Ph 1: the gym at my job in Tylösand. // Me and Frida hanging out at my other job after our workout.
- Hey everyone. A week full of great training. Feeling really good! It's sunday but not any kind of sunday.
First of advent! It's crazy how time flies away. I went for a 45min workout at the gym, 45 min power walk by myself and with Suzana later on. Vacumed the apartment, made some lunch and now preparing for some cozines this afternoon with my brother. Dan is coming over and we'll make some hot chocolate, bunns and tea.
Then we're going to the yearly christmas deco (Julskyltning) in the town.


Ph 1. Pimped my nails, PEACE! 2. My the most delicious sugarfree, fatfree, vegan and raw chocolate balls a few day ago. 3. Yoga in the beginning of this autumn in the forest. 4. One of the few coziest places to be found here in Halmstad.
- Hey folks, sitting and listening to a australian friends music.
Amazing to see how fast he grows internationally.

A short workout and then it's time for my wednesday yoga this evening.
Getting really exited for my yoga workshop this saturday afternoon in Andersberg at ZONEN. A community for girl, mostly immigrants. It's going to be such a interesting and educative thing for me. And hopefully everyone there feels comfortable and enjoys it.

Q&A - about my yoga.

Alltså Rebecka du är så jävla grym på yoga! Jag har precis börjat med det och kan inte för mitt liv böja min kropp på det där sättet. Mitt mål är att bli lika rörlig som du är.
Fina Anna, tack tack tack! Jättekul att du kom på min yogaklass med. Det är bara övning som käller och vilja samt verkligen låta det ta tid och lyssna på din kropp. Jag hjälper dig gärna igen nästa gång vi blir i samma stad och ger lite feedback.
Do u teach yoga in Tylosand or somewhere in Halmstad?
Let me know :) 
Great blog and lovely pics
Hi Carla, I do not teach yoga in Tylösand only working in the restaurant and with events and functions there a bit. But I do have classes at least two time a week at the health club/gym Actic in Flygstaden and Simhallsbadet (city). So just give them a call and they will book you in. If you're intrested in private classes I also do that. so just let me know!
Thanks for your lovely words.


- Hello folks. Hope you're all well.
I'm just hiding from the cold and winter here in my hometown. Skyping with friends from the other side of the earth, baking, drinking heaps of tea, watching movies and Girls show.
Been going well with my training last week and also with the yoga. Feeling so good from that.
The photos above are from a cozy café in Bydgoszcz, me snorkeling in Oslob, Cebu with whale sharks, doing some dancing under the water and the last one is a note I made for my apartment building. Now there's only 2-3 smiley faces left...!


- Hey everyone. Started the day with some homemade yogi soy chai and a delicious porridge. At 11am me and Benjamin went on a crossfit trial workout nearby my home. Man, it was so much fun! Loved it and some of the parts took me back to my workout when I lived in Australia. Missed that feeling so much!


- A little update from my insta. Dinner with friends, Copenhagen and Bydgoszcz.
This week has been all about working out, trying new fitness classes, reading, power walking, hanging out with friends, phone calls, planning, yoga and chilling.


- Hey folks. With the last photos from Copenhagen I want to thank everyone who made time to come and see me during the busy days. Was more than great seeing you all again. There's something special with travel friends...


- Sunny Copenhagen. Thank you for treating me well. I will be back in the spring and hoping for even better weather. And all the amazing travel friends I've got. I'm so thankful for all that.
Sending all of you love.


 - Hello everyone. Just updating you guys with some photos from Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago. I was so lucky with the sunny weather and warm autumn day down there.
More photos are coming up. But now it's time to get ready for bed and meditation.

b o y t e a r s .

- Working out, drinking coffee and tea, baking, yoga clothes, movies, working, hanging out with family and friends, reading and planning. This is how my days are like lately.
Just sended away my application for indian visa and hoping to get it home as soon as possible so I can leave this cold, gray and rainy country of sadness.


- A couple of weeks ago I went down to Copenhagen for two days to hang out with old travel friends and see places I haven't seen yet.
First day I spent with Alexandra, a lovely and happy soul I met on the little island I was working at in Cambodia in the beginning of this year.


- Sitting and planning some new things for my upcoming yoga classes here in Halmstad. I'll be focusing on one of our seven chakras, the heart chakra. So feel free to come and join me for one hour of hatha yoga.
Had a 45 min circuit workout, 45 min power walk outside in the windy and cold weather and a delicious lunch with family. Now it's time for The Mindy Project with mum and a big cup of yogi chai tea.
Happy saturday everyone.


- I never been doing this much making in my whole life like I've been doing this autumn. Yes, this autumn is all about ponchos, yoga clothes, tea, cooking dinner with friends and heaps of baking.
Not long time ago I tried something new and made some healthy truffles. But I couldn't wait to roll them so we all here at home just ate if straight from the bowl with a spoon.


- Hello people! It's Boys-buns-beards-friday! Have I made it to a thing? Haha no, I don't think so... Or maybe. Anyway. Some eye candy for all of you who love this kind of type or maybe only some inspiration.
Ben on my feet all day since 7am. Went on a workout with Frida at 8am at the gym at work, tried some raw cakes with J in the city and walked around the river and the gardens for hours.
Met up lovely Karin two hours ago for a quick catch up. My feet are so tired now so I'm just gonna relax this evening. Happy weekend everyone.

last day - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Good evening Europe and hello the rest of the world.
Sharing my two last photos from the very last hours in Poland with mum and grandpa before driving up to the airport.
What a yellow and colorful place, huh? It's just outside of our house at grandpa's.

cousin love - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Oh, I can't get enough of these cute pictures of my little cousin and me playing at a café last time before saying bye to her.

late autumn in the city - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Days in the the city on Bydgoszcz, my other home. Winter's almost here, but no worries. I found beauty anyway, and good coffee in artsy cafés!


- It's friday everyone! So why not start the morning with some eye candy? Guys with buns and beards... Wait, buns AND beards? Hold on a sek. This isn't for real. Or is it? Oh man... Can it even get better? I don't think so. Too bad most of the guys & men have baby faces around here. If you fancy this kind of men then Australia is the place for you. Well, from my experience. Maybe there's another similar heaven on earth. Then let me know!
Anyway, I'm gonna stop talking about how amazingly good I think these guys are looking. Just enjoy the photos and have a great friday!

chocolate, fruits and giggling. - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Day two in Bydg. I met up with some of my family. We took a long cold walk, had chocolate fountain and coffee in the city.

coffee with the boys - AUTUMN TRIP TO BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Oh, you though I forgot? Naah, here's the first photos from my week in Bydgoszcz visiting family and friends.
First day I met up with my norwegian friend Alen for a few coffees, indian dinner with my cousin and just chilling.


- Good morning Europe and good afternoon pacific and ect...
Starting the day with three photos from last month, ish. The last photo is on of the studio where I have my yoga classes in.

Today is a pretty busy day. Working until 2pm, taking the bus back to the city and home to my lovely friend Petra for some sweets, tea and chats and in the evening gym and yoga class. Gotta stay away from home when the building men are making noise while changing doors..
Have a lovely day folks!


- Monday is my lazy sunday. I'm have move night with mum, been baking and having a good veg lunch. It's soon time for a coffee and then get ready for a workout. But that's all. Then I'll check out from the cyber world and have some me-time with a book and tea.
Autumn life to 100%


 - Oh, this is perfection. Dying a bit from this. Just look at the photos above..! Woah..
Anyway, it's a new week and it started with gray clouds and rain. Yey... I guess that means movie, tea, baking, coffee and good music before my workout this afternoon. Not much planned.
My mondays are the "normal ones" sunday. And yesterday I had such a good day.
Took a 7km walk with my friend Petra. Then we went home for tea and chocolate cake to my place and had some girl talk for hours. During the evening I went climbing with Benjamin for a while until we gave up and went home to my brother and chilled.
Hope you all got a good end on you weekend.

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