farm family & holi sunrise trekking - PUSHKAR, RAJASTHAN.

- As I look though these and so many more photos I'm getting all warm in my heart and my eyes are filling up with tears. There's no words for how much love India and it's people got to offer. No matter where I am I still got more family dinners and open arms to go to. People are opening up their homes and hearts for me in every new city and town as I continue to explore the holi country.

I can't believe that this was around 5 months ago already. Oh, how time flies away...

Some of my favourite things to do while I'm on the road is to follow the sun, literally. I love to wake up before sunrise to then watch, from some amazing place, how magical and powerful the universe and mother nature is.
At the photos above you can see the view from a holi hill in Pushkar one very early and cold morning.


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