last day in sunflower land - NESSEBAR, BULGARIA.

- Hello folks, just wanted to share the last photos from the land of sunflowers, Bulgaria. I'm happy I went for this impulsive trip and explored a new country I never had had in my thoughts.
Thanks to my family too for a few of the days I spent with them on the coast.

pool time with my brother - SUNNY BEACH, BULGARIA.

- Oh man, this boy is growing so fast! I remember how little he was when I hugged him goodbye 1th of november 2012 on the train station in Halmstad before moving to Australia.
Now I'm back in my hometown and everytime I see him I sit quietly for a few seconds and look at this boy. My little brother, he's growing so fast and it's so interesting to be a part of his journey through life and on his way to the teenage life.
I love you so much weirdo.

hotel breakfast - SUNNY BEACH, BULGARIA.

- There's nothing as the feeling of waking up and knowing that a breakfast buffeé is waiting for you. Oh how I love brekky... And this one at the hotel that I was staying at was pretty good too.

sunset, sunrise & yoga - NESSEBAR, BULGARIA.

- Heya, here's some photos from the sunrise between Sunny Beach & Nessebar around 05:30am one morning. How beautiful isnt it?
And the First photos above are from one evening in Nessebar Old Town with mum and my brother.
Lots of looove!

rivers, nature & family - SOZOPOL, BULGARIA.

- In Sozopol me, mum, grandma & my brother went on a boat trip for some relaxation, nature and cleansing the lungs with fresh air. Such a nice break from the "city life".

sunset, old town & family - SOZOPOL, BULGARIA.

- Back on the coast again I met up with my family. We went on a coast tour and walked around the old beautiful streets of bohemian Sozopol in the hot sun.

street art, traditional food & history - SOFIA, BULGARIA.

- After leaving cozy Plovdiv, I took the bus 2h west and ended up in the capital, Sofia.
I went on a food tour, city tour, meet some locals and spent the night couch surfing. The weather during the night was crazy!! So much thunder and lightening and it was pretty loud sleeping at the top floor in the living room with the big widows.
The morning after was a bit cooler and I spent the last hour hanging out with a new traveler friend from Melbourne with some snacks and coffee at the bus station that I met during the city tour.

couch surfing, local friends & the real bulgaria - PLOVDIV, BULGARIA.

- Couch surfing is the shit! I started couch surfing during the western summer 2012 when I was traveling in Europe and since then I've been couch surfing in Australia, Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, The Philippines and now also in Bulgaria.
I love hope the host are so excited about showing me around, giving me some "inside-local" advices, making traditional food from what ever country I am in and introducing me to family and friends.

walking the oldest city in europe - PLOVDIV, BULGARIA.

 - A blogpost with heaps of photos from the beautiful old old oldest city in Europe. PLOVDIV, you're gorgeous.

adventures in the country of sunflowers - PLOVDIV, BULGARIA.

- After spending 1.5 day in Sunny Beach I decided to leave my family there and go for some adventures in the inner and central Bulgaria.
My first stop was the oldest city in Europe, Plovdiv! So much beauty...!

strolling around - SUNNY BEACH.

- Day two on the coast. Visited Nessebar quickly but spent most of the day hanging around with a new friend from Tel Aviv, Israel.
Hours of walking, talking, coffee, anatomy & psychology conversations. Hairdresser & stylist for ex. L'oreal ect... Great guy, I'll see you again next time in Israel some day..!

the very first day - SUNNY BEACH, BUGLARIA.

- The very first part of photos from my week of traveling around Bulgaria. I flew with my family to Sunny Beach / Burgas on the coast to start with.
Here's the photos from the first day.
I hadn't changed my money to bulgarian Lewa so instead I gave the gypsy lady on the street a pencil like a exchange for taking photos of her.

on our way to the airport - BYDGOSZCZ, PL.

- Exited family Lato's waiting outside our house for grandma to come and pick us up. Time to explore a new country... Bulgaria, here we come!

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