p r o d u c t i v e d a y .

 - Hello world. What a productive day I'm having today.
I was so tired last night after my friend's muay thai training that went late last night. Slept for 8h, cleaned the apartment, changed the sheets in my bed, did laundry x3, been reading my ayurveda book in the sun, watched the last half of the movie Boyhood.
Great movie! 8 wins and almost 3h long. Recommending it!
Then I went for my very first driving lesson and I'm now preparing dinner for tonight when mom's coming back to Sweden.
A high intense workout and girls night at M's place tonight!

hampus & co @ TILLSAMMANS.

 Ph: Hampus & his band at Tillsammans on saturday night in Halmstad.
- Good morning world.
05:45am was the time to leave my boyfriend Mr. Pillow and the bed. Work from 06:45am until 4pm today ain't gonna be easy. But I got a good lunch, fruit and a snack prepared and hopefully that's enough to survive.
In this Cold I just wanna eat and drink more to keep the energy up and the heat on.
Forgot that I had some more photos from the live show at Tillsammans this summer. One night some other friends from my old school were playing and the crowd was so happy and warm. A lovely evening.
Great gig guys!

s u s h i l o v e .

- Oh man... a few weeks ago we had a big sushi dinner at home and that was the first time I had sushi this year!
As some know, I LOVE sushi and had it one a week back when I lived in Australia. And haven't had sushi since I was there until now. God, I missed it...
If anyone knows the best sushi place in Halmstad, then let me know!


- Oh what a busy week! Working out, working, cooking, baking with friends, cozy evenings, reading, meetings, started to work at my extra job, planning, dumpster diving ect.
Had my first yoga class for Actic Sports Club two days ago, and wow.. What a amazing feeling. I wanna have yoga classes everyday! This was and beautiful hour of breathing, connection and warm atmosphere. And everyone was so good, trying their best. Can't wait for next week's class!

t w o d a y s l e f t .

- Wohow, two day left until I start with my yoga classes at Actic Sports Club!
And am I ready? Not at all! Haha.. time to organize a playlist.

bad day in the rain.

- Oh, the weather is killing me, and so is my bike too... Har a really bad day yesterday..
Started good though. My yogi friend S came over for some banana cake, tea and chat in the morning. But when I was supposed to ride my bike 7lkm to work in pouring rain with the wind against me, my bike broke down and not a single soul who was driving past me stopped to help me!!! What's wrong with people here?

When something like that happened in Australia I didn't even need to look up for someone to help me. There was Always somebody coming and helping. And that's how it's supposed to be. Come one Sweden (or maybe it's just Halmstad?). Show some solicitude. Do you know we're all from the same planet and we should all help eachother and not only our Close friends and family...

Any way... On my way back home I realized that my wheel was flat. And more wind and rain, of cause...
Finally when I got back home I had a few minutes to refrec myself and get some cozy atmosphare in the apartment befor Sara & Mia came over for cooking night.
The dinner went well, much better than the bike ride! A vegeterian Masala with chickpeas and Indian Spices was our mission and it was so yummy!
That's all for me right now.
I was so over it all after the bad bike rides and didn't have any mental of fysycal energy so I ended up sleeping for 9.5h last night!

four girls, four souls, over 15 years.

- Four souls, four girls, from kindergarten & first year in school and here we still are today.

These crazy girls are some of my oldest friends in Sweden. It's been such a interesting experience to follow all of you through the years. Around 15 years of memories with you girls and I'm hoping for more..!
Who know, maybe we'll be chatting over coffee with or kids running around and fighting in the future? Haha..

almost like melbourne weather.

- Friday this week means working out, working at the gym and meeting up with some old friends in the evening.
It was such a cold, gray and rainy morning. And now what? 20 degrees and sunny!
This weather is making me confiusing. Fall and summer in one day. Almost like Melbourne!

kesella choco cake.

- I've never been baking with kesella before and had some in the fridge so I though I'll try a new recepie.
Personally I think it might need a bit more sweetening.

     1.5 cups Kesella
     1 cup milk
     1 egg
     1.5 cups oatmeal (rolled oats mixed into flour)
     1 tsp baking powder
     0.5-1 cup cocoa powder
     1 cup sweetening (ex. mash down a banana, stevia, honey or agave) -I used honey.
     Optional: 0.5 cups of coconut flakes, a few tablespoons of peanut butter, vanilla powder, chopped nuts


1 Mix all the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

2 Stir in the wet ingredients.

3 Grease / oil a form and either Sprinkle with breadcrumbs or coconut flakes. Pour the batter into the baking pan and bake in middle of oven at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes (I had my inside in 17 minutes)

4 Allow to cool a little before cutting into pieces of this recipe, I got 6x large thick pieces.
Serve with berries.

yoga meeting with ACTIC - done.

- After a yoga inspiration class with the girls at ACTIC I'm feeling more ready for my classes. I'm so used to a bit higher level of yoga and been focusing mostly on that. But at work I will be teaching for beginners so it will be more relaxed. Less pressure maybe?
Tonight I'm going to a yogi friend's last class to get even more ready and in next week I'll be jumping in for her during her two last weeks cause she's going back to her hometown. So I will start with the yoga classes earlier than planned at Actic. Wohoow!
I'm so excited and nervous, in a good way. :)

just another day.

- It's raining.
I've been working for 7h, sitting on the couch and listening to gypsy swing, drinking my hot ayurvedic lemon & ginger water and resting before the workout and yoga meeting this evening.
Feeling lazy today. Think it's the weather...

choco baking / rainy weather.

- Hello world. Who's it going? Felling good?
The thunder and rain just came to Halmstad and I'm doing laundry. I'm feeling like baking all the time. What's wrong with me? Haha.. I guess it's the weather.
Check out the delicious sticky chocolate cake I made a while ago (photos above).
I'm counting down the hours to 1pm then I'm going to skype with Lyka, my best friend in Melbourne, AU.
Then I'll meet up with my yogi friend. This evening it's all about working out and yoga.

von valley @ TILLSAMMANS.

- One week ago me and some old high school friends met up in the city at Tillsammans near the river and listened to some great live music. Von Valley, four guys from my old school (and my prom date) where playing sweet tunes. Really good atmosphere that evening.

coco choco icecream.

- On of many surprises I made to my brother on his birthday.
A healthy chocolate/banana/coconut ice cream without sugar, dairy of fat. And it is tasting deliciously sweet and light.
Easiest thing to do!


 Ph: me standing in Garudasana in my new office. I will make magic one hour a week in this studio.
- Everyday I'm learning new things without knowing it.
Today I told myself: never regret, just do better.
Fear: “Reaction to moving closer to the truth.”
- Pema Chodron

b a k e d .

- I've got in to a period there I love to experiment with baking healthy and sweet things. Of course they are all sugar-free, fat-free and sometimes even vegan.

I never been in to it that much as now. Hmm.. funny how I just got in to it randomly.
I guess my partner in crime in Melbourne, AU inspired me. There's no one like here. Kicking it in the gym soo hard no one can ignore her and then go home and bake all kinds of delicious things. Mostly gluten-free and all that stuff that we fitness freaks are in to.

the fulltime week.

- Oh god, this week's been ruff. From having days where I work double shift (13h) to days where my head is just so empty and I'm lost. This is now a good "yogi-lifestyle". But I've been doing more self practice with the yoga to get ready for my classes and there've been crazy things happening at work. It's been a emotional week...
But yesterday I got myself a day I really need. Yoga with beautiful people, good and intense workouts, good food, relaxing, having a hot and long shower, two power naps, no-coffee-day and going to bed early.
I've been a bit mental. From having moments when all I wanted was to just lay down i Savasana (an resting pose in yoga) to by a one-way ticket to London and hope for a miracle.
Next week I will be focusing on balance. Not enough of that this week..

all you need.

- All you need in one photo. Oh wait.. yoga also! And that's all.
Sorry for bad update. Just been working, hanging out with family & friends, reading, doing yoga, working out & having Skype meeting and talking to my aussie friends.