interior dreams.

; Gorgeous interior dreams...
- G'day folks. I'm still hanging around Poland. Heaps of time spent with family, cooking, working out, reading books, biking & taking way much cheaper drive lessons (than in Sweden).
I've been here for over three weeks and I'm still not sure exactly how long I'll be here. But I have some places and cities to explore, new travel friends and old travel friends to meet ect.


cruising the backwaters - ALLEPPEY, KERALA.

- Exotic, green, alive, water, peacefulness is my cup of tea when it comes to nature. Sure I would never say no to spend time in the mountains, overlooking the with of wildness & villages. But there's something that keeps me more alive and it's this kind of nature I'm talking about.
At the ent of my four months in India, I visited the backwaters three times. Yeah, thats how good it is and it's the peak, the top of anything in south India.

street art & performance - FORT KOCHI, KERALA.

- Everything was explored by our wanderlust seeking eyes. Dance, music, food, culture, colors, emotions & pure life.
Not only this, but I also ran in to a lovely soul. One of my yoga teachers from Indonesia, an amazing girl from Japan. Oh how I love when the universe sometimes decides to let people cross the same path during different time of our lives and reconnect.

exploring the portuguese influence - FORT KOCHI, KERALA.

- Fort Kochi, old portuguese colony, art, culture, street art, delicious south Indian thali and entertainment. Some people don't like this place but for me it's on of my favourite big cities in India.

starting the adventure - CHERAI BEACH, KERALA.

- Decided to take a 3.5 weeks Mother-and-daughter-trip before my adventure. So we flew down to southwest of India, the richest state and birthplace of Ayurveda.
I wanted to introduce mum to the backpacker life and that includes trying all kind of accommodations.
Already at the first night we decided to do CS (couch surfing) and found a pretty rad place to stay at for free.
Just a bit north of Kochi was this private beach Cherai located.


- Hi there. Sharing some photos from first of advent in the town. Went there with my brother to get some christmas feeling. But I have to say that we both were so disappointed.
The only thing that was kind of good was what you can see on the photos above. The rest was just a joke.
So bad, no christmas feeling at all.
I bet I'll get even more christmas feelings in India, haha..

b i g d a y u p .

 - Hands up for big day. In 30min I will be sitting on the bus from my hometown up to another place I've never been to before, Uddevalla. And what am I doing there, you're asking..?
One of my little brothers (yeah, my siblings are spread out on the swedish west coast) is graduation from secondary school today!
It's going to be so exciting to see him again after 2 years, same with my big sister and hopefully I'll meet one of my youngest brothers (for the first time) too! And some people from my half siblings & dads side of the family.
Yeah, that's right. Told you it's going to be a BIG DAY for everyone of us.

coffee on the balcony.

- What a great start on this windy day. Woke up shortly after 07am, had a cup of green tea, went to the gym for one hour, home, coffee, shower, soon lunch and then one more coffee at work before jumping back to the coffee machine and serve some coffees.
Tonight I'll meet up with my rockstar to friend for some chats.

a walk on the green side.

- Here's a few photos from a week ago while taking a beautiful walk in the forest and on my way to a meeting. It was so green and beautiful!
A couple of hours later I got the job. Pretty good day.
And I gotta talk more of these beautiful and peaceful walks before work.

mothers day w o r k o u t .

- Good morning folks. Today it's mothers day in Sweden and I'm taking mum to the gym some mak us both work and sweat for an hour.
What are you and you mum doing today?

Sun is shining and I'm working at a cozy café on the beach later. Can't complain right now.

let's go to little london x GOTHENBURG OVER THE WEEKEND.

Photo by Alex, me playing with the puppies and the baby while I was living on the little island Koh Rong in Cambodia.
- Okay Beck relax... Nope, I've been in Halmstad (my hometown) in over a week and I feel that it's now time to do a little location change over the weekend av go for a small trip to Gothenburg, or as some people call it, "Little London". Going to catch up with old friends I haven't seen for ages and just enjoy the big city.
Will be back tomorrow!

b r o w n i e s .

"I can take a photo with you cause you're the only one that I'm not going to look so dirty and too brown next to. We have the same color." -Shelly
- This beautiful woman. Strong, heaps of positive energy, and amazing soul. One day I'll come and visit you in Western Australia.
And for the record, look at my legs on this picture! Looks like I have pants on. So black. ;)

off to the G Y M .

- Time to do something good for my body. The coffee is kickin' in!
1 hour cardio & abs!

c o r t a d o s .

- I'm that type of person that always need to have plans and keep myself busy.
The day after I arrived back in H-town I was already ready to see as many friends as soon as I could. Or actually... the same day I arrived my friend Jacob came over for some tea and apple cake with my family during the evening.
And the day after coffees and salads with Valon was on the list. It's great to catch up with the boys again after having so many girls around me all the time during my Yoga Teacher Training in Indonesia.

my first minutes i SWEDEN after 19 months.

- So this is me getting excited (a bit too excited) to be back in Sweden and the green west coast. On the train up to Halmstad where I surprised my beautiful yogi mum and brother.

i w o r k o u t .

- Hey happy folks! The sun is shining, I woke up at 07:00am had a good brekky, went for Indinan lunch buffé with my brother and sister from Helsingborg (a city 1h south), and had a powerwalk down to the coast.
Met some hospitality friends I haven't seen for a long time, enjoyed the sun and a black coffee, had a interview and soon it's time to go to the city with mum for a little while. Later on... WORKOUT! God, I love it so much.
Can't waith to get my sweat on!

the start is always the worst.

Ph: My last work out at my old job, Virgin Active Health Club in Melbourne, Australia with beautiful and inspiring friends.
- This place was literally my second home. I spended more than 25h a week here. This was my extra part-time job and my place to reflect on things, to let go of anger or to steat and work out, jump around and have fun with friends. I got love, kindness, support and amazing energy from this place.
Now I'm back at the SATS gym in my hometown Halmstad, Sweden. And how's that from coming from one of the best and internationall health clubs in the world? Well... not too exiting but I'm going to focus only on getting back to the fitness level I was in before. Soon I will be able to do cross fit, the hardest boxing classes and all that crazy shit again. Cause this in one of my biggest passions I have and I can't even imagine a life without it.
I went through some heavy stuff, and I've been in bad and dangerous situations after leaving Melbourne and this place while traveling. And I can say with my whole heart that this has been de most hardest part. To leave friends and  this kind of places. It's just sooooo much more than a work place, a gym, it's a community.
While looking at these pictures it's making me wanna push more and do more. And I will!
It will all take time, but it's going to be worth it. And this is pushing me to do other things in life that I didn't feel any inspiration for before.
Thank you all, and you guys know who you are.
I'm sending all my love to you.

on a rainy swedish day.

- To be back in Sweden and it's gray and cloudy, somethimes rainy days is a bit hard. From being in 30 degrees for a long time and from not having ounder 16 degrees on a cold winter day for almost 2 years you gotta focus on the good parts.
So now when the weather has been a bit up and down I thought I would share my list of things to do on a rainy dag. Especially if you're in Scandinavia or just in a small city like me at the moment.
x Play hide and seek with your siblings / family.
x Update your "Chill out" playlist.
x Try out a new (healthy) recipe.
x Take a long and how shower.
x Watch a "Feel good" movie.
x Finish reading the book you haven't have time to read.
There you go. All this will probably take more than a day so now your rainy-day-problem is solved!

x dream house inspo x

- Hey, just came back home from having my first coffee with Valon in the city again after almost 2 years. Great catching up with old friends again. I run in to some old working mates and then we have some salad at the coast and daydreaming.
About daydreaming, how amazing isn't all this? I mean, look at the photos.. I would kill for this kind of home.

x nutrition x back on track x

- I'm going to get back to my normal shape. Yesterday was the first time at the gym and i did a 80min workout.
This morning I make some healthy breakfast pancakes at 6:00am.
Oh and by the way, I'm back home in Sweden for the first time since 2012.

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