beach slum, elephanta island & reunion - MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA.

- One of the top things on my list was to visit one of my best friends how's working in Bombay.
After not having seen her for a long time it was great to reconnect again. And it was all so weird that nothing felt unnatural when we were sitting together in the back of the cab, driving pass the big city life and slums, up to her neighbourhood.
Like it wasn't a big dela that we're meeting up first time this year in India.
Last year we worked for a bit together on the coast in Sweden after not being there for almost two yeast, and the other time before that was when we separated in Australia 2013 before she flew home.
I guess I got used to see friends at all kinds of corners in the world and it's not making a way too big impression of it anymore. Oh nomad life.. ;)


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