living with the locals - JAISALMER, RAJASTHAN.

- The day came when I left the desert, the beautiful camels and lovely Jaisalmer. The night bus took me east inlands to the magical little Pushkar..!


- Have you ever thought of how powerful sleep and breathing is? We underestimate is so much. We do it without thinking and as long as we can go to school, work and live our everyday-life we think it's enough. But it's not! I bet that most of you don't sleep enough. Or that you're going to bed way too late. How many times have you heard the sentence “...there will be sleeping enough in the grave....”. That's what Benjamin Franklin said.
Well Ben, I don't think you'd wanted to look like the girl on the left photo and feel as her do you? Well, I guess you don't care cause you're already in the grave...

And even if we don't look like th photo (hopefully). I still think you should have a good look at it and the text around it. And breathing? Oh man, if you get used to the yogic Pranayama (breathing technique) then most of your main problems will stop you from living a longer and healthier life.

Me myself, I sleep between 7.5h-9h a night and wake up before 9am to kickstart a new day I'm blessed with.
Don't take everything for granted folks.

sleeping under the stars - JAISALMER, RAJASTHAN.

- When the sun went down to show us the stars, we started making sweet chai and dinner. The night ended with guitar, singing and a open fire.
As the sun rises again the morning after I was the first one to wake up with the camels. Chilly, peaceful and soft freshness spread out in the air I breathe in. It took me a second or two to realize where I've woken up and just as I did a big smile appeared on my lips.


- Continuing the long walk in the desert I got filled up with lovely meetings with locals, wild camel men who didn't know how to write or read, stories of the desert and discovering the desert villages and their breathtaking history.

village visit - JAISALMER, RAJASTHAN.

- Oh how I've been longing for a little adventure in the desert near Pakistan. Days without any electricity, wifi, mobiles or anything. Only what's pure made at the moment but us and mother nature. How amazing isn't it?
I left the city to get out in the desert. Dromedary camels, soft sun, the smell of the sand and these beautiful creatures were my daily caffeine.

the city of desert - JAISALMER, RAJASTHAN.

- After a long, dirty bus ride all night long me and some people I got to know on the way, finally arrived in Jaisalmer. The city of desert and safaris. A few cups of sweet masala chai, breakfast and check-in, and we were ready to explore the place.

night rides to new places - JAISELMER, RAJASTHAN.

- The night came. I was ready for the new places to explore. Driving away in a night bus, leaving Udaipur behind and all new local friends I made. But there was only one thing in my mind. Don't look back, new doors are opening for you. All you need is a open heart, mind and soul. And so I went.
Towards the desert city..

exploring the lakes - UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN.

- A stranger took me to some secret places.
He showed me some of mother natures work and led me to another soul.
Another stranger with another heart to open up.
To show me everything he knew and to let me in to the most important things in his life.
I ask myself everyday why not everyone is like that.
I know I'm one of those who's not like that, yet.
But I learn everyday more and more. In the future my heart will be as open as his.

the one and only rooftop pool - UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN.

- One day I gazed out from the rooftop of the hostel I was staying in (Zostel) in Udaipur and discovered a rooftop pool. I walked down the small lanes lear the lake to find it and there it was.
The only rooftop pool in Udaipur and with this amazing view. I could stay there for ever... Days when it was super hot and I felt like enjoy myself a bit more I went to the hotel, paid 200 rupees and could hang out there how long I wanted. There a bit of wifi too.

After hanging out with the owner I realized that this wasn't only the only hotel with rooftop pool, but also one of the places where the movie "The Marigold Hotel" was made. A american comedy about India and it's beauty. One of the inspiration to my adventure in this grand country.

small lanes of life & history - UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN.

- Small cozy lanes, history on ever inch, lights, colors and smells. Lakes surrounded by the Rajasthani life. Udaipur definitely gave my heart a double jump at first sight.

my words from the gardens - UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN.

- Udaipur,
Close to the water but far from the bay.
The gardens took my breath away.
The sunset made my eyes glitter.
The mind titter.
The flowers filled my heart.
And the city filled my soul.
A place to let go of the control.

exploring the tops - UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN.

- Adventure and exploring with a big hearted indian friend. He showed me it all and gave me more than I could dream of. Days flew away under the Rajasthani sun...

arriving in the royal magic of Rajashtan - UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN.

- Arriving in the most magical city as the train entered Rajasthan. Beauty in every way and it's only the beginning. Udaipur, you're royal fine thing.

oh holy town - UJJAIN, MADHYA PRADESH.

- A crazy bus trip to a small holy town filled with heaps of beautiful temple in Ujjain. Days spent here teaches you nothing more than the deepest of the lifestyle in religious and spiritual India.
Sometimes the most random places ends up being one of the best ones.

the town with the answers - UJJAIN, MADHYA PRADESH.

Last photos from holy Ujjain. This is a 100% Indian experience. Travel to and from with bus and local train. Hang out with locals and learn to speak Hindi. Watch a elephant casually walk past you, the colorful saris dancing on the womens bodies. Drink sweet street chai while people watching Indians from all over the country prepare themselves for making there wishes and blessings at the temples, the noise, smells, curious eyes. And I'll promise you no white skinned people, no touristy markets, no wifi and almost no one speaks even a bit of english.
Ujjain, you made my heart and soul take a step up to a higher level of consciousness and understanding.
Your energy helped me to understand some of the biggest question I've had in life.
Namasté beautiful place.

free from work - SURAT, GUJARAT.

- Last part from one crazy work weekend in Surat, Gujarat with my british girl Helena before heading back to Mumbai.
Oh what a amazing experience. Thank you to every single person who shared some fun moments with me during these days.


- Hello folks. I'm back from one of many breaks. Enjoying traveling without a laptop (& mine is a bit broken)so I just use the phone when I need. But now I'm back in Sweden after my last adventure. Lived in Poland for 7 weeks at my family's place and did some weekend backpacking around the country as soon as I got the opportunity.
Anyway, I'm here to update you with inspiration and travel photos. So here it now starts again!
Love & light,

interior dreams.

; Gorgeous interior dreams...
- G'day folks. I'm still hanging around Poland. Heaps of time spent with family, cooking, working out, reading books, biking & taking way much cheaper drive lessons (than in Sweden).
I've been here for over three weeks and I'm still not sure exactly how long I'll be here. But I have some places and cities to explore, new travel friends and old travel friends to meet ect.