

c ozy c hill n ight .

- After having a amazing workout, a long shower, delicious and healthy dinner, I'm now having some mint tea and watching The Mindy Project, my new favourite tv show.
As soon as it gets darker I'll try to go to sleep. I feel that I really need to sleep, but it won't happen with this swedish light summer night light.

x sleep in's x coffee x the day x

- So yesterday was great. My manager surprised us so much that I don't even have words for it.
I'll show you all photos from it someday soon. What a amazing and loving manager I have. Such a cool guy and lovely co-workers. I'm so thankful for being sorrunded by you guys.
Today I decided to have a sleep-in. Usually I wake up around 6-7am every morning.
But I still woke up at 7:40am which is before my alarm. This is the latest I've been waking up for over 9 days. I was laying in my bed for a while to try to sleep a bit more. But no sleep for me. It was like I still was tired but something in my body said that it was enough with with bed chillin'.
I mean, yesterday went pretty late at the staff-adventure-day / party so I thought I would be dead this morning.
But now I feel it. So I'll grab a espresso and soon it's time for me to go to the gym and have one of the craziest workouts of the week. It's a cross fit inspired 30min class and before that I'll go for e 30min core class to warm up.

a l l f o r t h e h e a l t h .

- This women on the photos have the most amazing body ever. Not a skinny or way to bulky. It's just perfect. And these photos are making me to go to the gym and work out. Itäs amazing how much photos can say.
But first, gonna get my eyes checked and have a coffee. Good day off from work and more fun will soon happend!

s t u d e n t s k i v a - K o n r a d .

- More photos from one of my brother's graduation.
Family from his mom's and my dad's side.
All the best to you Konrad!

s l e e p y b a b y / h a p p y m i n d .

- With these two photos from when I met one of my half brothers for the first time, I say Good Morning world!
Couldn't sleep last night because I was too happy. Happy to have so many fun things to look forward. To have so many beautiful friends and plans.
From birthday plans, my upcoming yoga workshops and ect... Good times!

K o n r a d s S t u d e n t .

- Went to Uddevalla a few days ago to be at my brother's graduation from high school / secondary school and to meet up with family from dad's side.
Haven't seen my brother (who graduated) for almost 3 years, and damn he's tall now!
Congratulation Konrad! Good luck with the rest and enjoy Greece.

w o r k o u t h a r d .

- 5h of work at the beach café is now done and I'm off to the gym after my cup of green tea. will do my best even if I feel a bit sick.
I know I shouldn't work out but I guess I just go for a sweaty powerwalk today.

J a z z y D a y .

- Sometimes I just love the rainy weather in Halmstad.
But that's only when I'm done with a big workout at the gym and on my way home it's starts to rain. Then I run up to the warm apartment, jump in to the hot shower and just let myself stand there, watching the raindrops and let my thoughts wander away.
Putting my cozy chill out clothes on, making a cup of calming tea and a snack. Scrolling around inspiration in the internet, reading and listening to some jazz music.
That's what I call a perfect evening at home.

b a c k h o m f r o m W o r k .

- And I'm back home. Had a crazy gym session with my PT Christopher, a quick lunch at home and then up on the bike straight to work.
Manage to drink only one cup of coffee today!
A few days ago I was cleaning the whole coffee grinder on a rainy day at work. Been going through every single part of the machine, wouldn't surprise me if I would be able to build a grinder myself, haha..

J u l i u s z & m e .

- Yesterday I went to Uddevalla for the first time to see one of my brothers graduate.
But first, when I got picked up by dad, his gf and a little boy, I met my 5.5 year old half brother for the first time ever! Juliusz and me ended up playing with my camera during the long car ride from Henån to Gothenburg. Making funny faces all the time while there was a crazy rain storm outside.

o a t p o r r i d g e x brekky.

- Some of my favourite brekkies is Oat Porridge. It's cheap, fast, easy, tasty and most important.. healthy!
You can't get bored of it if you have a open mind and like most stuff.
I usually go for:
1dl oats
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 banana
Dash of almond milk
+ Supplements: B, C & Beta Karoten.
Drink: Green tea (anti-aging, stimulating, immunity boosting & promoting a faster consumption of the fat storage of the body)
If you're getting tired of this oat porridge, just change from banana to fresh or grilled apple, coconut flakes, a teaspoon of honey, all kinds of seeds or nuts.

my favourite exercises & how the muscles are working.

- Yesterday I had a kick ass workout for an hour and finished with 30min powerwalking. Today (even when I'm sitting on my butt, like right now at the bus) I feel my sore muscles from all the jumping and squating. And I'll you that, DAMN it feels good!
Here's some GIF photos to show you some of my favourite exercises from yesterday and what kind of muscles are working.

b i g d a y u p .

 - Hands up for big day. In 30min I will be sitting on the bus from my hometown up to another place I've never been to before, Uddevalla. And what am I doing there, you're asking..?
One of my little brothers (yeah, my siblings are spread out on the swedish west coast) is graduation from secondary school today!
It's going to be so exciting to see him again after 2 years, same with my big sister and hopefully I'll meet one of my youngest brothers (for the first time) too! And some people from my half siblings & dads side of the family.
Yeah, that's right. Told you it's going to be a BIG DAY for everyone of us.


- Morning folks! Hope you're all well.
Here's the photos from the muay thai "Champions Fight Night" that I went to last weekend. Took my brother there and saw some great fighters from Sweden & Portugal. Also tog to see some old friends fight and others from the audience. A fine night! :)
Crazy fight between my friend Samuel and a guy from Portugal, & another one got a knock out!

L a F a m i l i a .

- The first family photos for years and one of my mum's first meals after arriving back in Sweden. This is love!
Family & food. Pretty lucky, huh?

T h e L i s t .

- Yesterday I played around with the coffee machine most of the day at work. While working 10.5h I was able to do alot with the coffee and the grinder. Now I'll be the master barista! Or maybe not yet. But wow, there's so much to learn...!
After a long day at work I wanted tp keep it as simple as possible after feeling a bit sick and very tired.
So here The List for keeping it simple after a tiering day, (what ever you've done.)
  • Make youreself a cup of tea, or 340981368 cups in my case.
  • Watch a few episodes of your fav tv show in your cozy clothes, (my case hippie / alibaba pants.)
  • Unfriend random people, people you don't talk to, people who added you but never wrote anything to you, ect from Facebook.
  • Don't go to the gym. Give yourself a rest day.
There you go. That's my list and exactly what I did after a long day at work.
Now it's time to work. Then killing it at the gym & yoga.

t i l l s a m m a n s .

- Hey all, here's a couple of photos from one friday night when me and lovely Sara was hanging out at Tillsammans in the city. Talking my throat sore like always.
By the way, international friends, this is kind of swedish summer. I'm sitting with black jeans and leather jacket and for me it was freezing! But a lot of swedes where wearing shorts, t-shirts & ect... Can't get used to having Melbourne winter as swedish summer...

getting back in shape & t a r t a r u s.

- Oh yes I did! After gaining weight after saying bye to the gym in Melbourne, entering the backpacker life, asian street food and my soft tissue injury I decided to go back to my normal fitness level as soon I'm back home and so I did. The day after arriving in my hometown I entered the gym with my new workout clothes and god it was hard after all these months...

Now it's been over 2 weeks and I can already see and feel difference. And to get some extra help in the beginning I just got this packade home.
I started to take the Tartarus pills two days ago and I will promise you a "before & after" photo of a 3-step-progress from how my body looked like and looks like after 1, 2 & 3 months.

e g g t i m e .

- I few days when I was hanging out with my little brother when mum was away I decided to teach him something new. So I taught him how to boil eggs the way he likes them. And without helping he nailed it straight away. Proud sister!
The morning after my brother was running straight to the kitchen to boil himself some eggs for breakfast.

x c o f f e e x

- I’d rather stay inside than being out tonight. Just sipping coffee and nothing to look forward to. Savoring my solitude. And no one will ever know you the way I do

In high definition I’m dreaming of you. With my disposition I’m losing my cool. With my everything I’d give anything to be with you...

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