saris & local livin' - PUSHKAR, RAJASTHAN.

- I went back to the slum one day to meet my Rajasthani friends and their family for a bit. Guess if they got exited and enthusiastic when one of them came up with the idea to dress me in the family's most beautiful and fancy sari? Oh my, there was so much fuss, hands everywhere helping and dressing me. And sooo much giggling too! We had such a blast. One of the girls from the gypsy family also showed me her wedding photo. And yes, that's what you can see at the first photo. She was 3 and the boy next to her was 5. HOW CRAZY?!
The day after me and a European friend of mine I met in the desert earlier went hitchhiking to a delicious healthy breakfast places we found on TripAdvisor (a backpacker/travel guide).
And the old man on the last photo had fun talking to me in the little Hindi I'd spoken and said that he'll be happy to marry me if I ever wanted. Thank god, I've got a plan B if I end up single with no kids in my 30's! Hahaha...

cooking night in the slum and luxury in the day - PUSHKAR, RAJASTHAN.

- Sunset walks to the holi hills, cooking in the slum and chapati making during the evening and fancy places, shopping and chilling during the day with buisness folks.


- Continuing the long walk in the desert I got filled up with lovely meetings with locals, wild camel men who didn't know how to write or read, stories of the desert and discovering the desert villages and their breathtaking history.

the city of desert - JAISALMER, RAJASTHAN.

- After a long, dirty bus ride all night long me and some people I got to know on the way, finally arrived in Jaisalmer. The city of desert and safaris. A few cups of sweet masala chai, breakfast and check-in, and we were ready to explore the place.

the one and only rooftop pool - UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN.

- One day I gazed out from the rooftop of the hostel I was staying in (Zostel) in Udaipur and discovered a rooftop pool. I walked down the small lanes lear the lake to find it and there it was.
The only rooftop pool in Udaipur and with this amazing view. I could stay there for ever... Days when it was super hot and I felt like enjoy myself a bit more I went to the hotel, paid 200 rupees and could hang out there how long I wanted. There a bit of wifi too.

After hanging out with the owner I realized that this wasn't only the only hotel with rooftop pool, but also one of the places where the movie "The Marigold Hotel" was made. A american comedy about India and it's beauty. One of the inspiration to my adventure in this grand country.

dance show job - SURAT, GUJARAT.

- So I got this job opportunity in Mumbai. A agency that hires people in the show and entertinement business for shows and events. My friend Helena was one of the dancers but they needed one more so I thought, why not try something new?
We ended up doing a carneval show on a rich mans wedding inforont of houndreds of people.
And belive me, this was a crazy huge Indina wedding. It was like in a movie. Just a crazy and fun experience and a good way to earn some money while traveling.

sunrise at monkey temple - HAMPI, KARNATAKA.

- Second morning. Only me, monkeys and the magical sunrise. Oh how I fell in love with this place. So peaceful... If I could, I would start every morning like this.

rocky town - HAMPI, KARNATAKA.

- A beautiful place out in nowhere is Hampi. Me and Arya walked around for hours and hour, enjoying it all.
During two mornings I climbed up the monkey temple to see the sunrise with the company of monks and monkeys.

trekking around the tea - MUNNAR, KERALA.

- We spent two nights up in the cool hills of Munnar. Views I'll never forget...

tea garden trekking - MUNNAR, KERALA.

- After a crazy and mad bus ride up the mountains we finally reached Munnar. Stunning views, beautiful nature, lovely friends, funny locals and heaps of tea wherever you go (out of the city).

peaceful & fully alive city - FORT KOCHI, KERALA.

- Muslim neighborhood, faces filled with life, delicious thali & wandering on the streets at night.
Fort Kochi for the second time, but only as a stop-over before heading up to the green mountains and hills of tea...

faces of the arabic coastline - VARKALA CLIFF, KERALA.

- The time I spent on Varkala Cliff while working there got me so many beautiful and warm hearted friends. North Indians, south Indians, international, all kind of. Home to cross paths with them again. And some of them I've already crossing paths more than ones!


Ph: 1. Contemporary art in one of the parks in Halmstad. 2. Photoshoot for JOSEA. 3. Food food food. 4. Frida and me finishing of a crazy workout at our old job. 5. A photo of me embracing the 90's hairstyle.
- Okay, you might ask why I'm first getting exited about the photos from India and then kicking up some old ones from last year.. No sweat. Sitting and getting them ready as fast as I can. Until then you just gotta live with these ones.


- Oh man... You've got no idea how much photos I'll but up soon. It's be overflowing with photos from almost the whole west India. Not too bad, huh?
& there's alot of photos from 4 months of traveling, working, exploring ect.
Talk to you soon. Stay safe!


- Do you remember these photos? A couple of months ago I was in the local newspaper in Sweden. It was a interview with me about yoga, my traveling and India.
Today I've been here in this crazy and mad country for a whole month. 
I'm learning new things everyday. Meeting absolutely amazing souls and discover sad and terrible things that are a part of most hindus everyday life. But I'm so thankful for being here in this mess.
Hope you're all well.

For more updates follow me on INSTAGRAM: Paparazzibecka


- Before & after photos at my hair.
From cutting off more than 7 cm after my long trip and detoxing it from all the sun and salt water for 2 years. What was left was healthy, natural dark brown hair.
But then I missed my sun kissed surf hair and decided to try to lighten my hair up with only natural stuff.
And if you don't have a sun (as in Sweden during autumn & winter) you gotta try other natural things.
So I mixed up lemon, honey, vinegar, conditioner and crush Vitamin C tablets. Soaked my hair with it a few times and After a while I got the sun kissed stripes back.
Oh, I cant imagine how light my hair will be when I'm in the Indian sun for a couple of months..!


- So folks. A week from now I'll be sitting on the flight from Copenhagen down to southwest of crazy India! I was planning to go to India after Australia last year, after Cambodia but I fell in love with a island and started to work there. Then I said to myself, I don't have to stress. India will be there ina a year, five, ten or 20. And it's all happening earlier then I thought. Well, I said "I will know when it's the time for me to go. And the soul will just say that when it's time IT TIME to go and I'll be ready. hopefully..!"
A year later after when I start thinking about India, it's finally time for me.
In exactlly 7 days I'm on my way to new adventures. And this time even more crazy travels than I can ever imagine.
Click on the swedish local article/ interview about me to see it maybe even Google translate it!
Talk to you lateroooo..!


- Hello folks. Hope you're all well.
I'm just hiding from the cold and winter here in my hometown. Skyping with friends from the other side of the earth, baking, drinking heaps of tea, watching movies and Girls show.
Been going well with my training last week and also with the yoga. Feeling so good from that.
The photos above are from a cozy café in Bydgoszcz, me snorkeling in Oslob, Cebu with whale sharks, doing some dancing under the water and the last one is a note I made for my apartment building. Now there's only 2-3 smiley faces left...!


 - Hello everyone. Just updating you guys with some photos from Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago. I was so lucky with the sunny weather and warm autumn day down there.
More photos are coming up. But now it's time to get ready for bed and meditation.


- A couple of weeks ago I went down to Copenhagen for two days to hang out with old travel friends and see places I haven't seen yet.
First day I spent with Alexandra, a lovely and happy soul I met on the little island I was working at in Cambodia in the beginning of this year.

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