busy with drive licence & work.

- Hi planet people. I'm sorry for being slow at the blog but I've just been so busy with my drive licence school and work at the moment. I've haven't even had time for enjoying myself a bit, hanging out with friends och enough working out... Hopefully I'll pass the tests soon and I'll be back here as usual.

villages & babas - PUSHKAR, RAJASTHAN.

- My new local friends from the slum showed me the place where the famous "Alu baba" lived and I had the chance to meet him over a cup of sweet chai. Later during the afternoon a friend from the village took me and my friend to his village friends and their home and garden to teach me about the life of living out in the nature with no wifi, electricity and with beautiful organic growing vegetables.

saris & local livin' - PUSHKAR, RAJASTHAN.

- I went back to the slum one day to meet my Rajasthani friends and their family for a bit. Guess if they got exited and enthusiastic when one of them came up with the idea to dress me in the family's most beautiful and fancy sari? Oh my, there was so much fuss, hands everywhere helping and dressing me. And sooo much giggling too! We had such a blast. One of the girls from the gypsy family also showed me her wedding photo. And yes, that's what you can see at the first photo. She was 3 and the boy next to her was 5. HOW CRAZY?!
The day after me and a European friend of mine I met in the desert earlier went hitchhiking to a delicious healthy breakfast places we found on TripAdvisor (a backpacker/travel guide).
And the old man on the last photo had fun talking to me in the little Hindi I'd spoken and said that he'll be happy to marry me if I ever wanted. Thank god, I've got a plan B if I end up single with no kids in my 30's! Hahaha...

cooking night in the slum and luxury in the day - PUSHKAR, RAJASTHAN.

- Sunset walks to the holi hills, cooking in the slum and chapati making during the evening and fancy places, shopping and chilling during the day with buisness folks.

living with the locals - JAISALMER, RAJASTHAN.

- The day came when I left the desert, the beautiful camels and lovely Jaisalmer. The night bus took me east inlands to the magical little Pushkar..!


- Have you ever thought of how powerful sleep and breathing is? We underestimate is so much. We do it without thinking and as long as we can go to school, work and live our everyday-life we think it's enough. But it's not! I bet that most of you don't sleep enough. Or that you're going to bed way too late. How many times have you heard the sentence “...there will be sleeping enough in the grave....”. That's what Benjamin Franklin said.
Well Ben, I don't think you'd wanted to look like the girl on the left photo and feel as her do you? Well, I guess you don't care cause you're already in the grave...

And even if we don't look like th photo (hopefully). I still think you should have a good look at it and the text around it. And breathing? Oh man, if you get used to the yogic Pranayama (breathing technique) then most of your main problems will stop you from living a longer and healthier life.

Me myself, I sleep between 7.5h-9h a night and wake up before 9am to kickstart a new day I'm blessed with.
Don't take everything for granted folks.

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