busy with drive licence & work.

- Hi planet people. I'm sorry for being slow at the blog but I've just been so busy with my drive licence school and work at the moment. I've haven't even had time for enjoying myself a bit, hanging out with friends och enough working out... Hopefully I'll pass the tests soon and I'll be back here as usual.


- Hello folks. I'm back from one of many breaks. Enjoying traveling without a laptop (& mine is a bit broken)so I just use the phone when I need. But now I'm back in Sweden after my last adventure. Lived in Poland for 7 weeks at my family's place and did some weekend backpacking around the country as soon as I got the opportunity.
Anyway, I'm here to update you with inspiration and travel photos. So here it now starts again!
Love & light,

interior dreams.

; Gorgeous interior dreams...
- G'day folks. I'm still hanging around Poland. Heaps of time spent with family, cooking, working out, reading books, biking & taking way much cheaper drive lessons (than in Sweden).
I've been here for over three weeks and I'm still not sure exactly how long I'll be here. But I have some places and cities to explore, new travel friends and old travel friends to meet ect.


boybunsbeards - friday.

- Surprise surprise! Got some delicious eye candy for you all. Friday - good day.
Enjoy everyone. It's time for me to go out and breath in the new day here in Bydgoszcz, Poland.


- Okay, six days is enough. Time go leave again. Going to Gothenburg for a couple of hours and try to catch up with some friends there. Then off to the airport to catch the flight down to my second home, Poland.
Just got a one-way ticket so we'll see how long I'll stay there..!


- Hello, g'day & namasté my people.
Starting the day with some eye candy and inspiration photos.

I've been home in Sweden for six days since India and Doha but now I'm off again for a while. Got a flight in 24h to my second home, Poland. It's time to go see some friends, spend time with family and sort out some things. Just living my polish life for a few weeks. How long? I don't know.. Let's see what the universe will tell me.


- It's here. My last day in Sweden and the western civilization. Tomorrow it's time to jump on the train to Copenhagen and then flying down to west side of India! I'm so excited but in the same time nervous. It's actually first time I'm really nervous, ever, for traveling.


- Woah, it's getting closer. Less than two weeks until I leave Sweden again and go for new adventures. I'm so exited and the hase'nt been an hour since I booked the tickets that I didn't think about this trip.
For you guys who don't know about it yet, I will soon tell you more...


- Hey everyone. Started the day with some homemade yogi soy chai and a delicious porridge. At 11am me and Benjamin went on a crossfit trial workout nearby my home. Man, it was so much fun! Loved it and some of the parts took me back to my workout when I lived in Australia. Missed that feeling so much!

b o y t e a r s .

- Working out, drinking coffee and tea, baking, yoga clothes, movies, working, hanging out with family and friends, reading and planning. This is how my days are like lately.
Just sended away my application for indian visa and hoping to get it home as soon as possible so I can leave this cold, gray and rainy country of sadness.


- Hello people! It's Boys-buns-beards-friday! Have I made it to a thing? Haha no, I don't think so... Or maybe. Anyway. Some eye candy for all of you who love this kind of type or maybe only some inspiration.
Ben on my feet all day since 7am. Went on a workout with Frida at 8am at the gym at work, tried some raw cakes with J in the city and walked around the river and the gardens for hours.
Met up lovely Karin two hours ago for a quick catch up. My feet are so tired now so I'm just gonna relax this evening. Happy weekend everyone.


- It's friday everyone! So why not start the morning with some eye candy? Guys with buns and beards... Wait, buns AND beards? Hold on a sek. This isn't for real. Or is it? Oh man... Can it even get better? I don't think so. Too bad most of the guys & men have baby faces around here. If you fancy this kind of men then Australia is the place for you. Well, from my experience. Maybe there's another similar heaven on earth. Then let me know!
Anyway, I'm gonna stop talking about how amazingly good I think these guys are looking. Just enjoy the photos and have a great friday!


 - Oh, this is perfection. Dying a bit from this. Just look at the photos above..! Woah..
Anyway, it's a new week and it started with gray clouds and rain. Yey... I guess that means movie, tea, baking, coffee and good music before my workout this afternoon. Not much planned.
My mondays are the "normal ones" sunday. And yesterday I had such a good day.
Took a 7km walk with my friend Petra. Then we went home for tea and chocolate cake to my place and had some girl talk for hours. During the evening I went climbing with Benjamin for a while until we gave up and went home to my brother and chilled.
Hope you all got a good end on you weekend.


- Hey folks. After having a lovely time in Bydgoszcz, Poland with family, international friends, coffee crawl, reading books, listening to good music, and meeting new people, it's now time to fly back to Sweden. I'm soon all ready to go and I'm so thankful for every minute of the time I had here. Already looking forward to next time I'm down here. But that will be next year in the summertimes.
See yaa soon Sweden and H-town.


- Loving the vibe that's going on in my body right now. Getting excited about upcoming adventures. First of all, tomorrow I'm flying down to see family and friends in Poland for a few days, then to Copenhagen and after that some fun stuff will happen. but I can't tell you guys about it yet.
Gotta go back and finish packing now and make some lunch!


- Amy was a girl on the side of the road
And I picked her up and away we go,
And I'm leaving home without you I know,
And I don't give a damn quite where she goes,

Cause I'm leaving here for good you know,
And I told you that before

This time we'll try to change those things we learnt and grown to hate
About nine to five, five to nine
Simple times and the same old life and then
This time we'll re-arrange and we'll rip down all those picture frames of my life
This time we'll leave this town

Jenny was a girl at the side of the road,

I don't pick her up cause she's too damn old,
And she's staying home without you, I know,
And I don't give damn quite where she goes,
Cause I'm leaving here for good you know,
And I told you that before

This time we'll try to change those things we learnt and grown to hate
About nine to five, five to nine
Simple times and the same old life and then

This time we'll re-arrange and we'll rip down all those picture frames of my life
This time we'll leave this town

This time we'll try to change those things we learnt and grown to hate
About nine to five, five to nine
Simple times and the same old life and then
This time we'll re-arrange and we'll rip down all those picture frames of my life
This time we'll leave this town


- Life's hard, life's beautiful, life's crazy, life's interesting, life's horrible, life's healthy, life's dangerous, life's short, life's long, life's teaching, life's mad, life's open, life's unclear, life's scary, life's deep, life's good.
No one of us knows how long our life will be. How many heartbeats you'll have in this life. How many years you'll got to spend with loved ones.
Live it! It will teach you so much. And then teach the new ones in life about the world and life and make the best of it. You'll not going to go far in life with materialism, ego, negativity and selfishness.
Open up yourself and the world will open up itselfs for you.

all the places.

- Hello World. Hope life's treating you all well.
I'm in working mood almost everyday in the gym, as a yoga teacher, with functions, in café, restaurant and hotel. Yes, that's where I work. I get easily bored in one place here in Halmstad cause it's such a small town and I know Halmstad way too well.
Hopefully I don't get stuck here too long. But first I just gotta get my drive's licence that I've been pushing forward a bit... hehe.
But it is in progress right now. I'm actually sitting and reading the book (must be the most boring book in the world history) right now.
Back to reading now. Take care everyone!


- Finally some time to relax. Been sleeping 8h last night and today too.
Walked in the forrest, picking mushrooms and taking photos with mum yesterday.
Had a lovely veg / mushroom soup dinner with my yogi friend Suzana and mum and went to my old friend's housewarming party last night. Today I had a delicious Kapha porridge for brekky, tea bag foot-spa and it's now time to go and vote for a better Sweden.
These last couple of weeks been hectic. And then I mean waaaay too hectic. The weekend can't get better!
Sunday, good day!

p r o d u c t i v e d a y .

 - Hello world. What a productive day I'm having today.
I was so tired last night after my friend's muay thai training that went late last night. Slept for 8h, cleaned the apartment, changed the sheets in my bed, did laundry x3, been reading my ayurveda book in the sun, watched the last half of the movie Boyhood.
Great movie! 8 wins and almost 3h long. Recommending it!
Then I went for my very first driving lesson and I'm now preparing dinner for tonight when mom's coming back to Sweden.
A high intense workout and girls night at M's place tonight!

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