first night, dustin thomas gig x CANGGU, BALI, INDONESIA.

- Found some mingle photos fomr my first night in Canggu when me and some new friends went to Old Man's and saw amazing Dustin Thomas playing. What a good timing to arrive the same day he's in town and be a part of that amazing gig, for free. Life's good!
I got some rad photos with my camera that I wish I could share. But after getting robbed I'll never see thoes photos again...


1# Erics puppy. 2# Spring in Melbourne. 3# Burned myself. 4# x. 5# Smoothie by Louie. 6# Sunset on the east coast. 7# Yoga inspo. 8# Got to exited at the gym...
9# Louie and the cinnamon bun at IKEA. 10# I met a awful person this day... 11# Lunch at Lentils in Abbotsford. 12# inspo. 13# Yoga by me. 14# x 15# Photo from Magnetic Island on the east coast. 16# Sunset from my balcony in Melbourne. 17# x 18# Yoga inspo.
- Hey hey study day... All morning, all day, all night, study.... Yey!
This might be the biggest assignment I ever done, and in only two days!

MELBOURNE MEMORIES x study update.

1# opening night for my friends new rum bar "Los Barbudos". 2# Lamp. 3# Art. 4# Art. 5-6# Restaurant lunch with friends. 7-8# Demostration. 9# Outdoor art in Abbotsford. 10# Rebels. 11# Some friends dancing on Swanston St. 12# Louie enjoying cinnamon buns at IKEA.
- Had a sweaty cuban salsa night with friends last night and today I'll spend all day studying ad CRATE CAFE and trying to finnish my huge assignment with help from some good breakfast & coffee.

breakfast, school & 32 degrees x CANGGU, BALI, INDO.

- Good morning world. I finaly got a sleep in before school. Slept until 07:00am, and over 8h! I feel so good.
Had a really good asana class for 2h in the morning and I'm now sitting and enjoying a delicious breakfast with Mel. It's soon time to go back to class and start on our assignments! Getting nervous....!
Canggu is treating us good with sun an 32c degrees. Tomorrow is our day off from school. Wohoow!

MELBOURNE MEMORIES x my 20th birthday.

- Posting some photos from my 20th birthday in Melbourne last year.
Cocktails, dance & soul. This was also the last time I had a alcoholic drink. Such a long time ago. Almost a year of drinking only cleaning drinks. Feeling goooood!


1. Inspo. 2. Sunday shopping. 3. Hippie finger. 4. Jack a the tram. 5. Art. 6. Me cooking. 7. Gift from work. 8. Art. 9. Spring in Abbotsford. 10. Art. 11. Art. 12. Sunday smoothie. 13-14. Pimping my lamp. 15. Me cooking. 16. Art. 17. Sunday smoothie. 18. Flower power.
- BAAAM, even more memories from Melbourne, and it's not over.
Only the beginning!

MELBOURNE MEMORIES x june/july 2013.

1. Jack at work. 2. 1000£ Bend. 3. Lentil as Anything. 4. Me working @ The Rum Diary. 5. Staff food at work. 6. Chai tea. 7. Free coffee in Fitzroy. 8. Shopping at IKEA. 9. Obama in real life. 10. My shoes. 11. x 12. Me cooking. 13. Live music at Lentil. 14. Me cooking. 15. Me cooking. 16. Protein shake after workout. 17. Cooking with Sarah. 18. My fingers... 19. Babyshambles cancelled! 20. Food as NAKED FOR SATAN.

- Organizing with my photos on my phone and thought that I would share some pictures from last year in Melbourne. Miss living there so much...

thoes boat days x CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES.

 - A cloudy day on our private boat on sunday in Cebu. Good food, waves and water. Selfie-day, hahah...
Got to drive the boat on our way back, yeey! Hope my grandpa & dad are proud of me (sailing captains and boat nerds).

mix from cebu, CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES.

- Hi folks, here's some mixed photos from Cebu.
My camera with a lot of photos from last week in Philippines, Singapore and the first days in Bali are gone for ever. So I only have some mobile photos and friends photos that are not in high quality.

travel archive.

- Just found some random photos from my traveling in South east Asia that my friends tagged me on Facebook.

two different days x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Two photos from when I lived in Cambodia, working on a island called Koh Rong.
#1 after having a beautiful trekk to the other side on the island. Me and a friend enjoyed the peaceful Long Beach and the clear water.
#2 One morning when we had a huge fire, only one guy got hurt. So many heroes on this island!
I'll never forget this morning.


- Two photos just before I went swimming with whale sharks. I'll show you soon!

this is my life in indo x CANGGU, BALI, INDONESIA.

- School from 05:30am until 6:45pm with three breaks in between. Bloody long days, huh?
Intensive classes, lovely friends and tropical weather. Fancy, amazing breakfast and local street food for lunch and dinner.
Peacefull and clean home, private pool and beach walks every day.
I like my life.


- A afternoon trip with Victoria and Dinah to Kawasan falls. Had a nice and cold swim while inhaling the beautiful nature.

breakfast & blue water x MOALBOAL, CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES.

 - Moalboal, what a cute little coast town. Magical blue water, sunshine and heaps of divers.
Spended 24 beautiful hours with some friends at ths place. Sun, good food, cooking dinner ect.

a bus ride to the sun x MOALBOAL, CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES.

- Left Osmana Peak after a beautiful trek and took the bus with Dinah up to a little town on the coast called Moalboal.
Must say that this was on of the most beautiful bus trips I've been on.

quick update x CANGGU, BALI, INDONESIA.

- Hi everyone. I'm trying my best to update my blog but the wifi everywhere is so slow.
Heres a quick update from what has happen the last 1.5 week:
x I left the Philippines and my friends and went for a short trip to Singapore.
x I moved to the cozy surf spot Canggu in Bali and started my education, to become a yoga teacher.
x I live in the most clean and beautiful place with some of my yogi classmates.
x I got robed a few nights ago and lost my camera (with heaps of photos from last week in Philippines, Singapore and the first amazing night in Canggu), bank card and cash.
x I got 13 scratches and bruises, soft tissue injury and neck & lower back problems after the robbery accident.
x Spent my first day off from school at the hospital with one of my yoga teachers.
x Got so much love from my class mates, friends and teaches, ended up crying several times from all the support and love.
x Been waking up between 05:20am-07:00am every morning.
I'll tell you more about some of these thing later.


- End of our cool and a bit rainy trekking. Good workout, and even better nature. We almost got lost and the local kids tried to trick us... After that, me and Dinah went for new adventures to Moalboal.


- A rainy and cloudy but still beautiful day trekking up to Osmeña Peak in Cebu with Marcie, Dinah and Gen.
It was like a fairytale!


- Photos from when some couchsurfers from Canada and Mexico made pancakes for breakfast, Cebu City, me excited to do my lovely friend Marcies first yoga class for her Yoga Teacher Training exam. And two scary things I saw on the public bus station in Cebu city, prisoners who escaped during the typhoon.


- Had a da in this crazy shopping mall, Ayala, one day in Cebu. Don't know how many times I got lost.

update from studying in CANGGU, BALI.

- Hey folks, sorry for bad update. I'm just so busy at the moment. Moved down to Canggu in Bali and will live here while studying to become a yoga teacher through a Australian school.
We have really long days, a lot of meditation, philosophy and some asana. I live next to some of the best surf spots in the world, eating good food every day, living in a amazing place with some of my class mates and sweating a lot.
Met some friends from Aussi who lives and work here now, Melbournians with mutual friends in my class and I'm soaking in the beautiful atmosphere here in Canggu.

bye palawan and hello... x CEBU CITY, CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES.

- Leaving Palawan and it's beauty for Cebu where my friend Marcie is waiting to see me after being away from eachother for a few months.


- Before flying down to Cebu where my friend Marcie lives,we sayed one night in Puerto Princesa and I found an awesome CouchSurfing Host. Jonathan, a local who works in the military and lives in this beautiful bamboo house in the military area. Crazy atmosphere but a cool and interesting experience to be there.
This handsome 39 years old army guy looks way to good and young for his age and he's vegeterian and fit. A musician with touching life stories and a big big heart.
Best host ever!
Thank you so much for everything Jonathan. Hope to see you again some day.
And ladies, he's singel so go for it!


- Last day in El Nido was so cloudy... But I had a great run up the hills and in to the rainforest. We ended our El Nido visit with a breakfast buffet which was amazingly good.


- All kinds of corners in cozy El Nido.

time to say bye to this country x THE PHILIPPINES.

- Hey everyone. I've had 3.5 amazing weeks in the Philippines traveling around and visiting my lovely friend Marcie. Oh, what a blast! Palawan, Cebu & Bohol. I'm not done with you and there's so much more to see!
But that will be for next time. I have a flight to Singapore in a few hours and will spend 19h there.
My next flight will then take me back to Bali and I'll be moving down to Canggu for a month of studying!
I'm so excited!!
Thanks to every soul I met here in this beautiful country. And a huge MUCHAS GRACIAS to MARCIE!
For helping with everything, for letting my live in here house (my temple), for the dinner on my last night, for the massage surprise, for the good-bye-gift and all the love and positive energy.
We'll see eachother again at some point.

I'm so glad we met in Vietnam a few months ago. Your spirit is amazing and you have inspired me, like a big sister. Thanks, xx

spanish influence x EL NIDO, THE PHILIPPINES.

- After leaving beautiful Tapik Beach and all the lovely locals, we went of to El Nido City. I loved the spanish influence. What a cute little town!


- The last photos from lovely Tapik. A place for the soul, I'll never forget.


- All I want is the best for our lives my dear. And you know my wishes are sincere. What's to say, all the days I cannot bear. A Sunday smile, we wore it for a while. And at cemetery mile we paused and sang...
We burnt to the ground, left a view to admire. Buildings aside, church of white. We burnt to the ground, left a grave to admire. Hills reach for the sky, reach the church of white.
A Sunday smile, we wore it for a while. And at cemetery mile we paused and sangAbout a Sunday smile, and . we felt clean...


- One of many mornings on the beach, practising yoga to the sunrise. Where's no better way to start the morning than this.


- Love walking on the beach during low tide. Oh, this place has nothing else than happiness. Lovely locals and good atmosphere.


- So this is the place where we stayed for three nights. Reading books, yoga, beach walks, sleeping, enjoying the sun, organic fresh food, coconuts and nature. And no wifi!


- Had a peaceful lunch on the beach with Dinah, like everyday... ;)
What a great place for mindfulness.

sunrise every morning x TAPIK, PALAWAN, THE PHILIPPINES.

- First day in Tapik Beach, located northeast of Palawan. The most peaceful place I ever been to.
Me and Dinah were the only westerns on this palce nad we had a private beach. Good times? YES!

hippie hostel x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- So, here's photos from my last day in Koh Lanta. Lived in the coolest hippie hostel ever. Kind of like a loft in the trees.
After Koh Lanta, I took the boat to Phuket, met a lovely girl from Sweden at my amazing korean hostel, enjoyed the sun, jogging, some workout and a lot of street food. Then it was time to say bye to Thailand and tak the flight to a new destination...!

the local way x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- Me and a south american friend were practising my spanish and his english all night. Then we went to his HomeStay and got some amazing thai dinner for free. Lovely night without any electricity.

baby & tattoo daddy x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

 - Was hanging out with these to guys. Don't you just wanna eat up this little boy?

neon night x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- Night photo from my last night in Lanta. Dirty, gross but in the same time beautiful.

acoustic night x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- A chill night with live music in the most hippiest area on the island. Good shit.


- Me and Jonas took his scooter and went for a little trip to the other side on the island. Ended up in the Old Town which was completely dead. A fruit break later and we were on the road again!

on the road x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- Went for a scooter ride for a couple of hours with my ex co-worker Jonas. Great catching up with friends in different places all the time.

not a toy x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- Found this cool café in one of the small streets of Koh Lanta City. Met a swedish middle-age guy, really nice who fell in love with the café in the same second as me and we had some cake and coffee while sharing life stories.

vintage al lá thai x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

 - My first night in Koh Lanta: decided to stroll around the night market and buy something nice for myself.

street food x KOH LANTA, THAILAND.

- The most typical street food you can find in Thailand looks kind of like this.

bye bye tao x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- Last day in Koh Tao before going to Koh Lanta. Thanks to all the new friends for the time at this little island.
See you soon again somewhere in the world.

fire dancing on the beach x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- Last night on Koh Tao for me. You can't never get enough of fire dancing. So we went back to watch some more after our dinner. What a good show it was!

morning tao x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- One morning Todd come knocking on my door and woke me up for breakfast. We took a walk up for the hills to the Fitness Cafe just behind the gym I was going to and had an amazing breakfast. So good, healthy and all the super food were available. Healthy food, happy tummy, happy Rebecka!

& they dances in the art of fire x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- I got to know that my friend Todd from Colorado was in Koh Tao, so I went up and surprised him from his sleep and managed to take a photo from the first second he opened the door. What a lovely and newly awaken smile he gave me!
Then I took him for dinner with my other friends in the town. Toma from Finland showed off his amazing art during the dinner and WOW, what a talent!
We ended the evening with watching a fire dancing show on the beach.
Oh, I just reminded myself about when I tried fire dancing first time with my friends Daniella and Kylor back in Melbourne. Such a funny night! Miss them heaps..

evening light x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- Just another sunset. Every evening, at the same place, same time, the magic happened.
Sunrise & sunset, I love you so.

beach side x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- Away from the business, I found peace on the on the beach.

boys on the becha x KOH TAO, THAILAND.

- Took some random photo shoots of the guys while enjoying the magical sunset on the beach. Only a few meters from our bungalow.


- After a long trip from Bangkok with Natalia, we finally arrived in sunny Koh Tao and had a beautiful sunset the first evening.

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