T h e L i s t .

- Yesterday I played around with the coffee machine most of the day at work. While working 10.5h I was able to do alot with the coffee and the grinder. Now I'll be the master barista! Or maybe not yet. But wow, there's so much to learn...!
After a long day at work I wanted tp keep it as simple as possible after feeling a bit sick and very tired.
So here The List for keeping it simple after a tiering day, (what ever you've done.)
  • Make youreself a cup of tea, or 340981368 cups in my case.
  • Watch a few episodes of your fav tv show in your cozy clothes, (my case hippie / alibaba pants.)
  • Unfriend random people, people you don't talk to, people who added you but never wrote anything to you, ect from Facebook.
  • Don't go to the gym. Give yourself a rest day.
There you go. That's my list and exactly what I did after a long day at work.
Now it's time to work. Then killing it at the gym & yoga.

THE LIST - after a long day.

- So it's back again.
This time it's 6 Things to do after any kind of long day.

I had a work out at the gym with mum and the straight to work after lunch and damn it was busy! Had to get in earlier because everyone wanted to hang out at Söderpiren on the beach and enjoy a swedish summerday.
But it was all good. Great team work and now I'm dead.
I was supposed to have a powerwalk with a friend but I'm not leaving the apartment today anymore.
So here's 6 THING TO DO: After a long day.
  • Make a cup of great calming tea.
  • Jump straight in to your cozy clothes or pyjamas.
  • Watch your favourite tv-show. (New Girl in my case).
  • Hang out with family. It's Mothers Day and my mum is getting a massage.
  • Go to bed earlier. YES PLEASE!
  • Get your nails done. What I usually do while watching my favourite show.

on a rainy swedish day.

- To be back in Sweden and it's gray and cloudy, somethimes rainy days is a bit hard. From being in 30 degrees for a long time and from not having ounder 16 degrees on a cold winter day for almost 2 years you gotta focus on the good parts.
So now when the weather has been a bit up and down I thought I would share my list of things to do on a rainy dag. Especially if you're in Scandinavia or just in a small city like me at the moment.
x Play hide and seek with your siblings / family.
x Update your "Chill out" playlist.
x Try out a new (healthy) recipe.
x Take a long and how shower.
x Watch a "Feel good" movie.
x Finish reading the book you haven't have time to read.
There you go. All this will probably take more than a day so now your rainy-day-problem is solved!

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