a everyday life x a new journey in life.

- Waking up early, work, lifting weights, walking in th forest with my workout/yogi friend, reading books, power napping, drinking coffee, practicing yoga, breathing, thinking, focusing, studying for the driver licence & ayurveda.
That's how my life been looking like this week. But I'm giving myself time to do things I've been longing for and that is good for (part time) my soul and future. Everyday I'm going one step closer to that.
This is a new journey in my life right now.

S U P surprise for my brother.

- Even if it was a bit windy me and my brother manage to go out on the ocean and be a part of the nature connected with the water & the wind.
A great surprise for my brother on his 12th birthday when he first heard about SUP (Stand Up Paddle) and the same day he's about to try it too.
I'm so proud of him for he's will, power and energy. Good and hard jobb with wind and balance. But oh what a pretty view of this connection I got.


- Good morning world. How you feeling today? Just woken up maybe?
Well, I've been up since 04:50am and started work at 06am. Woho, party time! or not.
Same story yesterday. I was so tired I fell asleep for 45min och the wooden floor on the balcony after work.
But still I manage to drag myself up and away to the gym for a boxing session.
I actually got more energy from it cause it's such a amazing feeling and it's so go teamwork there.
But today I'll focus on legs and yoga.

lil bro's 12th b i r t h d a y morning.

- Here's a few photos from my brother's 12th birthday. I missed his 10th & 11th birthday while I was traveling and promised him that I'll be there for his next one and that we'll to something fun together.
So I woke him up with he's favourite breakfast on the bed while singing Happy Birthday on swedish, polish and english. I was just about to take it in spanish but it would just be too much then, haha...
He got some presents from me and mum and a card with clues to a treasure hunt I made for him.
I'll show you tomorrow what the treasure was in the end...!
We had so much fun. :)

work hard, train hard, push, reach & just do it.

- It's time to work. I've been opening up the gym today in the city. I'll try to catch up with someone today, but all my focus lately is going to training, working & getting my driver license. Then if I have time, I'll do other things.
But I want to give myself more time for yoga and meditation. Get ready for teaching in less than two months and to grow more inside my gypsy-yogi heart and in to the soul.
I miss my day-to-day life. Adventuring and exploring life. But I'll just do it in a different way. And I'm learning every day. Itäs just another sort of journey...
And it's the kind of journey I need right now.
Over & out!

The Hardest Part Of Traveling No One Talks About.

-You see the world, try new things, meet new people, fall in love, visit amazing places, learn about other cultures – then it’s all over. People always talk about leaving, but what about coming home?

We talk about the hard parts while we’re away – finding jobs, making real friends, staying safe, learning social norms, misreading people you think you can trust – but these are all parts you get through. All of these lows are erased by the complete highs you experience. The goodbyes are difficult but you know they are coming, especially when you take the final step of purchasing your plane ticket home. All of these sad goodbyes are bolstered by the reunion with your family and friends you have pictured in your head since leaving in the first place.

Then you return home, have your reunions, spend your first two weeks meeting with family and friends, catch up, tell stories, reminisce, etc. You’re Hollywood for the first few weeks back and it’s all new and exciting. And then it all just…goes away. Everyone gets used to you being home, you’re not the new shiny object anymore and the questions start coming: So do you have a job yet? What’s your plan? Are you dating anyone? How does your 401k look for retirement? (Ok, a little dramatic on my part.)

But the sad part is once you’ve done your obligatory visits for being away for a year; you’re sitting in your childhood bedroom and realize nothing has changed. You’re glad everyone is happy and healthy and yes, people have gotten new jobs, boyfriends, engagements, etc., but part of you is screaming don’t you understand how much I have changed? And I don’t mean hair, weight, dress or anything else that has to do with appearance. I mean what’s going on inside of your head. The way your dreams have changed, they way you perceive people differently, the habits you’re happy you lost, the new things that are important to you. You want everyone to recognize this and you want to share and discuss it, but there’s no way to describe the way your spirit evolves when you leave everything you know behind and force yourself to use your brain in a real capacity, not on a written test in school. You know you’re thinking differently because you experience it every second of every day inside your head, but how do you communicate that to others?

You feel angry. You feel lost. You have moments where you feel like it wasn’t worth it because nothing has changed but then you feel like it’s the only thing you’ve done that is important because it changed everything. What is the solution to this side of traveling? It’s like learning a foreign language that no one around you speaks so there is no way to communicate to them how you really feel.

This is why once you’ve traveled for the first time all you want to do is leave again. They call it the travel bug, but really it’s the effort to return to a place where you are surrounded by people who speak the same language as you. Not English or Spanish or Mandarin or Portuguese, but that language where others know what it’s like to leave, change, grow, experience, learn, then go home again and feel more lost in your hometown then you did in the most foreign place you visited.

This is the hardest part about traveling, and it’s the very reason why we all run away again.
Text from HERE.

swedish healthy-sugarfree-sticky chocolate cake.

- I made this delicious healthy chocolate cake. It's a tipycall swedish cake, similar to brownie and chocolate mud cake but much more sticky!
Here's how you make it:
     2.5 tsp cocoa
     ¼ mashed avocado
     1 egg white
     1 tsp melted coconut oil
     1-2 tablespoons sweetening
     1/4 teaspoon baking soda
     1 pinch of vanilla powder
     Optional: grated coconut, chopped nuts, a little peanut butter, chopped dried fruit ..


Mix the dry ingredients separately, then stir in the wet. Bake in oven for 10-12 minutes at 175 degrees in the oven. Align the cake so that it does not become dry, you can remove it after 10 minutes and test with a swab. It may even need to be inside less than 10 minutes, it depends on size (cake thickness) and oven.
I had it for 9 min cause I love when it's really sticky!

aussi talk in the sun.

- Met up lovely Karin, a girl who been traveling and living in Australia the same time as me but on the other side of the country.
We met up in the city after not having seen each other since she left our secondary school. Long time ago!
Talking about Australia, the mentality in the places i've visited, enjoying some delicious cheese cake and salad and enjoying the hot sun.

much stuff up & around.

- Oh what a day. Woke up before 8 and went for an long power walk / hiking around a beautiful area called Galgberget with my yogi friend Suzana. We walked around for a hour in the nature and enjoying the worm morning.

After that I got to know that I messed up something with work and the hours. It's a bit crazy in my mind at the moment with all the new jobs and being on it at six different places and schedules... But it will soon be less and the same hours instead of different every week.
Now, all I will do is watch a movie, read in my driver license book, eat a healthy dinner and go to bed earlier.
Much stuff waiting tomorrow...!

6 W e e k P r o g r e s s .

- From not been working out for a while after the accident in Indonesia during my Yoga Teacher training and some traveling after that, I was i really bad shape.
And believe me, I feel much worse than I looked.
So I decided to do one of these "Before & after" photos that everyone does. And here they are!
6 weeks of working out, and eating a little bit better.
I feel much better now and I'm getting back to my normal shape...!

mellow omelette - h e a l t h y v e g e t e r i a n .

- Made this mellow & healthy omelette a while ago.
It's great how good everything goes with eggs. I didn't have much in the fridge at the moment.
So I found some spinach, boiled sweet potatoes and made a salad with avocado on the side.
Some herbs and voíla! Delicious, easy lunch / dinner.

g o o d f r i d a y .

- Hello beautiful friday.
Body Balance, breakfast at the gym, shopping with family in the city, delicious vegan lunch made by mom and some relaxation during the afternoon. That's how my day been. Tonight I'll be at the private summer party / beach BBQ working a bit and enjoying some good food, live music and nice people.

12h during a beautiful summer day...

- Work work work. If everything goes the way I think it will then I'll en up working around 12h with 1h and then 30min break in between. Work hard so you can play hard... I guess that's what they say, huh?

It on days like this when I wish it's not over 20 degrees ans cloudy so I don't have to suffer inside working at stareing out through the windows, reaching for the sun with my eyes.

last day in poland with family - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Delicious sushi, playing in the gardens, gazing at the sun, boat trip and so much love.
A great last day in Poland with my family. Miss them already!

café & city walk in the sun - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Enjoying the summer heat in the city. Bydgoszcz, my second home.
Family, walking around the city, hanging out in the gardens, top class coffee, delicious food and organic fruits & veggies.
Now with all my new jobs I have no idea when I'll be back next time. Hopefully it's not too long until next time.

h a p p y b i r t h d a y F i f f i - 12 y/o.


I've missed out on your two last birthdays when I was traveling but as I promised when we were talking in the phone while I lived in Australia. I said that I'll be there with you when you turn 12 and today is the day.
A few surprises are waiting for you...!
Love you heaps,
xxxxxxx Your big sister,

the magical sifon coffee - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- So I went back to this amazing little hipster café in the heart på Bydgoszcz to try some new world class coffee when the yoga was cancelled. So this my friends is a coffee a lá Sifon. Similar taste to tea and much higher caffeine!
And the way of making it... oh so interesting. The most beautiful way of making a cup of coffee I ever seen in my life so far.

C o f f e e T i m e .

- Oh coffee how I love you...
It's crazy how I rather sit and drink coffee, read about coffee, watch coffee movies than go out and party. And for you guy who didn't know, I have a tattoo of 3 coffee beans om my arm that I made when I lived in the coffee capital, Melbourne last year!

my yogi family - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Some family photos from grandpa's beautiful garden. Haha, I love hos stressed out me and mum are looking cause of trying to figure out a yoga pose and jump straight in to it before the end of the timer.
but the way, my brother is back home and I'm going to squeez him with the biggest hug. It's his birthday soom and I'm pretty exited about it because I've missed out on his two last ones cause of traveling.

polish lunch at grandma's - BYSGOSZCZ, PL.

- Posting some photos from having a delicious big lunch at grandma's place with family.
Oh how she loves to feed me. And it's way too much. But I guess that's a grandma thing..?

meeting our family puppy - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- We got a new family member! My uncle bought a little puppy and it's so gorgeous and playful. It's gonna be even more fun to go and visit them now.
I always wanted to have a dog all my life, but it's just not working with the traveling life.

coffee & boys.

- Good morning world! Can a sunday start better than this?
Good coffee and alot of good looking boys? Nah, that's what I thought! Or well, th sun is shining so that's pretty good. But even if it was raining coffee and lovely people will always make any day a good day.
Time to ride my bike to work, serve some coffees, drink some coffee's, watching the ocean and chat to some people. That's how my morning will look like. Not too bad, huh?
Have a great day everyone!
Peace & love,

organic soul, organic love - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Something that newer can go wrong, It's all the natural things like organic.
Some of the fruit gold that you can see on the photos is from my (grandpa's) garden in Bydgoszcz and the rest from the little organic farm shop / stall on 50m from our house. Local is the best!

And you can't even imagine how much of this went straight down my yummy!
Oh, I'm so jealous that mom and my brother are going back soon again and will eat all this every day!

this is my second hometown - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- This is Bydgoszcz. My second home, a big city (a bit bigger than Gothenburg) in the middle on Poland were my mum was born and this is the place most of my family lives in.
I'm already missing it..!

summer evening, it's happening again!

PH: by Nicklas Eliasson.
- Hey loved ones!
Here's some photos from last week's "FredagsMys". A cozy and fun private summer party with BBQ, live music, friends, nature, beach and dance.
I was working a couple of hours with the guys from FikaPojkarna Production at this event and we're at it tonight again!
Looking forward to a beautiful evening with heaps of good music, crazy dancing, happy faces and summer feelings.

garden dinner with cousin - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Having a big delicious salad in a big beautiful garden a bit outside the big city in the summer evening heat is something you can't never get enough of.
Especially with my lovely cousin Kamila that I haven't seen in such a long time.

amazing coffee, strolling around & vintage - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- I went to the famous coffee shop / yoga studio / hipster café in Bydgoszcz to meet up with one of my cousins for a amazing cup of AeroPress coffee.
After that he showed me some new cool places in the neighborhood that I haven't seen before. Coffee, vintage, sun, walks and talks about our love for traveling.

local & organic - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- I Poland at my grandpa's house there a big beautiful garden with some berries and veggies. All fresh and yummy. And if it isn't enough there's a couple of organic farm shops just on the side of the street. And what can you get from there? THIS?
Oh so delicious and healthy. Best part... no weird toxic stuff like in all super markets, all organic!
In the same time you support local farmers.

easy-fast-&-healthy s n a c k s .

- One of my easy-fast-&-healthy snacks I usually do after a workout when I'mm not too hungry, and actually.. I'll do them any time! It's peanut butter, cinnamon and sunflower seeds on crispbread.
Fast, healthy and delicious!
 Also full of protein. ;)

last day in sunflower land - NESSEBAR, BULGARIA.

- Hello folks, just wanted to share the last photos from the land of sunflowers, Bulgaria. I'm happy I went for this impulsive trip and explored a new country I never had had in my thoughts.
Thanks to my family too for a few of the days I spent with them on the coast.

my new job at A c t i c H e a l t h C l u b .

- Okay ladies and gentlemen. I'm about to tell you guys about my new job.

I got the honor, after three interviews and a meeting, to get a job att Actic Health Club in Halmstad!
They have 3 locations and I will be working in all of them, but mainly in the biggest i the city. They got the biggest workout area, most fitness group classes in Halland and swimming pool. There's also over 100 Actic health clubs in Sweden and they work with 3-4 other countries.

In the beginning I start in the reception, they will later on send me away to another place to educate and train me for some new classes and I will also start teaching yoga! WOOHOO! You'll find me working in the gym & weight area too.
So exited for this new adventure and it is starting today!

pool time with my brother - SUNNY BEACH, BULGARIA.

- Oh man, this boy is growing so fast! I remember how little he was when I hugged him goodbye 1th of november 2012 on the train station in Halmstad before moving to Australia.
Now I'm back in my hometown and everytime I see him I sit quietly for a few seconds and look at this boy. My little brother, he's growing so fast and it's so interesting to be a part of his journey through life and on his way to the teenage life.
I love you so much weirdo.

inspiring women - H E A L T H .

- Inspiring beautiful women... I got a new job and I'm so excited to tell you guys about it. I will be working with some of the main things I love. People, health and fitness!

I will teach but I will also learn even more from it. Can't wait to start my new adventure in this branch...!!!!
But this is what I'll give you for now. I'll tell you more about is very soon.

hotel breakfast - SUNNY BEACH, BULGARIA.

- There's nothing as the feeling of waking up and knowing that a breakfast buffeé is waiting for you. Oh how I love brekky... And this one at the hotel that I was staying at was pretty good too.

about F r e d a g s M y s - summer event by FikaPojkarna.

- Hello world! What a beautiful day it is.
I had a amazing meeting yesterday and then a amazing night at Söderpiren working with the boys from FikaPojkarna Productions at the "Fredagsmys" event.
Hung out with lovely friends, meet a friend from Byron, Australia that I also meet when I studied in Canggu, Bali and now he came to visit here! So fun!
It was live music by Nick and he's boy, Angré Agi & Måns Petersson were the DJ's, delicious BBQ by Ponna, Sebban killing it in the bar, the happy photographer Nicklas and great host Linus.
A fantastic summer event by this big group of surfer friends and they do so much more than only surf.
Can't wait until next time!
One of the guys I work with surprised me with new coffee to the Söderpiren that he found! I'm soo exited and I can't wait to try the first espresso together with him. Hopefully if everything goes as planned we'll be selling it on monday at the café Söderpiren on the beach. So be there then and try the magic!

sunset, sunrise & yoga - NESSEBAR, BULGARIA.

- Heya, here's some photos from the sunrise between Sunny Beach & Nessebar around 05:30am one morning. How beautiful isnt it?
And the First photos above are from one evening in Nessebar Old Town with mum and my brother.
Lots of looove!

d r e a m h o m e / big things coming up / s u m m e r n i g h t.

- So this is how I wanna live. Pretty amazing isn't it? There's not a single wrong think about the photos above. Just perfection.

Any way, one of my (so far) most important meeting is coming up now. Like RIGHT NOW actually. This can change a big part of my life. Maybe, We'll see how it goes. It's meeting nr 3 with the same company so I'm getting quite nervous now.

After that it's time for some summer night love. Live music, BBQ, beautiful friends and much more on the beach, at Söderpiren. "Fredagsmys" a exciting night to celebrate the summer.

in the porridge - H e a l t h y B r e k k y .

- Some of the yummy stuff I mix in to one of my 738402 different oat porridges.
Oh and by the way, the green tea isn't going in to the porridge. But I always have a cup of green love before breakfast.

rivers, nature & family - SOZOPOL, BULGARIA.

- In Sozopol me, mum, grandma & my brother went on a boat trip for some relaxation, nature and cleansing the lungs with fresh air. Such a nice break from the "city life".

sunset, old town & family - SOZOPOL, BULGARIA.

- Back on the coast again I met up with my family. We went on a coast tour and walked around the old beautiful streets of bohemian Sozopol in the hot sun.

street art, traditional food & history - SOFIA, BULGARIA.

- After leaving cozy Plovdiv, I took the bus 2h west and ended up in the capital, Sofia.
I went on a food tour, city tour, meet some locals and spent the night couch surfing. The weather during the night was crazy!! So much thunder and lightening and it was pretty loud sleeping at the top floor in the living room with the big widows.
The morning after was a bit cooler and I spent the last hour hanging out with a new traveler friend from Melbourne with some snacks and coffee at the bus station that I met during the city tour.

working out is my d r u g .

- Oh god it feels good to be back at the gym. That's the hardest part with traveling / backpacking. If I'm changing location non-stop the there's not much time for any workout. Depending on what kind of traveling I do.
I came back yesterday from Poland and I've already done over 3h of working out which includes weights, core & yoga.
It's my bum and legs time to cry out and sweat tomorrow plus some dance. Wohoww!

couch surfing, local friends & the real bulgaria - PLOVDIV, BULGARIA.

- Couch surfing is the shit! I started couch surfing during the western summer 2012 when I was traveling in Europe and since then I've been couch surfing in Australia, Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, The Philippines and now also in Bulgaria.
I love hope the host are so excited about showing me around, giving me some "inside-local" advices, making traditional food from what ever country I am in and introducing me to family and friends.

walking the oldest city in europe - PLOVDIV, BULGARIA.

 - A blogpost with heaps of photos from the beautiful old old oldest city in Europe. PLOVDIV, you're gorgeous.

adventures in the country of sunflowers - PLOVDIV, BULGARIA.

- After spending 1.5 day in Sunny Beach I decided to leave my family there and go for some adventures in the inner and central Bulgaria.
My first stop was the oldest city in Europe, Plovdiv! So much beauty...!

shopping from my second home - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Found this lovely batik bohemian dress and some awesome purple Nike shoes as fast as I arrived in Bydgoszcz.
It's great how the Nike shoes are cheaper here in Poland than back in Sweden or AU.
I already know what I'm gonna by next time I'm back here...!
There's nothing as important as really good shoes that are healthy for your foot.

strolling around - SUNNY BEACH.

- Day two on the coast. Visited Nessebar quickly but spent most of the day hanging around with a new friend from Tel Aviv, Israel.
Hours of walking, talking, coffee, anatomy & psychology conversations. Hairdresser & stylist for ex. L'oreal ect... Great guy, I'll see you again next time in Israel some day..!

the very first day - SUNNY BEACH, BUGLARIA.

- The very first part of photos from my week of traveling around Bulgaria. I flew with my family to Sunny Beach / Burgas on the coast to start with.
Here's the photos from the first day.
I hadn't changed my money to bulgarian Lewa so instead I gave the gypsy lady on the street a pencil like a exchange for taking photos of her.

on our way to the airport - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Exited family Lato's waiting outside our house for grandma to come and pick us up. Time to explore a new country... Bulgaria, here we come!

coffee & berries at grandma's - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- First day at my second home, Bydgoszcz in Poland. Here's what was waiting for us at grandma's. All fresh berries from the market and coffee. How good doesn't it look?

g r e e n & y e l l o w c o f f e e s h o p - MALMÖ.

- Before heading down to the airport in Malmö when we where about to fly to Poland, we all went to this surf / organic / eco / hippie / aussie style café called Green & Yellow Juice Bar. What a nice place! An the staff was lovely too.
Probably the coziest café I've been to in Sweden so far.


- The very last photos from my 21th birthday, midsummer and the Rosenberg Festival. Last day, smelly, dirty and tired. I was drinking only black coffee and water during the whole festival so I didn't feel as shit as some of my friends that were drinking.. haha. ;)


- Woa, I have so many talented friends. Not only when it comes to music (like the ones above) but also in so many other categories. Beautiful people...
We're soon coming to the end of the Rosenbergsfestivalen / Midsummer / my 21th birthday photo bomb.
And then I'll share some of my new travel photos!

T h e C o f f e e D r e a m .

- Hello dream machine! I want you to have a look at this babe. How amazing isn't it?
It's a controlled brewing system that functions like a modern day syphon. With four separate chambers, you’re able to create different profiles and brew four coffees at once.
Please can someone have this somewhere in a fantastic café and I'll be there in a second!


- Amazing music from Sweden and Denmark, beautiful lights, memories, old friends and a long night. Rosenbergs Festival part 4 is what you're seeing right now.
Peace out!


- Starting the new beautiful day with sharing some photos from the Rosenbergsfestivalen / Midsummer a.k.a my birthday. All in 24h. And more is soon coming my friends.
Take care..!

my inspo icon / UPDATE.

- Hi folks, I'm back from traveling around Bulgaria and I'm now staying at my familys place in Bydgoszcz, Poland for a few days until heading back to Sweden.
I explored the most of the country, met some interesting people, learned about a new culture, tried different food and saw alot of rude people. Haha...

Now I'm just gonna enjoy this beautiful city, my second home for a while.
Do some yoga, try some high quality international coffee, hang out in the gardens and chill.

healty lunch - v e g e t a r i a n .

- A delicious vegetarian lunch.
Avocado, salad, sweet potatoes, greens, soft boiled egg for the protein, green olives and some oven baked carrots. How good isn't this? And yes, mom knows how to make this! Yummy yummy in my tummy..!

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