the last of the best x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Here my loved ones, here's the last photos from beautiful istanbul. Don't have any photos from the demonstration cause I was running for my life with gas bombs flying over my head. But I'm fine.
I'll tell you more about it another time.

a day on the ocean x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Me, Zach, Rezzy and Leah went to a beautiful island that looked like it was taken straight out of a fairytale. Some photos from there will soon come.

friends, shopping & fun x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- I was hanging out with my local friends, checked out the Grand Bazaar with my brittish & american friends and enjoyed good food.
Funny thing happend at the Grand Bazzar. My two friends got interviewed by the turkish television, and what's funny about it is that of all the people around there they choose this two girls and they are already working in radio & television back home in London.. I guess there's something about their aura that attracts media people to them, haha.

george clooney & the spice girls x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- George clooney & the Spice Girls. That's was our local names in Istanbul, haha...
Boat trips, sightseeing, good food & sun. This city was treating us very well!


- Mosques, mosques and more mosques. Well, I don't think I can get enough of this. Wish I could take some part of the architecture and place it at home.

streets of sun & history x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- - The beauty of Istanbul is blending me. Old architecture, gardens, traditional materialism, and of course the turkish tea!
I will some day come back to you.

oh you beautiful mosque x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Enjoyed the huge, beautiful mosques in Istanbul one sunny day with these lovely guys.

wandering on the streets x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Streets of Istanbul, markets, bridges & cafés.

from the galata tower x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Me and Zack went up to the beautiful Galata Tower, one of the oldest towers in the world, if not THE oldest.
I wish I had a better camera than my phone but the photos in my mind are the best ones.
If some of you are in Istanbul, then you gotta go up and enjoy this amazing view.

spring, street food & locals x ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

- Istanbul, you're so beautiful. Nice local friends, good (but a bit heavy) food and a lovely spring sun.
I'm loving the time in this place.

from southeast asia to europe.

- I left Indonesia and Southeast Asia and went to the big crazy city that just on the border of Asia & Europe, ISTANBUL!

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