carneval show at indian wedding - SURAT, GUJARAT.

- Part two from my show job I did in Surat, Gujarat for two days with some lovely people.
It was a MAD and fun place to be at. Didn't plan to be in that kind of situation while traveling in India.

dance show job - SURAT, GUJARAT.

- So I got this job opportunity in Mumbai. A agency that hires people in the show and entertinement business for shows and events. My friend Helena was one of the dancers but they needed one more so I thought, why not try something new?
We ended up doing a carneval show on a rich mans wedding inforont of houndreds of people.
And belive me, this was a crazy huge Indina wedding. It was like in a movie. Just a crazy and fun experience and a good way to earn some money while traveling.

my gold coins of the city - MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA.

- Some of the places I visited everyday in the area I lived in with the girls.
Street chai at my favourite place, fresh juice in the morning made by the juice boy and beautiful streets.

andheri west, chai & ricksaws - MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA.

- Rickshaw rides, street life, chai hubs & temple visit on a warm sunday.
Bombay, a city where there's always something crazy happening.

food night market - MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA.

- Everyday in Mumbai was exciting. Just to be around Dani again, meet Tahir and her lovely flatmate Helena. To explore new places, try new things and start to pick up some Hindi words.
Here's a few photos from when Daniella and Tahir took me to a food night market on the coastline of Mumbai.
This city sure got it's own kind of street food.

beach slum, elephanta island & reunion - MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA.

- One of the top things on my list was to visit one of my best friends how's working in Bombay.
After not having seen her for a long time it was great to reconnect again. And it was all so weird that nothing felt unnatural when we were sitting together in the back of the cab, driving pass the big city life and slums, up to her neighbourhood.
Like it wasn't a big dela that we're meeting up first time this year in India.
Last year we worked for a bit together on the coast in Sweden after not being there for almost two yeast, and the other time before that was when we separated in Australia 2013 before she flew home.
I guess I got used to see friends at all kinds of corners in the world and it's not making a way too big impression of it anymore. Oh nomad life.. ;)

passing - PANJIM, GOA.

- The main part and capital of Goa, Panjim, a big portuguese city I spent only a few hours in.
Interacted with some super rude locals, got lost and had a coconut.

timeless beaches - SHIRODA, (PAST NORTH GOA).

- Escaping the dirty, crazy Goa for some peace in the southern part of Maharashtra's paradise beach.
Who could say no to this?

traffic accident, sickness & beaches - GOKARNA, KARNATAKA.

- The night bus from Hampi to Gokarna was awful... I was in a accident a few days ago. I'm so blessed to not be hurt even while laying in the sleeper just behind the part where the biggest crash happened. Sending thoughts everyday to the people that got physical injuries...

The day after I got super sick with a mix of throwing up, sleep, weakness and zombie mood. But except from that I had a great time with friends staying in a bamboo hut camp, drums on the beach, hiking and amazing sunsets.

sunrise at monkey temple - HAMPI, KARNATAKA.

- Second morning. Only me, monkeys and the magical sunrise. Oh how I fell in love with this place. So peaceful... If I could, I would start every morning like this.

rocky town - HAMPI, KARNATAKA.

- A beautiful place out in nowhere is Hampi. Me and Arya walked around for hours and hour, enjoying it all.
During two mornings I climbed up the monkey temple to see the sunrise with the company of monks and monkeys.

orphanage yoga, palace & night train - MYSORE, KARNATAKA.

- I had the most amazing private ashtanga yoga class, kids yoga and just a great time in general in Mysore. When it was time for new adventures I took my new indian friend Arya with me on the night train to Hampi. Before bedtime a indian family shared their dinner with me.
Nandi & namasté to all you beautiful people! Except the old man who was grabbing my but at the market..! But don't worry. I gave him a lesson... ;)

devaraja market - MYSORE, KARNATAKA.

- One day me and my canadian friend Ryan went to the famous market in Mysore. Devaraja Market is the most organized and most beautiful market in India they say. Oh, and all the colors and smells...!

cs, orphanages & yoga - MYSORE, KARNATAKA.

- After the tea gardens in Kerala, me and my friend went different directions.
I wanted to spend more time deeper in to the indian culture and yoga. So I ended up taking a night bus to the ashtanga capital, Mysore in Karnataka.
As I arrived I had organized a couchsurfing place at some french students apartment. And just a few minutes later I already got opportunity to teach kids yoga in a couple of orphanages in Mysore! One for girls and one for boys. What a amazing time we all had!

trekking around the tea - MUNNAR, KERALA.

- We spent two nights up in the cool hills of Munnar. Views I'll never forget...

tea garden trekking - MUNNAR, KERALA.

- After a crazy and mad bus ride up the mountains we finally reached Munnar. Stunning views, beautiful nature, lovely friends, funny locals and heaps of tea wherever you go (out of the city).

peaceful & fully alive city - FORT KOCHI, KERALA.

- Muslim neighborhood, faces filled with life, delicious thali & wandering on the streets at night.
Fort Kochi for the second time, but only as a stop-over before heading up to the green mountains and hills of tea...

wander in the town of backwaters - ALLEPPEY, KERALA.

- Me and my polish friend Marta took of to Alleppey, where you'll find the backwaters. Stayed there for a night to wander around, meet up with some of my friends and enjoy good food.

leaving the beach & loved ones - VARKALA, KERALA.

- Saying bye to the beaches of Varkala, my café & yoga jobs and my beautiful mum. Packing my 60L backpack and leave for new adventures with my polish friend I met on the beach and at the ashram.

faces of the arabic coastline - VARKALA CLIFF, KERALA.

- The time I spent on Varkala Cliff while working there got me so many beautiful and warm hearted friends. North Indians, south Indians, international, all kind of. Home to cross paths with them again. And some of them I've already crossing paths more than ones!

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