when i was working out in T H A I L A N D .

- I decided to not feel bad about putting on weight during the last 1.5 month. I just gotta enjoy traveling and being busy with everything else right now. The studying have been taking alot of my time.
And after my injury after the robbery, I'm not able to do much working out until my soft tissue injury is getting better. At least I'm not waking up a couple of times every night anymore.
The photos above are from when I went to a gym in Koh Tao, everyday.
As soon as I'm back home, I'll be going straight to the gym!

s h e x t r a v e l t h e w o r l d .

- Found all these photos on my phone.
The pictures are from when I was working on a small paradise island in Cambodia, stayed in a cool korean hostel in south Thailand, living on a island in the Philippines on the coast where only locals were living and a few boat & bus trips.

x t r a v e l t h r o u g h t m y i n s t a x

- A few selfies from different corners around southeast Asia.
Thailand, The Philippines & Cambodia.

t h a i b o d i a .

- Healthy, music, island life, dogs, friends, nigths, mornings, beach and all that. ENJOY FOLKS.

thai / laos / camb / phili .

- So busy living the life in Canggu, Bali so I don't really have time writing much here right now.

x i n s t a A s i a x

- Heaps of break, good music, coffee and company.

hippie hostel x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- So, here's photos from my last day in Koh Lanta. Lived in the coolest hippie hostel ever. Kind of like a loft in the trees.
After Koh Lanta, I took the boat to Phuket, met a lovely girl from Sweden at my amazing korean hostel, enjoyed the sun, jogging, some workout and a lot of street food. Then it was time to say bye to Thailand and tak the flight to a new destination...!

the local way x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- Me and a south american friend were practising my spanish and his english all night. Then we went to his HomeStay and got some amazing thai dinner for free. Lovely night without any electricity.

baby & tattoo daddy x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

 - Was hanging out with these to guys. Don't you just wanna eat up this little boy?

neon night x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- Night photo from my last night in Lanta. Dirty, gross but in the same time beautiful.

acoustic night x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- A chill night with live music in the most hippiest area on the island. Good shit.


- Me and Jonas took his scooter and went for a little trip to the other side on the island. Ended up in the Old Town which was completely dead. A fruit break later and we were on the road again!

on the road x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- Went for a scooter ride for a couple of hours with my ex co-worker Jonas. Great catching up with friends in different places all the time.

not a toy x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- Found this cool café in one of the small streets of Koh Lanta City. Met a swedish middle-age guy, really nice who fell in love with the café in the same second as me and we had some cake and coffee while sharing life stories.

vintage al lá thai x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

 - My first night in Koh Lanta: decided to stroll around the night market and buy something nice for myself.

street food x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- The most typical street food you can find in Thailand looks kind of like this.

bye bye tao x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- Last day in Koh Tao before going to Koh Lanta. Thanks to all the new friends for the time at this little island.
See you soon again somewhere in the world.

fire dancing on the beach x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- Last night on Koh Tao for me. You can't never get enough of fire dancing. So we went back to watch some more after our dinner. What a good show it was!

morning tao x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- One morning Todd come knocking on my door and woke me up for breakfast. We took a walk up for the hills to the Fitness Cafe just behind the gym I was going to and had an amazing breakfast. So good, healthy and all the super food were available. Healthy food, happy tummy, happy Rebecka!

& they dances in the art of fire x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- I got to know that my friend Todd from Colorado was in Koh Tao, so I went up and surprised him from his sleep and managed to take a photo from the first second he opened the door. What a lovely and newly awaken smile he gave me!
Then I took him for dinner with my other friends in the town. Toma from Finland showed off his amazing art during the dinner and WOW, what a talent!
We ended the evening with watching a fire dancing show on the beach.
Oh, I just reminded myself about when I tried fire dancing first time with my friends Daniella and Kylor back in Melbourne. Such a funny night! Miss them heaps..

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