arrived in sanur x BALI DAY 1.

- Phuu... I'm so exhausted after last night.
5.5h flight with storm and beautiful lightning and some turbulence. If I wouldn't be so afraid of the storm then I would that hundreds of photos.
The taxi driver had trouble finding my hostel in Sanur, and after over one hour of searching I arrived. Slept over 8h but I'm still tired and my head feels heavy.
I'll keep you guys updated.

summer at lentils x ABBOTSFORD CONVENT.

PH: Lunch at Lentil As Anything in Abbotsford with Holly and Dario. Great place, great people, great food -great day.
- A few hours left..! Bali and Gili Air, I'm ready for you.
Take me away, give me some adventure, yoga, peace and adrenaline.

no more nights in au x 7 HOURS LEFT.

- No more nights in Melbourne for this time. Around 7h left in this beautiful country.
Wonder how much I'll cry... This have been a great chapter in my life. Time to turn page and see tha's waiting for me there.

breakfast w. big bro e x BRUNSWICK.

- Glöggööö, Eric my big brother. Thanks for everything. It's been a pleasure to work and hang out with you. Best big brother..! Hope to see you soon again.
Love you and will miss you so much.

big city, tiny lanes x THE LOVE FOR MELBS.

- Big city, tiny lanes, busy & relaxed. Old-school & high fashion, brand new & vintage.
I love you Melbourne.

indian festival x MELBOURNE

- An afternoon at the Indian Festival at Fed Square in Melbourne.

home nr. 7 x MELBOURNE.

- Here's the last place to call home in Melbourne, Australia.
Lykas apartment: food, view and the biggest livingroom ever. And of course Lyka in the right corner on the floor.
Will miss you hun...

the day before x AUSSIE LOVE.

- Here I am. Everything is almost packed. I've been running around the city, trying to get everything done the day before. Yes, that's how I rule.. And I must say I did a good job.
There's just one bank thing left and then close the bag and go to Southern Cross Station which is just 10min away from Lykas place (where I'm staying atm.)
What a wierd feeling. Melbourne, Australia, over a year. I met some of the best people and got the weirdest, craziest, greatest, closest and most amazing relationships to people here. Traveling, working, training, and enjoying life to 100%.
Thanks you ALL for this amazing time here.
Hope to see you soon again. I WILL come back at some point in life.
But time will tell... xx

in my head x 2 DAYS LEFT IN AU.

- Counting down... A feeling of excitement and happiness, but in the same time sadness. Love & hate. Stay vs. leave. Old life, new life, Home and away. Come back or not. Accept or question it.
Upp and down. Hot or cold. Less or more. Yes or no?
This is how it is in my head right now. But that's a part of life, right?

before & after x LIGHT HAIR.

- Before and after. This was a while ago, but I haven't just had time to post it. Any way, light it is!
I was longing for more summer feelings and I got it. It will even get lighter during my traveling in Asia.


Ph: just one of my random ideas. Stealing all the ballons from a function at work, cykling with all of them home at 02:am and then put them in the room. For no reason, just cause it's fun. Haha...
- I need a night in. It has been so hectic the last couple of weeks and now I'll finally have a night for myself to cook some food, have a cup of green tea, listen to some music and watch some tv shows.
Love it!

last place to call home x DOCKLANDS.

- Here's the place I've been living at the last 1.5 week in Melbourne. My lovely friend and big sister Lyka, gym buddy and amazing strong woman and two guys, Eli & Trevor are sharing this great place.

i'm a traveler x 3 DAYS LEFT IN AU.

- Okay, so I'm leaving the country in three days. How crazy isn't that?
I've been living in Australia for over a year with Melbourne as my hometown and now I have to leave.I don't know when I'll be back. Maybe in a year or five. But one thing is sure, I'm not done with this place. This is the first time I really felt like home.

Not even Halmstad, (in Sweden where I was born) been feeling like a home. I've always wanted to leave that place for something real, something better. I i found it! On the other side of the earth.
But I haven't seen enough of the world, so now it' time for me to start traveling again and explore.
Don't know for how long, just need to do it.
I'm afraid, happy, sad, exited and all those other feelings you get from new stuff.
I'm a traveler, my parents ar travelers, my grandman & grandpa, my whole family are travelers and so am I.
Time to go with the flow!

lentils afternoon x FREE SOUL.

- Some photos from my last dinner with Daniella at Lentil As Anything. Music, afternoon sun & friends.

my yogi day x 6 DAYS LEFT IN AU.

-  Hey world.
7:00am this morning was the last time I was practicing yoga with my favourite yoga teacher Mickey. After the class we went to the jacuzzi and sauna in the spa area at the gym for some relaxation and chatting.
9:00am - a big and delicious breakfast was waiting for me at Sara & Jacksons place. Strawberries, melted dark chocolate, panncakes, muesli, greek yoghurt, homemade smoothies and lots of other fruits and seeds. I don't think it can get better.
Before lunchtime was the last yoga class with my favourite teacher #2, Daniel.
Had a lunch date with my old workmate Chris from Section 8.
On my way home I met this buddhist munk from India on Swanston st, and after telling him about my yoga experience, my upcoming yoga teacher training and showing my tattoos, people start taking photos of me and my tattoos and I ended up going home with a book about the yoga religion and yogi lifestyle. The munk gave this amazing book for free to me after giving me a blessing. A book recomended by the highest universities in the US.
Just another day in my yogi life.

MEXICAN FESTIVAL x fed square.

- Some shoots from the Mexican Festival at Fed Square with cocken, Daniella.

we are the tide x ONE WEEK LEFT IN AU.

- What a beautiful day.
Had my favourite breakfast in the sun at Lentil As Anything, long black and ginger tea with Chris at Section 8 before workout and then kickboxing with my gym buddies and tabata with Paul.
Got home and forgot the keys in the kitchen. Luckily Eli was home, so he opened after 20min of knocking on the door.
Enjoying the view with a protein shake now and jumping in to the shower soon.
Talk to you later.

4 from franklin st x MELBOURNE CBD.

x 4 photos from one of my old rooms I've been living in. - Franklin st, Melbourne CBD.

no jobs & no voice x 8 DAYS LEFT IN AU.

- Whats new this time? Well, I quit my two jobs. I have 8 days left in Australia to enjoy with my friends and working out, of course. ;)
At my last work shift we had a loud engagement party and I lost my voice. Since saturday I've sounded lite a pedophile and I still do.

Last friday was the last time I woke up in the big victorian house in Abbotsford. The same day after work I moved down to my gym buddy's amazing apartment on the 20th floor. I'm sharing this fantastic place with her and two guys. In a few day I'll move to my brother from another mothers apartment and staying there the last days so I can spend more time with him before I leave.

LAST SHIFTS AT WORK x longest break in my life.

- I've had 3 crap days for I'm just trying to focus on the best part of the days and know that all the stress will soon be over.
Today I'm having my last shift at Virgin Active V-Cafe and I'll be taking care of the whole cafe by myself. Will I eat most of the time...? YES, haha.
Tomorrow's my last shift at The Beach Hotel and it will be a busy night.
So this is it. I will have my longest break from work since I started working wich was when I was around 14 y/o. Exciting and scary in the same time. But there will be heaps of traveling, sun, culture and adventures!

SECTION 8 x with d.

- Just sharing a few photos from a day at Section 8 with Daniella. 

WEDNESDAY x long rainy day.

- Rain, around 16 degrees and early mornings at the gym cafe. I haven't been so excited to travel as I am right now. Pass photos for two visas are now done. Going to catch up with a friend, one of the guys from kitchen at work and then back to work again. Long day...

Tomorrow will be a exiting day. I'll tell you more about in later.

COCK NIGHT x new girl-maraton w. D.

- Girls night with my bf Daniella. Less then two weeks and then we won't see eachother for... I don't know how long time.
Veg dinner at Lentil As Anything, live music and then New Girl-maraton at my place.

THE B x ferdydurke staff.

- Totally forgot the photos from when I had lunch with my old workmates from Ferdydurke in Brunswick. Just in the beginning of spring.

TWO WEEKS LEFT x travel plans.

- Back on track, or kind of...
With candles from IKEA, 60's-70's music, tea and researching during a rainy Tuesday in Melbourne.
I'm getting kicked out of Australia the 26th of Nov because my second visa got rejected.
Same happened to my bf Daniella. She's going back to Sweden the 24th and I'm up for adventures in South East Asia and India.
The 26th of Nov, I'll fly to Bali for two weeks. Exploring some exotic islands, surf and chillax for two weeks. After that, the plane will take me to crazy Bangkok with a short stop in Singapore for a few hours.
After Bangkok I'll continue up to north Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, back to Bangkok and then boat trips around the islands in South Thai.

In February, I'm waving good bye to South East Asia and flying to Delhi and one of the most spiritual places in India, the yoga capital Rishikesh. If everything goes as planned I'll live there for a while and going to live the yogi lifestyle to 100% with the Himalayas as my neighbor.

But don't worry, I'll keep you guys updated as much as possible.



- What a week...
x Our visitors visa got redjected.
x Have to leave the country in 22 days.
x Daniellas bag with passport got stolen at our !-year-lunch-celebration.
x Some friends opened up for me and told me that they where in love with me.
x Police drama in my neighborhood.
x Doing research about country's I'm gonna travel to after Australia.
x Planning flights.
x Catching up with friends.
x Working out.
x Work.

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