PH 1: My cock-mate and me getting ready for work. 2: Norre Katts Park. 3: Cozy days with tea. 4: Norre katts Park. 5: Indian cooking night with M & S at my place. 6: Waiting on the bus. 7: Natural b&w. 8: Free roses for the family.
- Oh hello there. It's crazy that it's dark outside even before 4:30pm here in south Sweden. How sad... Keeping myself alive with coffee. Feels like it's around 10pm, at least. But no. Not even evening... Holy... Can't wait until I'll see sun and the heat again.
Now: a espresso and then jump on the bus to work.
Happy Halloween everyone!


PH 1: Acupressure mat. 2: Rasta. 3: The beauty of Holm 4: Sushi with Karin. 5: À la artsy rasta. 6: Finger. 7: Sad face for having a photo and not being able to be anonymous anymore..
- Hello folks. I had such a good start this morning. After our cozy weekly veg-dinner with Petra, I was sitting up til late doing research about my upcoming adventure. This morning I woke up, had a half apple and a cup of black coffee and went straight to the gym for a intense 30min circuit.
Finished with a short power walk home, had a long and hot shower, brekky and a Skype meeting.
Today I'm just going to relax at home with family before work tonight.


PH: 1: sugar-free choco ice cream. 2: Clouds. 3: Healthy sticky choco muffin. 4: The fall is here. 5: Drinking coffee like a Swede at work 07:53am. 6: Working shoes on, time to work at Tylösand.
- Don't forget to check out my INSTAGRAM and follow me: Paparazzibecka.
Time to jump in to my Nikes and take the bus to work. Gym and yoga!

UPDATE - cph & local interview.

- Hello everyone. Had a great week in Bydgoszcz with alot ot good coffee, food, friends, family, walks in the gardens, café crawn and reading. After Poland I was only home for a day before I headed of to Copenhagen, Denmark for two day. Catching up with travel friends from 2011-2014, drinking good coffee, exploring the city and sooo much walking.
This morning I went for a interview with one of the local newspapers in Halmstad for spread more yoga to the society and share a bit about my past but mostly upcoming adventures.


- Hey folks. After having a lovely time in Bydgoszcz, Poland with family, international friends, coffee crawl, reading books, listening to good music, and meeting new people, it's now time to fly back to Sweden. I'm soon all ready to go and I'm so thankful for every minute of the time I had here. Already looking forward to next time I'm down here. But that will be next year in the summertimes.
See yaa soon Sweden and H-town.


PH: a gift from a lovely yogi friend. / Group photo from Copenhagen with the Zumba crew. / Go green, reuse tea-bag-foot-spa. / Me and my brother on the Swedish cinnamon-bun-day. / Relaxed at the spa at work one cold day.
- Hey loved ones. I'm still in Poland enjoying good coffee, tea, yummy food, international friends, family ect. One last day here before flying back to Sweden tomorrow.

UPDATE FROM POLAND - it's going to be a long and fun day.

 PH: from when I was working in a café in my hometown this summer & some other photos from home.
- Good morning world. I'm in Bydgoszcz, Poland at the moment seeing my family. Me and mum arrived last night and will have 5 lovely days away from Sweden. 
Today I'm going to the dentist cause it's much cheaper than in Sweden. After that we'll have a delicious sushi lunch before checking out Focus, the huge shopping center I've been telling you guys about before. 
In the aftermoon I'll catch up with my lovely norwegian friend Alen who's studying here. I will also hang out with my gypsy traveler cousing Sebastian before heading to Kundalini yoga in the evening.
Fells like it's going to be a goooood day.
Stay safe folks!


- Here two photos from this summer. Getting a hair detox in my hometown in Poland and a photo of me sleeping on the train to the airport. Haha...
So it's time to go to Poland again. See some family and friends, try a new yoga studio, eat good food and walk around in beautiful gardens. It will be short and intense.


- Loving the vibe that's going on in my body right now. Getting excited about upcoming adventures. First of all, tomorrow I'm flying down to see family and friends in Poland for a few days, then to Copenhagen and after that some fun stuff will happen. but I can't tell you guys about it yet.
Gotta go back and finish packing now and make some lunch!


- Yoga, working out, being a part of ACTIC, healthy food ect. That's how my weekend will be.
About the bicep photo above: • After the accident I couldn't do anything with my right arm. I lost my muscles totally and just to be able to hold a bottle of water was a challenge the first couple of weeks. This is my right arm after 8 weeks of working out at the gym & yoga. I'm back on track! Nothing is impossible. Namáste. •


- It's thursday today and that means I'm having my second yoga class tonight. Mum is coming with me to try out my yoga at the other studio (I have yoga at two places). It's going to be so nice to not come all sweaty to the class and teaching as I usually do after my Zumba with Petra. But no Zumba for me today. Only relaxing and a bit of gym.

wood yogi.

- A few photos from a afternoon in the woods with mum.
Sitting on my yoga mat and listening to a swedish travel podcast. Getting my mind ready for upcoming traveling/moving. But where, why, when and how? I'll let you know in a short future....


- Amy was a girl on the side of the road
And I picked her up and away we go,
And I'm leaving home without you I know,
And I don't give a damn quite where she goes,

Cause I'm leaving here for good you know,
And I told you that before

This time we'll try to change those things we learnt and grown to hate
About nine to five, five to nine
Simple times and the same old life and then
This time we'll re-arrange and we'll rip down all those picture frames of my life
This time we'll leave this town

Jenny was a girl at the side of the road,

I don't pick her up cause she's too damn old,
And she's staying home without you, I know,
And I don't give damn quite where she goes,
Cause I'm leaving here for good you know,
And I told you that before

This time we'll try to change those things we learnt and grown to hate
About nine to five, five to nine
Simple times and the same old life and then

This time we'll re-arrange and we'll rip down all those picture frames of my life
This time we'll leave this town

This time we'll try to change those things we learnt and grown to hate
About nine to five, five to nine
Simple times and the same old life and then
This time we'll re-arrange and we'll rip down all those picture frames of my life
This time we'll leave this town


- Hi folks. I found some Instagram photos from when I just got back home from my traveling. All from a family photo with mum and my brother, pills to help me getting used to the cold climate, the beach I spent most time in my hometown, a espresso pic from when I played around with coffee at my first job in Sweden this year and two selfies of cause!
Soon it's time for my evening yoga class and I hoping to have better balance and getting heaps of warm and lovely energy from all my yogis.


- Looking over my old travel photos. Or maybe not old, but the ones from this year and constantly getting tears in my eyes. So many beautiful memories and so many beautiful places I've visited. Oh I miss the feeling of adventure and exploring new places so much. It's crazy. Only a long term backpacker or nomad traveler will understand me.

But soon it's time again...!

The photos above are from Oslob on the island Cebu in the Philippines with Dinah. We were snorkeling with whale sharks, the biggest shark on earth, at 5am in the morning. There's only one word I have to say and that's woah...!


- Oh nature. Can't believe that I was walking around in the same forest over 10 years ago looking for mushrooms with mom and here I am and doing it again after so many years. Weird feeling but in the same time beautiful...


Adho Mukha Savasana, Downward-facing dog or manye something else in your own language. You've hear it before and you've done the pose so many times in yoga (if you do yoga). But how many does actually know how many amazing benefits this single pose has?
Of cause you gotta do the pose in the right way not to hur yourself. But if you do do it right here's some of the great benefits you'll get from it:
  • Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression
  • Energizes the body
  • Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands
  • Strengthens the arms and legs
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
  • Relieves menstrual discomfort when done with head supported
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Improves digestion
  • Relieves headache, insomnia, back pain, and fatigue
  • Therapeutic for high blood pressure, asthma, flat feet, sciatica, sinusitis
So..? time to do some Adho mukha savasana. That's what I'm doing in my classes tonight!


- Life's hard, life's beautiful, life's crazy, life's interesting, life's horrible, life's healthy, life's dangerous, life's short, life's long, life's teaching, life's mad, life's open, life's unclear, life's scary, life's deep, life's good.
No one of us knows how long our life will be. How many heartbeats you'll have in this life. How many years you'll got to spend with loved ones.
Live it! It will teach you so much. And then teach the new ones in life about the world and life and make the best of it. You'll not going to go far in life with materialism, ego, negativity and selfishness.
Open up yourself and the world will open up itselfs for you.


- Planning new things in yoga... Just came home from my yoga class and all the ladies were so satisfied and happy. So much kindness and lovely words that made my whole body warm!
Now I'm longing for more yoga. To travel, to explore and have new adventure everyday as my nomad traveler life a few months ago.
We'll see what will happen in a near future... Keep your eyes and ears open.

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