fireworks, fire dance & live music x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Just one of these relaxed nights in paradise.
Fireworks, live music and fire dancing. Koh Rong, you're not that wrong...

vagabond puppies x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Something Koh Rong has a lot of i's puppies. And there are everywhere! So I'm telling you, it's not the last time you guys will se puppies on the blog.

the beaches x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Finally I'm able to show you guys how the island I've been living on and working looks like. And this is just the beginning.
Enjoy the beauty of Koh Rong, the cambodian paradise.


- After alot of traveling for days, weeks, months, I was finally back on the coast with the weather I've been longing for since I left Indonesia in the beginning of december.
In Sieam Ream and my hostel, I met this beautiful woman, C. A girl from Haiti/New York. We decided to travel down to the coast together.
Enjoy out photos from the first day on the beach, for a very long time.
One dollar coconuts to celebrate in Sihanoukville.

gotta do what a gypsy have to do x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- It's morning and 26 degrees in Koh Rong where I live at the moment. The waves are playing their music with the help from mother nature. But the wind is way to heavy. It's freaking cold!! I can't sit with bare legs and arms. 26 C and wind is not acceptable for me any more. I gotta go somewhere hotter. Down south again... In a few days it's time. It will be a sad day to say bye to all new friends and loved ones on this island.
But I gotta do what a gypsy traveler gotta do. Move on and go back on the road again.

angkor wat #three x SIEAM REAP, CAMBODIA.

- And here ladies and gents, is my last part from a day in Angkot Wat outside of Sieam Reap.

angkor wat #two x SIEAM REAP, CAMBODIA.

- Hello Angkor Wat part two!
I let the pictures talk for themselves..

angkor wat #one x SIEAM REAP, CAMBODIA.

- Visiting Cambodia without visiting Mowgli and Baloo in their neighbourhood? I don't think so...
Angkor Wat and all the other spectacular temples was obviously a MUST-DO as soon as I went to Sieam Ream.
And was it great and beautiful? YES IT WAS. It has an amazing story behind it, but damn so touristy right now. Wish I'd seen it 10 easlier. But on the other side, I would only be around 11 years old. But you get the point...
See it now before it's all end up as a fancy restaurant or something like that.
And to all the Khemers who stole so much from this place. I hope you'll get diarrhea for the rest of your life.

away from the crazieness x SIEAM REAP, CAMBODIA.

- After leaving the crazy big city, Phnom Penh, I was glad to arrive in a much more relaxed city. Sieam Reap was beautiful and I could easily spend a couple days extra.
I met nice people, a guy from Melbourne with the same interests:yoga, coffee, traveling, spirituality and art.
And a funny girl from Haiti/New York.

it's time to leave, soon x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA.

- Hello world. After having a meeting at my job, Bamboo Bungalows, I felt this strong negative energy flowing around in the air. It's not good for the sound and I don't want to struggle with it when I'm supposed to have the time of my life. So I'm not going to work here for much longer. Eigher will two-three other staff.
I'll stay on the island for 7-8 more days and then it's time for new adventures.
Life's short and the world is big.
I hope you all are well with peace in your mind.

s-21 #three x PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA.

 - Hi folks, here's the last part from when me and Sandra went to S-21 in Phnom Penh. A heavy day...


- And here my friends, here's the second part from S-21.
A third and last one will soon be up on the blog.


- One day in Cambodias capital me and Sandra decided to go to S-21 Toul Sleng, by the Khmer Rouge. We went there straight after a great yoga class with open minds. What a change to go from being energized and happy to totally down crying from the heavy story. Can't belive this all happened only around 30 years ago.
Don't you know the horror story about the very young history of Cambodia? Just Google it and read!! I think everyone should know about it.

new country, new adventures x PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA.

- Finally! The photos from Cambodia are ready to flash on the blog. Here's a few photos from my first stop which was Phnom Penh. It's a bit slow cause of the internet, not much power on the island I'm living in at the moment and I'm keeping myself busy with work, swimming, enjoying the sun and hanging out with friends here at paradise.
The last photo (me and my swedish friend Sandra) is from when we went to the top massage place in Cambodias capital. It's called Seeing Hands Massage and we got 1h japaneese massage from blind Khemers for 7 dollars. One word: AMAZING.
Best massage I ever got.

kayak all day long x 4 000 ISLANDS, LAOS.

- I went for a kayak trip for a whole day and saw the widest waterfall in the world around the 4 000 islands in south Laos.
Great workout! I was sore for four days after!

one of the 4 000 islands x DON DET, LAOS.

- In the end on my traveling in Laos for the second time I decided to go to the 4 000 islands and spend a few days on one of the islands, Don Det.

down south x PAKSE, LAOS.

- Back to Laos. After been traveling around in north and middle Vietnam, it was time to the the southern part of Laos. Here's the first photos from the day of traveling, waterfalls and Paks

update from paradise // setteling down x KOH RONG, CAMBODIA-

- Update from the paradise. So I've settled down on a little island south of Cambodia. Got a bit tired travelling around and changing place from day to day. Now my temporary home is Koh Rong and I've got myself a job and living for free. Going for morning runs, yoga on the beach, meditation to the sound of the waves, trekking in the djungle, eating fruit salad everyday and hanging out with beautiful people.
Will see how long I'll stay here.
Take care folks!

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