Ph: Some cheap food in Fitzroy.
- Get so exhausted from all the exhaust. From living in fear , from living in a box hey. How come we always have to drive?I keep wishing corporations, and the politicians. Would make tighter restrictions on our fossil fuel emissions and meanwhile, Why don't we walk  If we all did a little then a lot would be done We could clean up the mess and try to have some fun yeah I'm off to plant a tree now Cause if everybody takes and nobody gives There'll soon be no air to breathe and no where to live But you can't stop mother nature
But I know that you're also seeking peace of mind Wonderin why you feel so tired why your third eye's blind I know that you're also trying to find your place Somewhere out in time and somewhere out in space
Did you remember to give thanks for the food The earth air the water and everything good The fire's still burnin' Talk to yourself cause no one knows you better Even take the time to write yourself a letter To know the wheels are still turnin' There's no better time than now to stand up straight Take a deep breath Lord it's never too late to Exhale your confusion They say its all been done and there's no sense trying But they don't really know you and they're probably lying You got to see for yourself yeah


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