free from work - SURAT, GUJARAT.

- Last part from one crazy work weekend in Surat, Gujarat with my british girl Helena before heading back to Mumbai.
Oh what a amazing experience. Thank you to every single person who shared some fun moments with me during these days.

carneval show at indian wedding - SURAT, GUJARAT.

- Part two from my show job I did in Surat, Gujarat for two days with some lovely people.
It was a MAD and fun place to be at. Didn't plan to be in that kind of situation while traveling in India.

dance show job - SURAT, GUJARAT.

- So I got this job opportunity in Mumbai. A agency that hires people in the show and entertinement business for shows and events. My friend Helena was one of the dancers but they needed one more so I thought, why not try something new?
We ended up doing a carneval show on a rich mans wedding inforont of houndreds of people.
And belive me, this was a crazy huge Indina wedding. It was like in a movie. Just a crazy and fun experience and a good way to earn some money while traveling.

orphanage yoga, palace & night train - MYSORE, KARNATAKA.

- I had the most amazing private ashtanga yoga class, kids yoga and just a great time in general in Mysore. When it was time for new adventures I took my new indian friend Arya with me on the night train to Hampi. Before bedtime a indian family shared their dinner with me.
Nandi & namasté to all you beautiful people! Except the old man who was grabbing my but at the market..! But don't worry. I gave him a lesson... ;)

cs, orphanages & yoga - MYSORE, KARNATAKA.

- After the tea gardens in Kerala, me and my friend went different directions.
I wanted to spend more time deeper in to the indian culture and yoga. So I ended up taking a night bus to the ashtanga capital, Mysore in Karnataka.
As I arrived I had organized a couchsurfing place at some french students apartment. And just a few minutes later I already got opportunity to teach kids yoga in a couple of orphanages in Mysore! One for girls and one for boys. What a amazing time we all had!

yoga in the morning & jam session at night - VARKALA, KERALA.

- Happyland was the first place I went for yoga at in India, the first place I got a job and started teaching yoga in India. It was also the place I met new friends, played drums in the night, gazing at the ocean before and after morning meditation, looking up at the sky filled with stars lighting up my gypsy eyes and making life long memories.


Ph: 1. Contemporary art in one of the parks in Halmstad. 2. Photoshoot for JOSEA. 3. Food food food. 4. Frida and me finishing of a crazy workout at our old job. 5. A photo of me embracing the 90's hairstyle.
- Okay, you might ask why I'm first getting exited about the photos from India and then kicking up some old ones from last year.. No sweat. Sitting and getting them ready as fast as I can. Until then you just gotta live with these ones.


PH: Me & my lovely brother, hanging out in Bulgaria last year. / Me & my amazing friend Petra dancing Afro at work. / A sneak peak from the photoshooting with my friend Josefines organic brand JOSEA.
- Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for no update at the blog at all since I left Sweden. I was planning on bringing my laptop with me but it is in such a bad condition so I left it behind me. I have to admit tha it's really nice to not have to worry about the laptop for a while. 

If you wanna stqy connected to me and follow my adventure in India then you should follow me on Instagram.
INSTAGRAM: Paparazzibecka
I'm putting up a few photos a day from different places with beautiful people from all over the world.


- Sitting and planning some new things for my upcoming yoga classes here in Halmstad. I'll be focusing on one of our seven chakras, the heart chakra. So feel free to come and join me for one hour of hatha yoga.
Had a 45 min circuit workout, 45 min power walk outside in the windy and cold weather and a delicious lunch with family. Now it's time for The Mindy Project with mum and a big cup of yogi chai tea.
Happy saturday everyone.


- Good morning Europe and good afternoon pacific and ect...
Starting the day with three photos from last month, ish. The last photo is on of the studio where I have my yoga classes in.

Today is a pretty busy day. Working until 2pm, taking the bus back to the city and home to my lovely friend Petra for some sweets, tea and chats and in the evening gym and yoga class. Gotta stay away from home when the building men are making noise while changing doors..
Have a lovely day folks!


PH 1: My cock-mate and me getting ready for work. 2: Norre Katts Park. 3: Cozy days with tea. 4: Norre katts Park. 5: Indian cooking night with M & S at my place. 6: Waiting on the bus. 7: Natural b&w. 8: Free roses for the family.
- Oh hello there. It's crazy that it's dark outside even before 4:30pm here in south Sweden. How sad... Keeping myself alive with coffee. Feels like it's around 10pm, at least. But no. Not even evening... Holy... Can't wait until I'll see sun and the heat again.
Now: a espresso and then jump on the bus to work.
Happy Halloween everyone!


PH: 1: sugar-free choco ice cream. 2: Clouds. 3: Healthy sticky choco muffin. 4: The fall is here. 5: Drinking coffee like a Swede at work 07:53am. 6: Working shoes on, time to work at Tylösand.
- Don't forget to check out my INSTAGRAM and follow me: Paparazzibecka.
Time to jump in to my Nikes and take the bus to work. Gym and yoga!

UPDATE FROM POLAND - it's going to be a long and fun day.

 PH: from when I was working in a café in my hometown this summer & some other photos from home.
- Good morning world. I'm in Bydgoszcz, Poland at the moment seeing my family. Me and mum arrived last night and will have 5 lovely days away from Sweden. 
Today I'm going to the dentist cause it's much cheaper than in Sweden. After that we'll have a delicious sushi lunch before checking out Focus, the huge shopping center I've been telling you guys about before. 
In the aftermoon I'll catch up with my lovely norwegian friend Alen who's studying here. I will also hang out with my gypsy traveler cousing Sebastian before heading to Kundalini yoga in the evening.
Fells like it's going to be a goooood day.
Stay safe folks!


- Yoga, working out, being a part of ACTIC, healthy food ect. That's how my weekend will be.
About the bicep photo above: • After the accident I couldn't do anything with my right arm. I lost my muscles totally and just to be able to hold a bottle of water was a challenge the first couple of weeks. This is my right arm after 8 weeks of working out at the gym & yoga. I'm back on track! Nothing is impossible. Namáste. •


- It's thursday today and that means I'm having my second yoga class tonight. Mum is coming with me to try out my yoga at the other studio (I have yoga at two places). It's going to be so nice to not come all sweaty to the class and teaching as I usually do after my Zumba with Petra. But no Zumba for me today. Only relaxing and a bit of gym.


- New week, new goals.
I'm starting the day with some photos from the International Zumba Instructor education weekend in Copenhagen with Amazing Steve Boedt.
It was nearly 3 weeks ago I was there. The time really flies away..!
Drinking tea at work, trying to keep myself warm in this oh so gray and cold autumn weather.


- Sharing some photos from my weekend in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago. Fancy hotel and hotel breakfast with the girls during our Zumba instructor education. So much fun!


- Hi souls all over the world.
If some of you who read my blog will be in Halmstad tomorrow or the day after (wednesday & thursday) I will be doing my new Hatha yoga class. This time more new fun things focusing on much more than just the breath, inner vibrations, natural heat and being in the present.
So if you're around, you're more than welcome to join for 1h of yoga at ACTIC Flygstaden on wednesday 7pm and ACTIC Simhallsbadet (City) at thursday evening, 6pm.
This week it's all free at ACTIC. So try it out. Otherwise you can just let me know if you're interested in my yoga classes.

summer evening, it's happening again!

PH: by Nicklas Eliasson.
- Hey loved ones!
Here's some photos from last week's "FredagsMys". A cozy and fun private summer party with BBQ, live music, friends, nature, beach and dance.
I was working a couple of hours with the guys from FikaPojkarna Production at this event and we're at it tonight again!
Looking forward to a beautiful evening with heaps of good music, crazy dancing, happy faces and summer feelings.

my new job at A c t i c H e a l t h C l u b .

- Okay ladies and gentlemen. I'm about to tell you guys about my new job.

I got the honor, after three interviews and a meeting, to get a job att Actic Health Club in Halmstad!
They have 3 locations and I will be working in all of them, but mainly in the biggest i the city. They got the biggest workout area, most fitness group classes in Halland and swimming pool. There's also over 100 Actic health clubs in Sweden and they work with 3-4 other countries.

In the beginning I start in the reception, they will later on send me away to another place to educate and train me for some new classes and I will also start teaching yoga! WOOHOO! You'll find me working in the gym & weight area too.
So exited for this new adventure and it is starting today!

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