train down south - KERALA.

- Traveling with trains is the biggest MUST DO while traveling around India. If you go only to north Goa for somephsycadelic parties and turisty shopping and feeling hard core taking the local bus to the airport instead of a ricksaw or eaven a fancy car, then I have to say that you haven't done India. You've been enjoying yourself alot in the more turistiest part of India. You've been to Goa, but you have'nt been to India.

Trains trough India is beautiful, magical, mad, crazy, and it will teach you more about India than a 400 dollar turist trip or any daily guided tours.
Buy the cheapest ticket at the railway staton (if you can manage it) or go spend a few extra bucks at a travel agency and then spend a few hours at the low class train with the locals.

cruising the backwaters - ALLEPPEY, KERALA.

- Exotic, green, alive, water, peacefulness is my cup of tea when it comes to nature. Sure I would never say no to spend time in the mountains, overlooking the with of wildness & villages. But there's something that keeps me more alive and it's this kind of nature I'm talking about.
At the ent of my four months in India, I visited the backwaters three times. Yeah, thats how good it is and it's the peak, the top of anything in south India.

street art & performance - FORT KOCHI, KERALA.

- Everything was explored by our wanderlust seeking eyes. Dance, music, food, culture, colors, emotions & pure life.
Not only this, but I also ran in to a lovely soul. One of my yoga teachers from Indonesia, an amazing girl from Japan. Oh how I love when the universe sometimes decides to let people cross the same path during different time of our lives and reconnect.

exploring the portuguese influence - FORT KOCHI, KERALA.

- Fort Kochi, old portuguese colony, art, culture, street art, delicious south Indian thali and entertainment. Some people don't like this place but for me it's on of my favourite big cities in India.

starting the adventure - CHERAI BEACH, KERALA.

- Decided to take a 3.5 weeks Mother-and-daughter-trip before my adventure. So we flew down to southwest of India, the richest state and birthplace of Ayurveda.
I wanted to introduce mum to the backpacker life and that includes trying all kind of accommodations.
Already at the first night we decided to do CS (couch surfing) and found a pretty rad place to stay at for free.
Just a bit north of Kochi was this private beach Cherai located.


Ph: 1. Contemporary art in one of the parks in Halmstad. 2. Photoshoot for JOSEA. 3. Food food food. 4. Frida and me finishing of a crazy workout at our old job. 5. A photo of me embracing the 90's hairstyle.
- Okay, you might ask why I'm first getting exited about the photos from India and then kicking up some old ones from last year.. No sweat. Sitting and getting them ready as fast as I can. Until then you just gotta live with these ones.


- Oh man... You've got no idea how much photos I'll but up soon. It's be overflowing with photos from almost the whole west India. Not too bad, huh?
& there's alot of photos from 4 months of traveling, working, exploring ect.
Talk to you soon. Stay safe!


- Do you remember these photos? A couple of months ago I was in the local newspaper in Sweden. It was a interview with me about yoga, my traveling and India.
Today I've been here in this crazy and mad country for a whole month. 
I'm learning new things everyday. Meeting absolutely amazing souls and discover sad and terrible things that are a part of most hindus everyday life. But I'm so thankful for being here in this mess.
Hope you're all well.

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PH: Me & my lovely brother, hanging out in Bulgaria last year. / Me & my amazing friend Petra dancing Afro at work. / A sneak peak from the photoshooting with my friend Josefines organic brand JOSEA.
- Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for no update at the blog at all since I left Sweden. I was planning on bringing my laptop with me but it is in such a bad condition so I left it behind me. I have to admit tha it's really nice to not have to worry about the laptop for a while. 

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I'm putting up a few photos a day from different places with beautiful people from all over the world.


- Had a cooking day with my girls Petra and Frida last tuesday. Made so much good food, and man it was gooood!
Now I'm on my way to the Copenhagen airport with the train. Starting to feel some butterflies in my tummy...!


- Had a cozy veg lunch / dinner with Petra, a lovely soul and dance partner from work. We're have this cooking day once a week for weeks and weeks at mine or her place. So much more fun and relaxed than eating unhealthy expensive stuff out in the town.
Oh, will really miss these moments.


- It's here. My last day in Sweden and the western civilization. Tomorrow it's time to jump on the train to Copenhagen and then flying down to west side of India! I'm so excited but in the same time nervous. It's actually first time I'm really nervous, ever, for traveling.


- Hi there. Sharing some photos from first of advent in the town. Went there with my brother to get some christmas feeling. But I have to say that we both were so disappointed.
The only thing that was kind of good was what you can see on the photos above. The rest was just a joke.
So bad, no christmas feeling at all.
I bet I'll get even more christmas feelings in India, haha..


- Before & after photos at my hair.
From cutting off more than 7 cm after my long trip and detoxing it from all the sun and salt water for 2 years. What was left was healthy, natural dark brown hair.
But then I missed my sun kissed surf hair and decided to try to lighten my hair up with only natural stuff.
And if you don't have a sun (as in Sweden during autumn & winter) you gotta try other natural things.
So I mixed up lemon, honey, vinegar, conditioner and crush Vitamin C tablets. Soaked my hair with it a few times and After a while I got the sun kissed stripes back.
Oh, I cant imagine how light my hair will be when I'm in the Indian sun for a couple of months..!


- So folks. A week from now I'll be sitting on the flight from Copenhagen down to southwest of crazy India! I was planning to go to India after Australia last year, after Cambodia but I fell in love with a island and started to work there. Then I said to myself, I don't have to stress. India will be there ina a year, five, ten or 20. And it's all happening earlier then I thought. Well, I said "I will know when it's the time for me to go. And the soul will just say that when it's time IT TIME to go and I'll be ready. hopefully..!"
A year later after when I start thinking about India, it's finally time for me.
In exactlly 7 days I'm on my way to new adventures. And this time even more crazy travels than I can ever imagine.
Click on the swedish local article/ interview about me to see it maybe even Google translate it!
Talk to you lateroooo..!


- Woah, it's getting closer. Less than two weeks until I leave Sweden again and go for new adventures. I'm so exited and the hase'nt been an hour since I booked the tickets that I didn't think about this trip.
For you guys who don't know about it yet, I will soon tell you more...


Ph 1: the gym at my job in Tylösand. // Me and Frida hanging out at my other job after our workout.
- Hey everyone. A week full of great training. Feeling really good! It's sunday but not any kind of sunday.
First of advent! It's crazy how time flies away. I went for a 45min workout at the gym, 45 min power walk by myself and with Suzana later on. Vacumed the apartment, made some lunch and now preparing for some cozines this afternoon with my brother. Dan is coming over and we'll make some hot chocolate, bunns and tea.
Then we're going to the yearly christmas deco (Julskyltning) in the town.


Ph 1. Pimped my nails, PEACE! 2. My the most delicious sugarfree, fatfree, vegan and raw chocolate balls a few day ago. 3. Yoga in the beginning of this autumn in the forest. 4. One of the few coziest places to be found here in Halmstad.
- Hey folks, sitting and listening to a australian friends music.
Amazing to see how fast he grows internationally.

A short workout and then it's time for my wednesday yoga this evening.
Getting really exited for my yoga workshop this saturday afternoon in Andersberg at ZONEN. A community for girl, mostly immigrants. It's going to be such a interesting and educative thing for me. And hopefully everyone there feels comfortable and enjoys it.