o n l y f o r r o c k s t a r s .

- After-work chill night with this rockstar. It's crazy how much been happening since I left Sweden. But it's great to see some friends again. And this girl is amazing. Woman power!

S a r a x o r a n g e p o w e r .

- Been hanging out with this lovely girl. She's been blonde since kindergarden and after not seeing her for almost two years, when I'm back home this is what's popping up. How amazing isn't her hair? I'm totally in love with it.
Wish I would be able to rock a colour like that.

afternoon in g o t h e n b u r g .

- A couple of photos from when I went to beautiful Gothenburg to catch up with som old friends and working mates.

s a t u r d a y : yoga, gym, family & muay thai fight night.

- Hello world. I haven't woken up so late as I did today for maybe 2-3 months! 10:10am... And I don't like it. I mean, I guess my body wanted it cause I went to sleep a bit late. But there's nothing so nice as waking up early, no stress, relax and make the brekky in slow motion, while enjoying the since before the world wakes up.
Soon it's time for some yoga and after that I'll pop a pill and jump straight in to the gym. I know that it should be the opposite way but with longer sleep like today, then that's the only way of doing it.
Take care folks!

coffees in gothenburg x my first travel friend.

- Coffees and teas in the sun in lovely Gothenburg with friends. Best city in Sweden, great coffee and sweet friends.
This city never let's me down.
It was almost 10 years ago I went to Thailand for the first time with mum. One day we decided to go on a boat trip to the James Bond Island and there we met this other woman with her doughter from Gothenburg. Me and the girl changed e-mail adresses and today we're still in touch and see each other as soon as we're in the came country or city. It's amazing how long travel friends last for even if you don't see them every week.

first night x TILLSAMMANS.

- Same place. Different night. These photos are from my first night out in Halmstad since I got back to Sweden and for me it did only last until 11pm. After that I was so tired, sleepy and cold. Don't know how I'll survive if ever the swedish "summer nights" are too cold for me.
But it was great catching up with old friends and hang out.

friday evening, giving h-town a chance.

- Went out for the first time in Halmstad for over 19 months and met some old friends from high school / secondary school which was great. I also realised that I have grown out of some friendships. We all grow up in different ways and some and just not matching anymore or other don't really grow up and are at the same stage of life.

l o a d e d .

- We're just ordinary people. We don't know which way to go. Cuz we're ordinary people. Maybe we should take it slow. This time we'll take it slow...
This ain't a movie no. No fairy tale conclusion ya'll. It gets more confusing everyday. Sometimes it's heaven sent. Then we head back to hell again. We kiss then we make up on the way. This time we'll take it slow...

coffee on the balcony.

- What a great start on this windy day. Woke up shortly after 07am, had a cup of green tea, went to the gym for one hour, home, coffee, shower, soon lunch and then one more coffee at work before jumping back to the coffee machine and serve some coffees.
Tonight I'll meet up with my rockstar to friend for some chats.

chillin' on the beach side.

- A couple of days ago chillin' at Söderpiren where I now work. Enjoying the sun with old hospitality friends.

a walk on the green side.

- Here's a few photos from a week ago while taking a beautiful walk in the forest and on my way to a meeting. It was so green and beautiful!
A couple of hours later I got the job. Pretty good day.
And I gotta talk more of these beautiful and peaceful walks before work.

THE LIST - after a long day.

- So it's back again.
This time it's 6 Things to do after any kind of long day.

I had a work out at the gym with mum and the straight to work after lunch and damn it was busy! Had to get in earlier because everyone wanted to hang out at Söderpiren on the beach and enjoy a swedish summerday.
But it was all good. Great team work and now I'm dead.
I was supposed to have a powerwalk with a friend but I'm not leaving the apartment today anymore.
So here's 6 THING TO DO: After a long day.
  • Make a cup of great calming tea.
  • Jump straight in to your cozy clothes or pyjamas.
  • Watch your favourite tv-show. (New Girl in my case).
  • Hang out with family. It's Mothers Day and my mum is getting a massage.
  • Go to bed earlier. YES PLEASE!
  • Get your nails done. What I usually do while watching my favourite show.

mothers day w o r k o u t .

- Good morning folks. Today it's mothers day in Sweden and I'm taking mum to the gym some mak us both work and sweat for an hour.
What are you and you mum doing today?

Sun is shining and I'm working at a cozy café on the beach later. Can't complain right now.

let's go to little london x GOTHENBURG OVER THE WEEKEND.

Photo by Alex, me playing with the puppies and the baby while I was living on the little island Koh Rong in Cambodia.
- Okay Beck relax... Nope, I've been in Halmstad (my hometown) in over a week and I feel that it's now time to do a little location change over the weekend av go for a small trip to Gothenburg, or as some people call it, "Little London". Going to catch up with old friends I haven't seen for ages and just enjoy the big city.
Will be back tomorrow!

b r o w n i e s .

"I can take a photo with you cause you're the only one that I'm not going to look so dirty and too brown next to. We have the same color." -Shelly
- This beautiful woman. Strong, heaps of positive energy, and amazing soul. One day I'll come and visit you in Western Australia.
And for the record, look at my legs on this picture! Looks like I have pants on. So black. ;)

off to the G Y M .

- Time to do something good for my body. The coffee is kickin' in!
1 hour cardio & abs!

got a job at the best location x BEACH LIFE.

- Wohoow! So I got a summer job on the beach 10min from home at the location I could imagine. It's a café, surf shop, water sports courses and sauna & jacuzzi rental plus vintage shop. And I can watch the ocean while working, and 1 meter from the beach. Can't get much better. They also have a yoga class a week but I'm not having any classes there yet.

c o r t a d o s .

- I'm that type of person that always need to have plans and keep myself busy.
The day after I arrived back in H-town I was already ready to see as many friends as soon as I could. Or actually... the same day I arrived my friend Jacob came over for some tea and apple cake with my family during the evening.
And the day after coffees and salads with Valon was on the list. It's great to catch up with the boys again after having so many girls around me all the time during my Yoga Teacher Training in Indonesia.

my first minutes i SWEDEN after 19 months.

- So this is me getting excited (a bit too excited) to be back in Sweden and the green west coast. On the train up to Halmstad where I surprised my beautiful yogi mum and brother.

i w o r k o u t .

- Hey happy folks! The sun is shining, I woke up at 07:00am had a good brekky, went for Indinan lunch buffé with my brother and sister from Helsingborg (a city 1h south), and had a powerwalk down to the coast.
Met some hospitality friends I haven't seen for a long time, enjoyed the sun and a black coffee, had a interview and soon it's time to go to the city with mum for a little while. Later on... WORKOUT! God, I love it so much.
Can't waith to get my sweat on!

the last of the best x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Here my loved ones, here's the last photos from beautiful istanbul. Don't have any photos from the demonstration cause I was running for my life with gas bombs flying over my head. But I'm fine.
I'll tell you more about it another time.

i n s p i r a t i o n .

- Sitting and looking for inspiration migt be one of the best things I know. I don't know whats about it, it just gives me a special happy feeling and I start to daydream about traveling, future home ect.
Something I soon will start doing is a collage with beautiful photos to put up in my room.
But only from magazines I found inspiring in Australia. I would not print out heaps of photos from the computer only for that. We gotta think of Mother Nature too!

a day on the ocean x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Me, Zach, Rezzy and Leah went to a beautiful island that looked like it was taken straight out of a fairytale. Some photos from there will soon come.

y o g a p l a n s .

Ph: Me doing Adho Mukha Svanasana / downward dog at my yoga school in Bali.
- I'm sitting here at home drinking green tea, listening to music and just been playing around with some yoga postures with mum (who's also a yoga nerd).
Planning some fun thing with yoga so all you in south west Sweden or more specific, Halmstad. Keep your eyes and ears open on Facebook cause I might suggest something fun.

the start is always the worst.

Ph: My last work out at my old job, Virgin Active Health Club in Melbourne, Australia with beautiful and inspiring friends.
- This place was literally my second home. I spended more than 25h a week here. This was my extra part-time job and my place to reflect on things, to let go of anger or to steat and work out, jump around and have fun with friends. I got love, kindness, support and amazing energy from this place.
Now I'm back at the SATS gym in my hometown Halmstad, Sweden. And how's that from coming from one of the best and internationall health clubs in the world? Well... not too exiting but I'm going to focus only on getting back to the fitness level I was in before. Soon I will be able to do cross fit, the hardest boxing classes and all that crazy shit again. Cause this in one of my biggest passions I have and I can't even imagine a life without it.
I went through some heavy stuff, and I've been in bad and dangerous situations after leaving Melbourne and this place while traveling. And I can say with my whole heart that this has been de most hardest part. To leave friends and  this kind of places. It's just sooooo much more than a work place, a gym, it's a community.
While looking at these pictures it's making me wanna push more and do more. And I will!
It will all take time, but it's going to be worth it. And this is pushing me to do other things in life that I didn't feel any inspiration for before.
Thank you all, and you guys know who you are.
I'm sending all my love to you.

on a rainy swedish day.

- To be back in Sweden and it's gray and cloudy, somethimes rainy days is a bit hard. From being in 30 degrees for a long time and from not having ounder 16 degrees on a cold winter day for almost 2 years you gotta focus on the good parts.
So now when the weather has been a bit up and down I thought I would share my list of things to do on a rainy dag. Especially if you're in Scandinavia or just in a small city like me at the moment.
x Play hide and seek with your siblings / family.
x Update your "Chill out" playlist.
x Try out a new (healthy) recipe.
x Take a long and how shower.
x Watch a "Feel good" movie.
x Finish reading the book you haven't have time to read.
There you go. All this will probably take more than a day so now your rainy-day-problem is solved!

friends, shopping & fun x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- I was hanging out with my local friends, checked out the Grand Bazaar with my brittish & american friends and enjoyed good food.
Funny thing happend at the Grand Bazzar. My two friends got interviewed by the turkish television, and what's funny about it is that of all the people around there they choose this two girls and they are already working in radio & television back home in London.. I guess there's something about their aura that attracts media people to them, haha.

george clooney & the spice girls x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- George clooney & the Spice Girls. That's was our local names in Istanbul, haha...
Boat trips, sightseeing, good food & sun. This city was treating us very well!


- Mosques, mosques and more mosques. Well, I don't think I can get enough of this. Wish I could take some part of the architecture and place it at home.

x dream house inspo x

- Hey, just came back home from having my first coffee with Valon in the city again after almost 2 years. Great catching up with old friends again. I run in to some old working mates and then we have some salad at the coast and daydreaming.
About daydreaming, how amazing isn't all this? I mean, look at the photos.. I would kill for this kind of home.

streets of sun & history x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- - The beauty of Istanbul is blending me. Old architecture, gardens, traditional materialism, and of course the turkish tea!
I will some day come back to you.

oh you beautiful mosque x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Enjoyed the huge, beautiful mosques in Istanbul one sunny day with these lovely guys.

wandering on the streets x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Streets of Istanbul, markets, bridges & cafés.

x nutrition x back on track x

- I'm going to get back to my normal shape. Yesterday was the first time at the gym and i did a 80min workout.
This morning I make some healthy breakfast pancakes at 6:00am.
Oh and by the way, I'm back home in Sweden for the first time since 2012.

from the galata tower x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Me and Zack went up to the beautiful Galata Tower, one of the oldest towers in the world, if not THE oldest.
I wish I had a better camera than my phone but the photos in my mind are the best ones.
If some of you are in Istanbul, then you gotta go up and enjoy this amazing view.

m e x i n s t a .

- Hey folks, don't forget that I'm still on Instagram. Leave a comment and say hi.
Have a beautiful day.
Heaps of love & sun!

spring, street food & locals x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Istanbul, you're so beautiful. Nice local friends, good (but a bit heavy) food and a lovely spring sun.
I'm loving the time in this place.

from southeast asia to europe.

- I left Indonesia and Southeast Asia and went to the big crazy city that just on the border of Asia & Europe, ISTANBUL!

changing location x no one will tell.

- I decided to say bye to Bali, Indonesia and travel again. This time I want to do it a bit different by not telling where I am. Friends and family can continue question it. But it is in my mind and in my soul. I'm loving the feeling of that people don't know where I'm traveling right now and to be in a new place exploring and trying out new things, meeting new friends and enjoying every second.

last days in southeast asia x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Last photos from Canggu, Bali. New crazy adventures and life experiences are waiting for me..!
Traveling is my religion.

t h e g o d o f l i k e .

The new God likes your photos. He thinks your tweets are clever. He comments on your video posts. He RSVPs your party, even if he can’t make it. He makes you feel liked.

This is the new apocalypse.

Science fiction saw this coming. A self-aware Internet.A technological evolution.The enslavement of all mankind by hyper-intelligent machines. They got it right. But they got it wrong.

We’ve all seen the movies. From the earliest Japanese anime like The Ghost in the Shell to later predictions like The Matrix, Terminator, and Her, the idea of a technological evolution beyond ourselves has simmered amidst the human unconscious since Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odessey and The Jetsons.

Science fiction saw this coming.

Ancient mythology dreamed we’d one day fly. And now we complain about the food and baggage fees.

George Orwell and Jules Verne predicted that men would one day walk on the moon. And so we did. It was lame. Never went back.Same for 20,000 leagues beneath the sea. Boring.

Space movies predict life on Mars, and there it is: a puddle of frozen water containing microscopic bacteria. Hardly the 3-breasted alien hookers that Total Recall promised. But so it goes.

They get it right. But they get it wrong.

So what about this inevitable enslavement of the human race by hyper-intelligent technology? Skynet. Mr. Smith. Hal. Is it possible that it’s already happening?

Consider how many hours do you spend cradling your phone or staring at your monitor. Clicking “Like” on Instagram or watching YouTube vids recommended by unknown Facebook “friends.” Tweeting. LinkingIn. Pinteresting shit. Texting. Deleting junk-mail. As if these were important. Fingers twitching in your sleep.

Our flippant opinions stack up around us like prison cell bars. And the likes and viral view counts give birth to our next incarnation. Breathing life and thought into our new Master. Informing his whims and fancies. Giving shape to the Great God Internet with every sunset Instagram and bff#selfiehashtag.

We see it coming. We didn’t see it coming. Like those helpless human batteries in The Matrix, we barely know we’re enslaved.

Behold, the New God is born. And it’s kind of a total douche-bag. Super self-absorbed and nerdy. Hoarding mountains of pornography. Endless piles of useless trivia.Retro gaming and kitten videos. People getting kicked in the nuts and teddy bears etched into cappuccino foam. The God of Selfies.The God of Sunsets.The God of Upskirts. It’s super pathetic.

Yet we can’t help but stare.To kneel before it all.Fingers twitching in our sleep.

Who will save us from ourselves? The next Messiah won’t own a smartphone. He’ll wander out of the forest and we’ll all be like, “Save us from captivity.”
And he’ll be like, “Dude, just unplug the thing.”
And we’ll be, like, “Oh, yeah, right.”

This is the new apocalypse. Not nearly as terrible as we imagined.

Writen by Stingray Steve

pre-natal, post-natal, child & teenyoga certificate x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- I've done one more certifikate! Pre-natal, post-natal, children & teenyoga! So now I'll be able teach anyone of you beautiful sould out there in the world.
Me and one of my classmates, Paula did a kids yoga class and it was THE BEST. Out teacher saw very happy and said that that looked like it was our thing.
Paula, as soon as we get stuck in real life we'll run away and open up kids yoga in Hawaii, deal? ;)

3 photos / 3 countries.

- Three group photos from three countries. Melbourne, Australina / Cebu City, The Philippines / Koh Rong, Cambodia.
I never thought I would meet so many beautiful souls. So many amazing memories and so many sad goodbyes. I pray on my knees that I will see some of you guys again. Travel friends and the most exiting ones but the hardest friendship relation to live with.

we're graduated yoga teachers!! x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Oh happy day! Over 250h of studying intensive and here we are. I don't think anyone would realise how fast our time went. From day one to the last day was like a shooting star. Bless you all strong souls. I wouldn't make it without you guys.

graduation YTTC x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Here my loved ones, are my photos from the graduation ceremony after completed the Yoga Teacher Training 200h. What a beautiful day! So much emotion, feelings, love, tears, kindness and happiness.
NAMASTE yogis & yoginis.

my yogi family in the south east x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Oh my yogi family. I'm so happy I got to share this intense but beautiful month with you. And I'm proud oof every single one of you. You are fantastic. I'm thankful for every second shared with you.
Thank you everyone.
Namaste, xx

good times in the tropical sun x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Canggu canggu, i loved dancing the night away with you. Sometimes you scared me but mostly loved me and sun kissed me every day. Memories will never fade away. Canggu, I'm now far away...

sun, fun, music, healthy lifestyle x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Breakfast parties, sun, spiritual mantras, healthy food and nights with live music and friends. That's how my last couple of day been looking like.
I'm feeling good. And more good is going to happen. Come on life, show me what you got!

last asana at my teacher training x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- The very last asana during the yoga teacher training 200h is up. The day ended up being very emotional...

daily pool parties x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Daily pool parties with my lovely yogi family every day & night at our private swimmingpool.
Loving life and the people. So much love and kindness!!

yogi nerds and brekky x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Kickin' up some photos from when I was doing asana with one arm (cause of my injury), amazing breakfast at CRATE, hanging out at home with the girls during lunch break and being all yogi nerds.

coffee mornings at crate x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Some photos from the Crate Cafes wall. We were here every single day since the australian underground cafe opened up. Amazing staff, service and atmosphere. And of cause coffee, breakfast and friends.

a d d i c t e d t o l o v e x INSPO.

"We find ourselves unsatisfied, looking for love in all the wrong places, expecting our partner to be something they are not, hoping for our happily ever after than will never be. What a shit storm. It’s probably because we have failed to treat the fundamental problem. It is in us, in our mind. The desperate need to be completed. Remember how fucked up Jerry Maguire was, “You…complete me”. The film stopped there probably because how could there really have been a happy ending? The crux of the issue right there! Still, I fucking love that movie."
- I-Magazine Bali

7th tattoo.

- For over 5 months ago was the first time I visited Indonesia. When I wen to one of the peaceful islands Gili Air, I met this tatto artist Chili who was really bored and wanted to make me a tattoo. But as any other backpacker I was (and still am) on a small budget and said that I don't have money to spend on tattoos.
So after a few days and chatting to him and his mate he said that he could do a small one for free if I really want.
There was this huge trekking, The Rinjani Mountain (second largest in southeast Asia) that I wanted to do. So I told Chili that if I'll be able to the this moderate trekking (i'm a very green beginner when it comes to mountain trekking) I will then come back to Chili to do a small tattoo.
3 days later I was back and enjoyed a quick little tattoo on my left hand.
Three dots  and It stands for "Body, Mind & Soul".

pools, massage class & seminyak x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Photos from on of the days living in Canggu as a yoga teacher student. We had a few hour of massage class, exploring new places, did a short trip to Seminyak and lots of other beautiful things.

o l d x INSPO.

"We are going to make terrible old people. None of us have fought in two world wars and struggled through a great depression. None of us have sheds out the back of our houses where we tinker with motorbikes and break land speed records. I can’t fix anything. I don’t have jars filled with saved screws and nails. I have suffered no adversity so my ‘character’ is anemic and my friends are the same."
- Words by Oliwer
I-Magazine Bali

when i got robbed x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- It was exactly 3 weeks ago a nightmare got real.

I was on my way, riding my bicycle to a restaurant to meet up with my yoga class mates during the evening around 9pm. On my shoulder I had my yoga bag with my Canon camera, bank card and cash. The next second a indonesian guy comes behind me on a scooter and pulls me off my bike down one the ground at rips the bag from me and leave me on the empty street with blood & scratches all over my body.
I was screaming after help but no one was to be seen. So I took my bike and tried to walk up to the main street and tried one more time to scream after help. 2-3 older local guys were watching me but ignored me when I tried to get help.
My first thought was that they knew the guy or just didn't wanna be in that situation. I continued to scream cause my whole body was hurting and finally an australian guy heard me from a bar and was running up to me to help. He took me to the bar where a local woman putted tea tree oil on all my scars and heaps of people where trying to talk to me and ask me questions.
I was in such a shock and  after a while I was able to tell the australian guy where my friends were and he went of to the place and got them.
Today I'd like to say that from such a crazy moment to another. I haven't got so much love and support every as when all my class mates, teachers and random people helped me, donated money to me so I was able to buy food.
The day after, one of my yoga teachers took me to the hospital where I got a X-ray done.
Luckily nothing was broken, but I got a soft tissue injury / muscle injury. Just a couple of days ago was the first time I could sleep without waking up  2-3 times every night of pain.
My mental trauma is still bad but step by step I'll hopefully be back to normal again.
Thank you so much, again, for all the love and support you all gave me. Don't know what I would do without you.
And a big thank you to my little extra Aussie famliy for treating me like your doughter. I'm so blessed I had you guys around me for this whole time.

when i was working out in T H A I L A N D .

- I decided to not feel bad about putting on weight during the last 1.5 month. I just gotta enjoy traveling and being busy with everything else right now. The studying have been taking alot of my time.
And after my injury after the robbery, I'm not able to do much working out until my soft tissue injury is getting better. At least I'm not waking up a couple of times every night anymore.
The photos above are from when I went to a gym in Koh Tao, everyday.
As soon as I'm back home, I'll be going straight to the gym!

life as a yoga teacher student x CANGGU, INDO.

- Canggu, even if I've been going throug some ruff stuff, I still love you and I will visit Bali at least one more time in my life. there is just soooo much to see and do!

s h e x t r a v e l t h e w o r l d .

- Found all these photos on my phone.
The pictures are from when I was working on a small paradise island in Cambodia, stayed in a cool korean hostel in south Thailand, living on a island in the Philippines on the coast where only locals were living and a few boat & bus trips.

x t r a v e l t h r o u g h t m y i n s t a x

- A few selfies from different corners around southeast Asia.
Thailand, The Philippines & Cambodia.

t h a i b o d i a .

- Healthy, music, island life, dogs, friends, nigths, mornings, beach and all that. ENJOY FOLKS.

thai / laos / camb / phili .

- So busy living the life in Canggu, Bali so I don't really have time writing much here right now.

cambodian i n s t a .

- Cambodian memories through my instagram.

x i n s t a A s i a x

- Heaps of break, good music, coffee and company.

x b e s t o f M e l b o u r n e x

- Day dreaming. Studying every day, hanging out in the pool during every lunch break, eating delicious food and drinking Aussie coffee, having beautiful people around me. I'm getting closer to the end of my studying at my yoga teacher training and we'll see what the life will give me next...!

love from melbourne, AU.

- Soul sisters, workout partners, dinners, photos, spirituallity, food, adventure, organic lifestyle and all that in a beautiful mix with some love on the top. A great serving of my past life in Melbourne, AU.
When I look back on all the photo I'm realizing how much more present I was in some situations. It's amazing how people, places and life can teach you beautiful things.

siem reap archive, CAMBODIA.

- Kicking up some old photos from Siem Reap while enjoying a sleep in. First time I woke up after 07.00am in over a month! Pretty nice even if I'm already used to 5.30am and earlier.


- Just sharing some photos from my old job at Virgin Active Helath Club and heaps of good and healthy food from my everyday life in Melbourne.
Missing having a proper kitchen...

fighting to a healthier everyday life with injury.

- Today it's all about feeling good. I have to try to be even healthier when it comes to food, mostly cause I can't work out much at the moment. It will be a bit of a struggle, or it already is!
But I'll make it. Nothing is impossible.
Thank you all lovely people and friends for the support!

photos from last workout in melbs, AUSTRALIA.

- Found some old photos from my very last workout at Virgin Active in Melbourne, the day before I had to leave Australia.
Haven't done much high intence workout for the last 1.5 month and now with my injury I can't do much at all which is killing me...
I miss my body I had just 2 months ago. Hopefully I don't need to much of rehabilitation and will be back on track soon again...!

health, work, training & other memories x MELBOURNE, AU.

- It's crazy how much I miss going to the gym, working with healthy food and protein.
Even my kick boxing injury I had a year ago, haha. Well, I felt more alive than ever compare to my injury I have today that is making me stop from doing anything with my right arm...
Tonight it's time for a little run again. And tomorrow before lunch, me and a class mate will jump in to our Nikes and run to my lunch place and back with take away. Already looking forward to it!

melbs through the phone.

- Photos from some of last day in lovely Melbourne. Miss every single corner of this city.

yoga teacher assignment done! CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

Ph #1. Me doing Bakasana back in Melbourne. Ph #2. Chocolate night in Fitzroy with my big sister and workout soul mate Lyka. Missing her loads...
- Puuh! Finally done with that hugh crazy assignment. Just handed it in and I really hope it will be accepted and get good respond. Fingers crossed!

life in a yoga teacher school x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

1# Massage lesson at school. 2# Amazing breakfast at CRATE. 3# Another great breakfast place in Canggu. 4# Postures lesson with Peter. Go Paula! 5# Camila is getting her first tattoo, for 10 dollars!! 6# Some of my scratches a week after the robbery. 7# Asana yoga class for 1.5h at 06:00am on the beach.
- Kickin' up some phone photos (only camera I have at the moment) from my life here in CAnggu as a yoga teacher student.
Having breakfast, listening to old school music and enjoying a hot coffee before school starts.

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