ROAD TRIP, 2th Of June - Litchfield NP, NT.

- Me and Wictor went out in the bush to live the ''Mowgli'' life and explore.
Starting with playing with a snake in Lichfield National Park. Didn't wanna let Mr sneaky snake go..!

ROAD TRIP, 1th Of June - Darwin, NT hitchhiking/coconut day.

- Just another day in Darwin. Hitchhiking and coconut eating on the streets in the sun.

ROAD TRIP, 1th Of June - Darwin, NT / NIGHTCLIFF #3.

- My last photos from the day trip to Nightcliff with my lovely friend Wictor.

ROAD TRIP, 1th Of June - Darwin, NT / NIGHTCLIFF #2.

- 30+, eagles, sun, oicknick, nature, peace, happiness, healthy food and friends.
Good times in Darwin!

ROAD TRIP, 1th Of June - Darwin, NT / NIGHTCLIFF.

- Hanging with the boys, music, sun, day trip to Nightcliff, picknick, market, smoothies. Just a normal day in the australian Texas.

ROAD TRIP, 1th Of June - Darwin, NT

- Darwin with Swedish and Brittish friends. 26-33 degrees day n' night.
Days I'll never forget.


- On and off.
Okay, now I'm back. And this time for real! I'm gonna be better at this. I was just way to busy changing some jobs, moving, working out, dating, living the yogi lifestyle, cooking, and living my life.
It's the end of september and the spring is here. If it wasn't for all the clouds that like Melbournes sky way to much, then I would be really tanned.
Has something changed since three months back? Well, I'm not drinking alcohol any more which is pretty chocking forall aussies because I'm a traveler, in my 20s, live in Australia (BIG drinking culture) working in bars ect.
BUT, I also love health, fitness, the yogi lifestyle, organic, early mornings, nutrition and buddhism. I've been doing a detox for around two months, not eating bread except for pumpernickle bread and Swedish "knäckebröd" from IKEA. No butter and heavy fats, I only buy dark chocolate, at least 70% caco, practesing yoga 2-4 times a week, boxing 2 times a week, circuit ones a week, cardio and gym in between.
I eat around 8 vegeterian meals a week and a bit of meditation. I got a great job on the beach trough a PT in a restaurant / event venue with great hours and fancy staff meals, I'm dating, watching New Girl ones a week with my other half Daniella and I live with aroud 15 people in a big white house (3 girls & the rest boys) and started practicing spanish with the south american boys every day in the house.
Talk to you later.
x Rebecka L

ROAD TRIP, 30th Of May - Darwin, NT

- After I reached the top of Queensland I took the flight to Darwin for even more crazier adventures in the Northern Territory.
My swedish friend Wictor came a few days earlier and was waiting for me in the crocodile town.
Here's the first photos from the hottest and most humid place in Australia.


- Last days in Cairns, QLD. Thanks for all C!

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