couchsurfing x DA NANG, VIETNAM.

- On my way back to Laos I had to travel up from Hoi An and decided to save some money while couchsurfing at a local guys place. Long showed me around, drove me on his scooter and I met his friends.
Thanks Long for a great night in Da Nang.

favourite town x HOI AN, VIETNAM.

- Last day in cozy Hoi An. I said bye to lovely Marcie and the london boys, did some fruit shopping (favourite shopping in SE Asia).
It's probably one of my favourite towns here so far.

small town night x HOI AN, VIETNAM.

- A night near the river in cozy old town, Hoi An.

pho & the beach x HOI AN, VIETNAM.

- The best Pho soup I ever had, a day on the beach with my american big sister Marcie and the London-boy band and riding out bikes around the town. Excellent day in Vietnam!

marble mountain #2 x HOI AN, VIETNAM.

- Hi guys! Here's the last part of the beautiful Marble Mountain I went to with Tristan and Chris.

marble mountain #1 x HOI AN, VIETNAM.

- The second day in Hoi An, I accidentally sat down at some guys table during the amazing breakfast and we all enden up talking about all that travel, future,, experience-talk that all travelers always talks about and then they asked if I wanted to go on a half day-trip to the Marble mountain for free. Their friend who got the third ticket was way to hang over to leave the bed and so I got the spot instead.
More photos are coming from this spectacular place.
And thank you again Chris and Tristan for this!

breakfast buffeé & coffee crawls x HOI AN, VIETNAM.

- Have I told you that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day?
When I checked in to Sunflower Hotel in Hoi An a sunny day, my life was kind of perfect when I got to know tha breakfast buffeé was included.
I also got a new friend, american Marcie who works in Philippines at the moment with some gorgeous kids and helping building up the paradise after the natural disaster.
I'm sooo keen to come and visit you..!

new year x CAT BA, VIETNAM.

- This time I decided to not consentrate on traditional and holiday days, only traveling. On new years eve I spended some time on a island around Halong Bay, east of Hanoi to just relax, eat good food, drink coffee, read and enjoy the nature. Didn't take much photos there thought.

street food & other beauties x HANOI, VIETNAM.

- Just posting some random photos from my visit in Hanoi.

hanoi social club & my love for coffee x HANOI, VIETNAM.

- As some of you know, I'm a coffee freak. So I got this thing going on while I'm traveling. For every city/town I go to, I try to find the best coffee. And I also try to visit coffee plantations while traveling.
So now I just need to share an experience from Vietnam with you guys.
After been working as a barista in the worlds coffee capital (Melbourne, AU) and even got myself some coffee beans tattooed on my arm, all I want now is good coffee.
With the help from the app Beanhunter, made by, obviously, a guy from Melbourne, you can find the best coffee shops around the world. But this app is pretty new so it's slowly building it's way up.
Anyway, with that app i found the number one café in Hanoi, Hanoi Social Club which ALSO is owned by a guy from Melbourne, haha... And damn, what was a good place, and good coffee. The food was amazing, the style and atmosphare of the 3/4 level cafe was also in my favourite Melbourne-artsy style.
I tried the traditional coffe from Hanoi, Cà phê trứng, (egg coffee). And.... I LOVED IT! Too bad you ONLY can find it in Hanoi. Belive me, everywere I've been in Vietnam they all said that they just do that kind of coffee there.
Curious about how to make it or just wanna know more about it? Klick HERE then.

big city charm x HANOI, VIETNAM.

- On the 28th of december me and my former travel buddy flew to Hanoi from Vientiane, Laos.
I think this might be the craziest city I ever been to. Bangkok's nothing compare to this place. Great food and the city is selfe was a beauty.

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