UPDATE FROM POLAND - it's going to be a long and fun day.

 PH: from when I was working in a café in my hometown this summer & some other photos from home.
- Good morning world. I'm in Bydgoszcz, Poland at the moment seeing my family. Me and mum arrived last night and will have 5 lovely days away from Sweden. 
Today I'm going to the dentist cause it's much cheaper than in Sweden. After that we'll have a delicious sushi lunch before checking out Focus, the huge shopping center I've been telling you guys about before. 
In the aftermoon I'll catch up with my lovely norwegian friend Alen who's studying here. I will also hang out with my gypsy traveler cousing Sebastian before heading to Kundalini yoga in the evening.
Fells like it's going to be a goooood day.
Stay safe folks!


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