S K Y P E - L Y K A .

- It was 7 months ago I heard her voice and finally on my birthday we had a quick Skype session. ever if the sound was awful and the webcam was way to slow, I was more than happy to here her voice and see her live again.
No matter what happens during my birthday from now on, I will still be happy cause I just got my best B-day gift.
Big sister, workout bff, part-time housemate and 100% support 24/7, superwoman. I miss you everyday and I hope to see you very soon again Lyka.

14 000 ft s k y d i v e - MEMORIES.

- Found there photos from when I and my lovely friend Daniella went sky diving from 14 000 ft outside of the hippie town Byron Bay on the east side of Australia.
I though that I was going to die literally and prepare myself mentally. But while being in the air and after all that, I have to admit that it was one of the best things I ever done in my life and I miss the feeling so much right now.

the start is always the worst.

Ph: My last work out at my old job, Virgin Active Health Club in Melbourne, Australia with beautiful and inspiring friends.
- This place was literally my second home. I spended more than 25h a week here. This was my extra part-time job and my place to reflect on things, to let go of anger or to steat and work out, jump around and have fun with friends. I got love, kindness, support and amazing energy from this place.
Now I'm back at the SATS gym in my hometown Halmstad, Sweden. And how's that from coming from one of the best and internationall health clubs in the world? Well... not too exiting but I'm going to focus only on getting back to the fitness level I was in before. Soon I will be able to do cross fit, the hardest boxing classes and all that crazy shit again. Cause this in one of my biggest passions I have and I can't even imagine a life without it.
I went through some heavy stuff, and I've been in bad and dangerous situations after leaving Melbourne and this place while traveling. And I can say with my whole heart that this has been de most hardest part. To leave friends and  this kind of places. It's just sooooo much more than a work place, a gym, it's a community.
While looking at these pictures it's making me wanna push more and do more. And I will!
It will all take time, but it's going to be worth it. And this is pushing me to do other things in life that I didn't feel any inspiration for before.
Thank you all, and you guys know who you are.
I'm sending all my love to you.

3 photos / 3 countries.

- Three group photos from three countries. Melbourne, Australina / Cebu City, The Philippines / Koh Rong, Cambodia.
I never thought I would meet so many beautiful souls. So many amazing memories and so many sad goodbyes. I pray on my knees that I will see some of you guys again. Travel friends and the most exiting ones but the hardest friendship relation to live with.

x b e s t o f M e l b o u r n e x

- Day dreaming. Studying every day, hanging out in the pool during every lunch break, eating delicious food and drinking Aussie coffee, having beautiful people around me. I'm getting closer to the end of my studying at my yoga teacher training and we'll see what the life will give me next...!

love from melbourne, AU.

- Soul sisters, workout partners, dinners, photos, spirituallity, food, adventure, organic lifestyle and all that in a beautiful mix with some love on the top. A great serving of my past life in Melbourne, AU.
When I look back on all the photo I'm realizing how much more present I was in some situations. It's amazing how people, places and life can teach you beautiful things.


- Just sharing some photos from my old job at Virgin Active Helath Club and heaps of good and healthy food from my everyday life in Melbourne.
Missing having a proper kitchen...

photos from last workout in melbs, AUSTRALIA.

- Found some old photos from my very last workout at Virgin Active in Melbourne, the day before I had to leave Australia.
Haven't done much high intence workout for the last 1.5 month and now with my injury I can't do much at all which is killing me...
I miss my body I had just 2 months ago. Hopefully I don't need to much of rehabilitation and will be back on track soon again...!

health, work, training & other memories x MELBOURNE, AU.

- It's crazy how much I miss going to the gym, working with healthy food and protein.
Even my kick boxing injury I had a year ago, haha. Well, I felt more alive than ever compare to my injury I have today that is making me stop from doing anything with my right arm...
Tonight it's time for a little run again. And tomorrow before lunch, me and a class mate will jump in to our Nikes and run to my lunch place and back with take away. Already looking forward to it!

melbs through the phone.

- Photos from some of last day in lovely Melbourne. Miss every single corner of this city.

yoga teacher assignment done! CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

Ph #1. Me doing Bakasana back in Melbourne. Ph #2. Chocolate night in Fitzroy with my big sister and workout soul mate Lyka. Missing her loads...
- Puuh! Finally done with that hugh crazy assignment. Just handed it in and I really hope it will be accepted and get good respond. Fingers crossed!

MELBOURNE MEMORIES x study update.

1# opening night for my friends new rum bar "Los Barbudos". 2# Lamp. 3# Art. 4# Art. 5-6# Restaurant lunch with friends. 7-8# Demostration. 9# Outdoor art in Abbotsford. 10# Rebels. 11# Some friends dancing on Swanston St. 12# Louie enjoying cinnamon buns at IKEA.
- Had a sweaty cuban salsa night with friends last night and today I'll spend all day studying ad CRATE CAFE and trying to finnish my huge assignment with help from some good breakfast & coffee.

MELBOURNE MEMORIES x my 20th birthday.

- Posting some photos from my 20th birthday in Melbourne last year.
Cocktails, dance & soul. This was also the last time I had a alcoholic drink. Such a long time ago. Almost a year of drinking only cleaning drinks. Feeling goooood!


1. Inspo. 2. Sunday shopping. 3. Hippie finger. 4. Jack a the tram. 5. Art. 6. Me cooking. 7. Gift from work. 8. Art. 9. Spring in Abbotsford. 10. Art. 11. Art. 12. Sunday smoothie. 13-14. Pimping my lamp. 15. Me cooking. 16. Art. 17. Sunday smoothie. 18. Flower power.
- BAAAM, even more memories from Melbourne, and it's not over.
Only the beginning!

MELBOURNE MEMORIES x june/july 2013.

1. Jack at work. 2. 1000£ Bend. 3. Lentil as Anything. 4. Me working @ The Rum Diary. 5. Staff food at work. 6. Chai tea. 7. Free coffee in Fitzroy. 8. Shopping at IKEA. 9. Obama in real life. 10. My shoes. 11. x 12. Me cooking. 13. Live music at Lentil. 14. Me cooking. 15. Me cooking. 16. Protein shake after workout. 17. Cooking with Sarah. 18. My fingers... 19. Babyshambles cancelled! 20. Food as NAKED FOR SATAN.

- Organizing with my photos on my phone and thought that I would share some pictures from last year in Melbourne. Miss living there so much...

some of the best places in the world, AUSTRALIA.

- This place. One of the BEST places I've seen during my (almost) 21 years. You'll find this paradise on the east coast in Australia. 

Oh, I've got no more to say. Great times at the worlds biggest sand island, Fraser Island.
LOADS of LOVE to this place.
Enough with all that. I have less than 8h left in Thailand and I'm just killing time in Phuket right now. But tonight is the night. I'm jumping on a plane to a whole new country! 
I'll tell you more later... ;)

insta oldies x AUSSIE MEMORIES.

• Coco drink after my workout. • Beautiful friends on my 20th birthday. • Me and the boys having some cocktails at my old job, The Rum Diary. This was also last time I was drinking alcohol. (June 2013) • My bff Daniella surprised me with a cozy picknick in Docklands. • Just one of those selfies. • Dancing to soul at Cherry Bar on my B-day with my other half. •
- Jag testar att blogga från mobilen med blogg.se's Android app och passar på att dela med mig av några Instagrambilder från när jag bodde i Australien.
xx Rebecka Latoś


- Hej Rebecka ! Du verkar leva ett mycket spännande och roligt liv i Australien och nu är det så att jag är väldigt sugen på att flytta dit några månader . Jag undrar lite hur ni gjorde med era visum , vad ni har för visum? Hur länge ni får stanna ? Och hur ni kan få jobb ? Eftersom jag kommer vara tvungen att jobba där om jag flyttar dit , så är jag nyfiken på om det är möjligt ! :)
- Hej, förlåt för oerhört svar. Jag levde ett fantastiskt spännande och lärorikt liv i Australien i 13 månader. Jag och min vän D åkte tid i november 2012 efter att ha fått våra 1åriga Working Holiday visum. Med de får man vara anställd på ett ställe upp till 6 månader. Därefter måste du byta jobb eller börja resa. Jobb är lättast att få genom hospitality. Du kan söka på internet eller bara gå runt med ditt CV från ställe till ställe. Det funkade bäst för mig och alla jag känner som gjort samma. Då får managern chans att träffa dig, ta en drink/kaffe med dig och have a chat. Första intrycket är viktigt!
Hoppas svaret fortfarande gav dig något nytta!

last photos from melbs/aus x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

Ph: big sister, super woman and workout partner in crime, Lyka. Love and miss you soo much..! // Sara & Jackson (part of my aussie family) came to Southern Cross to say goodbye to me before I jumped on the Air Bus. Don't ask why I look so short on the photos, haha! // DENPARAS, Bali was my first destination on this long trip.
- Here's the very last photos from Melbourne and Australia. Over a year of amazing people, places and adventures through life.
Thank you to everyone. Heaps of peace, love and luck in the future and hopefully I'll see you soon again.


chais ans good byes x MELBOURNE MEMORIES.

- A last chai in Melbourne was an 1000 £ Bend with working mate James from the gym. After that, a catch-up with my big brother Eric.
Peace & love to all of you.
Soon I'll start putting up my travel photos I've been taking here in South East Asia. But now it's bed time. A long day is waiting for me tomorrow and a temporary good bye to crazy busy Bangkok.

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