let's go to little london x GOTHENBURG OVER THE WEEKEND.

Photo by Alex, me playing with the puppies and the baby while I was living on the little island Koh Rong in Cambodia.
- Okay Beck relax... Nope, I've been in Halmstad (my hometown) in over a week and I feel that it's now time to do a little location change over the weekend av go for a small trip to Gothenburg, or as some people call it, "Little London". Going to catch up with old friends I haven't seen for ages and just enjoy the big city.
Will be back tomorrow!

3 photos / 3 countries.

- Three group photos from three countries. Melbourne, Australina / Cebu City, The Philippines / Koh Rong, Cambodia.
I never thought I would meet so many beautiful souls. So many amazing memories and so many sad goodbyes. I pray on my knees that I will see some of you guys again. Travel friends and the most exiting ones but the hardest friendship relation to live with.

s h e x t r a v e l t h e w o r l d .

- Found all these photos on my phone.
The pictures are from when I was working on a small paradise island in Cambodia, stayed in a cool korean hostel in south Thailand, living on a island in the Philippines on the coast where only locals were living and a few boat & bus trips.

x t r a v e l t h r o u g h t m y i n s t a x

- A few selfies from different corners around southeast Asia.
Thailand, The Philippines & Cambodia.

t h a i b o d i a .

- Healthy, music, island life, dogs, friends, nigths, mornings, beach and all that. ENJOY FOLKS.

thai / laos / camb / phili .

- So busy living the life in Canggu, Bali so I don't really have time writing much here right now.

cambodian i n s t a .

- Cambodian memories through my instagram.

x i n s t a A s i a x

- Heaps of break, good music, coffee and company.

siem reap archive, CAMBODIA.

- Kicking up some old photos from Siem Reap while enjoying a sleep in. First time I woke up after 07.00am in over a month! Pretty nice even if I'm already used to 5.30am and earlier.

two different days x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Two photos from when I lived in Cambodia, working on a island called Koh Rong.
#1 after having a beautiful trekk to the other side on the island. Me and a friend enjoyed the peaceful Long Beach and the clear water.
#2 One morning when we had a huge fire, only one guy got hurt. So many heroes on this island!
I'll never forget this morning.

good bye cambodia x SIHANOUKVILLE, CAMBODIA.

- The 27th of march was the last day for me in Cambodia. What a nice place. But the world's big and life's short. New things and places needs to be discovered!
Loving life!

the last hour on my island x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Here my firends, the very last photos from when I lived on the beautiful cambodian island Koh Rong.
Running around hugging and kissing everyone good bye. Hope to see you all soon againg somewhere in this great world.
Lots of love to you!

co-workers for the last time x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- The day before my and Dinahs last day at Koh Rong. Hanging out with co-workers and enjoying every hour for saying bye.

bye island boys x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA. // update from CEBU.

PH: Lovely Hilary enjoying the sun before work. // Saying bye to the guys at Island Boys in Koh Rong before leaving the island i lived and worked at for 1.5 months.
- Hi, I'm alive. Enjoying the Philippines with Dinah. We've been hanging out in beautiful Palawan, having our own beach, eating street food, working out, and couch surfed. 
Yesterday we arrived in Cebu and went straight to my lovely american yoga friend Marcie. Me and Marcie had almost a whole week in cozy Hoi An in Vietnam a while ago. So happy to be here, visiting her, doing some yoga in the evening, salsa in the night and running in the morning. How good isnt that?
And soon we're going on some adventures outh in the nature for a few days.

last morning shift at bamboo x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- The very last day at Bamboo Bungalows... I had the breakfast shift and loved it. Didn't have to do much at all, as you can se on the photos... Hahah. Just chilling in the bar, making some coffees, chatting to friends and playing with my phone.
"No worries, It's all good." and I continued just being lazy and happy.
Thanks guys for a wonderful 1.5 month on the paradise island Koh Rong in Cambodia.

long beach w. callum x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Hi loved ones. My one and only love (my laptop) is sick. Really sick. So sick that I can't even do a system reset and clear the shit. Or maybe that's possible. But in that way I know, it's not working.
Gotta find a good computer nerd, hopefully a swedish one (my laptop is in swedish..) that can help me fix it. Or in worst case, just go to a electronic/computer shop and let the asians play with it.

Anyway, the beautiful photos above are from when I was trekking one last time to lovely Long Beach on Koh Rong. This time I had from Cal, one of these lovely boys who works on the island.

goodbyes on the island x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- A few shots from when I had to say bye to some beautiful and bright friends. I'm so happy that I'll see you guys again in the summer!


- Just some random photos I took one night in my staff dorm where me and my co-worker were living while working in the paradise.

4k with the internationals x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- A day at 4k beach with my polish girls and british/canadian boys.

pi & palms x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Days under the palm trees in the shade. Stillness and peaceful. Traveling is wonderful!

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