greeting the sea side - VARKALA, KERALA.

- Varkala beachcliff. The magazines says: quiet and peacefull beach.
If you compare with Goa, sure, anything is peacefull then. Even Mumbai! But compare to all the beaches I've been to in west India and around Kerala. The are much better.
But It was a good start on our trip to see how the tourist side looks like. And we still got close to the locals, avoiding being sorrunded by too many tourists.
There's heaps of restaurants at the cliff, markets for shopping and some yoga places.
50-60 rupees with a ricksaw from the local beach and you'll be in Varkala city. The city is like any other place in India. You'll cover your shoulders and knees. Avoid also too tight clothing. But at Varkala Beachcliff you can go loco and be in a bikini on the beach, wearing western style summer clothes ect. But be prepared that there will be (almost everyday) teen boys and old men walking on the beach spearing at you, taking photos, even without asking, spend the half day watching you or if you're a bit unlucky as I got one day, you might see someone jurking off while overlooking you and the other halfnaked foirgners.
The photos above from the beach at taking just after sunrise or sunset. So there will be much more people there depending on season.
Varkala, or any other place in Kerala is the best in the WORLD when it comes to Ayuverdic treatments. So get ready for that!
A local friend of my just told me that his families restaurant, the tibetan market and 12 other places burned down last friday! No one got hurt! But I'm still so sorry for all the peoples loss. No homes, food, money or buisness... Sending them love and light. x
You can read more about it HERE.


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